LAUGHABLE: Biden and Democrats Preparing 2024 Message That Trump Will Make the Border Crisis Worse


by Mike LaChance

The Biden campaign and Democrats are apparently crafting a message for voters in 2024 that will suggest Trump will make the border crisis worse.

No one believes this. Even Democrats in their hearts, could not possibly believe this.

Just a few years ago under Trump, we had the most secure border we have ever had. Since Biden took office, it’s like we don’t even have a southern border. Biden has allowed millions of people to illegally cross into the country and even people in blue cities are finally getting angry about it.

This message from Biden and Dems is gaslighting, pure and simple.

Breitbart News reports:

Biden’s 2024 Border Pitch: Trump Will Make Migration Worse
President Joe Biden’s campaign is previewing their 2024 theme for the central issue of immigration: Donald Trump will make the border chaos even worse.
“He’s promising to make it worse: Rounding up Latinos into mass detention camps, ending birthright citizenship, and shooting people at will,” says a Thanksgiving Day script from the Biden campaign.
The Democrat pitch completely ignores Biden’s border record.
Since 2021, Biden has helped his corporate donors by extracting millions of migrants from poor countries to help flood the U.S. labor and housing markets. Those migrants gravitated toward the major Democrat-run cities, spiked inflation, reduced wages, and drained job-creating investment from heartland states…
Trump’s border policies helped Americans get better jobs at higher wages and move into new homes at lower costs.

People who live on the border know the truth better than anyone.

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Democrats are simply irredeemable liars. No wonder they need to rely on election fraud so desperately.

“Democrats are simply irredeemable liars.”
I disagree. What they are is total and complete pragmatists. If there are no objective standards of conduct and if the only thing which counts is the outcome, then quite literally anything goes. How can any action be wrong when it advances “the cause”? Former Green Bay Packers summed the Democrats’ approach perfectly when he said, “Winning is not the most important thing; it’s everything.”

But, in football, there are rules, referees and penalties. Democrats face nor fear any of that.

Once again the Stupid Jackass Party proves to us their as intelligent as a sack of Rocks

No matter what the Nations Liberal Gutter Level Media lowlifes say about Trump he still remains popular