Let’s all congratulate Joe Biden on his special anniversary



This is the one year anniversary of Biden destroying everything the US military sacrificed for in Afghanistan and its people fought for

Gen. Jack Keane

A year after President Biden’s chaotic and disastrous military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US finds itself “back where we started” two decades ago when al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks, a retired four-star general said Sunday.

Gen. Jack Keane called the current situation in Afghanistan “tragic” and “preventable,” and said the Taliban has ​consolidated its oppressive rule and continues to shield terrorists following America’s exit from the war-torn country.

“The fact is Afghanistan is a sanctuary for terrorism. The very reason we went there, the very reason we stayed there for 20 years, to ensure that terrorists did not rise again to attack the American people, and we’re right back where we started,” Keane said on “Fox News Sunday.”


Happy Anniversary, Joe!

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Half-a-million new US jobs added in July; gas prices falling; the inflation rate falling; empty store shelves filled; passed infrastructure, clean energy, prescription drug cost and veteran bills; IRS enforcement funding to go after wealthy tax cheats–all with bipartisan support.

Meanwhile, the GOP talks about “entitlement reform,” supports a lying egomaniac who’s the subject of multiple criminal investigations, and pretends that climate change doesn’t exist…

No. The Jobs numbers are a lie. Gas prices are still higher than they were, so fail. The inflation rate is still very, very high.

Empty shelves remain. Racking up more debt with a nebulous “bill” that contains things we don’t need, getting us further in debt. IRS expanded into a new Democrat Stasi…

Yeah, you just can’t be any further into failure on every single metric we have than Biden.

But hey. Look on the brightside…

He’s not really a president anyway. No pressure.

Meanwhile, the demostrated success of Donald Trump presses down on all Americans who ask the question: does life really have to be this bad right now?

Inflation out of control.
High gas prices.
Everything costs more.
A dictator knocking down doors of those who don’t agree with him.
Russia taking over Europe
China on the verge of invading Taiwan.
Our enemies Iran and SA now making us bow for their oil…

Yeah…this regimes failure is fact, and being recorded by history forever.

Even the propagandists can’t take themselves seriously when they write lie after lie.

End the Biden regime…NOW.

Total lies

Jamie Dimon tells top level investors, dark days are ahead and a depression looms.

Total lies

My gas price has dropped. Store shelves aren’t empty. Bipartisan legislation has passed. Trump and his associates are facing multiple criminal investigations. Rick Scott did propose entitlement reform that would require reauthorization of Social Security and Medicare every 5 years for the programs to continue. Republicans do deny that there’s a serious climate change problem.

So where is the lie?


You haven’t listed one single achievement that isn’t a lie and just partisan rhetoric that amounts to Baghdad Bob claiming Saddam is beating the Americans, while we LITERALLY watch the Iraqi army burning in the foreground.

So where is the lie?

Please comment on Sri Lanka.

You won’t. Coward.

Climate change is genocide masked as “helping.”

You forgot to mention how idiot Biden, on day one, ended the energy independence of the US and made us, once again, reliant upon foreign powers to maintain our energy supply. This also made Putin’s invasion of Ukraine possible.

Inflation remains high. Idiot Biden can lie that it is “zero” but no one is fooled. Gas prices are still $1.50 a gallon over what Trump had them at and will soon be going up again, thanks to the Inflation Increasing Act just passed. More inflation to come as well. And every example of the totalitarian police state idiot Biden and Obergruppenfuhrer Garland provides only increases Republican support, so keep em coming.

Driving all costs up to the roof and beyond and then seeing them come back down a fraction of the increase is NOT an accomplishment. It’s a disaster.

More Lies: Joe Biden’s Magic 0% Inflation Is Costing American Families an Additional $717 a Month

Mass Evictions and Foreclosures Loom

Retirees who live in the bucolic Paradise Village retirement community outside of San Diego, CA recently received shocking news. Their recurring bills for rent and other fees will reportedly

vault higher by an astounding $1,000 or more per month. Prior to the increase, total costs per apartment started around $3,000 per month.

The local Fox affiliate interviewed a daughter of elderly residents who reacted with indignation: “I’m livid. I cannot believe someone would do this. My mom and her husband are 85 years old, on a fixed income.” The management company responded that the huge increases were compelled to “offset the rising cost of food, labor, and supplies.”

Unfortunately, this Paradise Valley story is hardly isolated. In fact, prepare for evictions and foreclosures to explode in America in the coming months as a toxic financial one-two punch of crashing real wages combines with sky-high inflation to force millions of Americans out of their homes.

A July survey from the Census Bureau, reported by Bloomberg News, found that a staggering “5.4 million households, or 40% of households that are not current on their rent or mortgage payments.” Ominously, these Americans “said they were likely to be evicted or foreclosed on in the next two months.”

The confluence of severe economic pressures increasingly put vulnerable citizens into a financial vise. On the income side of the ledger, Americans now endure 16 straight months of falling Real Wages, meaning pay adjusted for inflation. Even if paychecks tick higher, the added earnings cannot keep pace with prices for consumer staples galloping at 40 year record pace.

For example, the latest CPI report — which the White House actually bragged about — showed a blistering hot overall Consumer Price Index increase of 8.5%. Within that report, details showed food prices soaring at the hottest velocity since 1979.

Here is the chart depicting the plunge in Real Wages under Biden, reaching -3.02% in July:

comment image

Such a precipitous and sustained loss of real income crushes the actual buying power of all Americans, and especially working-class citizens who see their lifestyles decline measurably every single month. The weight of this destruction of prosperity compelled millions of workers to turn to the dangerous practice of loading up on high interest credit cards to cope with the inflation explosion. Total credit card debt in the Second Quarter of this year jumped $46 billion, the highest clip in 20 years.

That credit card debt becomes far more untenable with interest rates rising materially because of the Biden inflation surge. Concurrently, that massive ascent in interest rates also forces mortgage rates far higher than just months ago.

With the IRA just passed, it has a big section to combat climate change. Ok so when fully implemented how much will it affect global temperatures and sea levels? What science did they use to craft the legislation. Unless it’s all just BS you should know the answer.

The labor force participation rate is dropping where it should be rising. Funny you never mention that. Kind of skews your argument.

Biden is draining the SPR with lower priced petroleum. If he refills it, it will be with higher priced fuel. Which we pay for. It was never meant to be drained for political purposes as it is now. Meanwhile his administration is working to stop production on federal lands. Which means prices will rise in the future. The current price drop is largely due to a slow down in the economy. It’s called a recession.
Oh and did you notice diesel prices have not dropped. Diesel is the fuel that brings us the food and the products we need for daily life. Funny you didn’t mention that.
Store shelves still have problems such as baby food issues still exist. Food banks are doing a brisk business. Thanks Joe.

Not to mention his Afghanistan debacle. Joe used that more foreign policy experience than anyone else to show what a sucker and fool he is.

Meanwhile your obsession with Trump goes on.
Here’s a quick trip down memory lane.
Didn’t Clinton have Special Access program information and they issued a subpoena that she didn’t comply with and destroyed evidence?
And no reasonable prosecutor would pursue the charges? Isn’t that what Comey said?

About those drug prices. My guess is we’ll see shortages due to Democrat short sightedness and stupidity. Time will tell but history is on my side.

If he won’t say, what say you? These are the people you vote for.

You are still a sucker.

Is Anything Manchin Says About His ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ True?

At some point, all Americans have to decide if they are even going to comply with the illegal regime masquerading as our federal government.

At some point, Americans might choose to stop complying…stop paying taxes to the Fed, stop supporting a government that isn’t in line with our Constitution, and take away the power granted to this vile, totalitarian cancer that forgot who it serves.

At some point…seems to be about now.

All citizens should encourage their states to withdraw funding and support of the current regime in DC until we replace it with a constitutional federal government.

joe biden is the first to have surrendered to an enemy.

My gas price has dropped.

To what?

Store shelves aren’t empty.

Shelves aren’t TOTALLY empty. (fixed it for you)

Bipartisan legislation has passed.

Name the bills.

Trump and his associates are facing multiple criminal investigations.

For what crime, Mr. Pretend Lawyer?

Rick Scott did propose entitlement reform that would require reauthorization of Social Security and Medicare every 5 years for the programs to continue.

So what?

Republicans do deny that there’s a serious climate change problem.

Guess you’re still a fan of the disgraced Mann and his hockey stick. But then, you are an idiot who will believe any lie your told.

greg is like a fish in water. The fish does not know it is in water.

greg is stupid but does not know he is stupid

The surrender was Donald Trump’s moronic Doha Agreement, followed by Donald Trump’s unilateral reduction of US troops to a level so low that that they couldn’t protect the US embassy and Kabul airport, let alone US bases and military assets scattered across Afghanistan. The withdrawals were done in the final week before Joe Biden took office, in the complete absence of any coherent plan for the orderly withdrawal of remaining US forces or our Afghan allies.

If you doubt that the Doha Agreement was one of the stupidest documents ever concocted by any US presidential mis-administration, I suggest that you read the damn thing for yourself:

Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized by the United States as a state and is known as the Taliban and the United States of America

If you doubt the truth of Trump’s unannounced troop withdrawals preceding his departure from the White House, look them up.

09/28/21 – Trump initially gave the order to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by Jan. 15, Joint Chiefs Chair Milley confirms

Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that he had received an “unclassified signed order” from former President Donald Trump on Nov. 11, 2020 to withdraw all armed forces from Afghanistan by Jan. 15, confirming previous reporting on the matter.

The Military Times’ Meghann Myers notes the order came two days after Trump fired former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was worried about such a move. Trump did eventually pull the order back after further discussions, Milley says. The Jan. 15 date is notable because it would have taken place five days before Trump was set to leave the White House, though at the time Milley says he gave the order, the presidential election results were still somewhat up in the air, at least from Trump’s perspective…

Trump should be tried for treason. He knowingly cleared the decks for a Taliban take-over, thinking only of sabotaging his successor. You’d have to be a damn fool to believe the Taliban would abide by the agreement, once US forces were absent and they were fully positioned for a nation-wide takeover. DOHA GAVE THEM EVERYTHING THEY WANTED.

More lies from the most stupid son-of-a-bitch on this blog

Idiot Biden didn’t follow Trump’s plan or the Doha Agreement because if he had, there would have been no withdrawal. It was contingent on the Taliban honoring it which, known idiot Biden’s weakness, incompetence and stupidity, began taking over the country, something they didn’t dare try while Trump was in office. Then, against his military advice, he pulled ALL troops out and abandoned Bagram, which allowed the release of 4,000 ISIS and Taliban prisoners (one of which killed our 13 personnel). The entire disaster was of idiot Biden’s doing . No one else. It was an example of what happens when idiot Biden tries to do something. He’s a moron and an incompetent fool. He deserves to be impeached, then prosecuted for numerous crimes (real ones, not some invented for political purposes).

Milley said, admitting treason openly, that he’d gone to our enemies, the Chinese, and talked with them regarding some non-existent “rogue” probability concerning Trump.

The man is a traitor and enemy of our state.

Who gives a flying f*ck what he says?

Only fellow traitors, perhaps.

Trump should have been removed from office as a result of either of his two impeachments. He wasn’t, and then attempted a coup when he was voted out.

What don’t you get about a guy who was illegally storing Top Secret documents in a residence with such lax security that a Chinese spy was found wandering around inside with a burglary kit?

“Trump should have been removed from office as a result of either of his two impeachments. He wasn’t, and then attempted a coup when he was voted out.”


Hillary was to be installed. They got sloppy, then invented Russia Collusion (treason) and then continued with sham impeachments, the intentional release of Covid, a rigged election, a false-flag, and now an assault on the President himself.

You’ve lost. Go away, or be led away in chains.


Trump should have been removed from office as a result of either of his two impeachments.

Democrats began pledging to impeach Trump before he even took the oath of office. You think anyone with a brain takes those attempts seriously? It took a Democrat majority and suspension of due process to shove those abominations through. Democrats embarrassed the nation before the world with their disregard for justice.

What don’t you get about a guy who was illegally storing Top Secret documents.
What are you babbling about?
There was nothing illegally stored, Nothing that was not declassified.

Why do you need to lie about the Chinese woman? link to these tools or kit she was carrying, you are a liar and a shitty one.
Zhang was arrested March 30 after Secret Service agents said she lied to gain admission to the president’s Palm Beach resort and was found to be carrying two Chinese passports, four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing the malware.
She would get the documents held in a box in a double locked storage room how?

Please note information from NBC website.


Trump should have been removed from office as a result of either of his two impeachments. He wasn’t, and then attempted a coup when he was voted out.

Eh, the second impeachment trial started in the US Senate on February 09 of 2021concluding on February 13 of 2021 in an acquittal. President Trump had previously left office on January 20, 2021, making it impossible for him to have been removed with the necessary 2/3 vote. greg is such a dumbass but he does represent the fascist democrats quite well when he is here to “argue”.

joe’s lack of planning for the withdrawal from Afghanistan has led directly to an increase in Islamic attacks all over the Western world.
Most prominent was the attempt on the life of Salmon Rushdie, author of a book about Mohammad’s own verses in his koran that he later wished he hadn’t written, then called then “satanic verses.”
joe has been incompetent since day one when he canceled the pipeline.
joe has been unscientific in how he’s cracked down on and demonized the UNvaccinated.
Now it is the CDC admitting virtually all their so-called covid mandates were just political to win an election.
Mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the “six foot rule,” even quarantines for being infected are gone!!!
But back to Afghanistan.
joe made no allowance for the buckling of the Western-supported gov’t folding as all support was dropped.
The Taliban filled the vaccuum.
They are now the biggest seller of arms to the world’s worst terrorists happened using our abandoned equipment.
Their own people are only kept fed IF they support their terrorist-strict sharia leadership.
Over half of the people there live in one meal a day OR LESS.
And joe sees that as a feature, not a bug, openly throttling food production here so that we are going to see even higher prices and bigger shortages after what would have been our harvest this autumn.
BTW, those who look superficially at supermarket shelves see they are “filled.”
But, if you are looking for a specific thing, you find those full shelves are an illusion.
Try getting formula for a baby with allergies.