L A Times dishonest, deceptive and flawed claim that Hurricane Harvey is linked to man made climate change


Larry Hamlin:

The L A Times published yet another of its climate alarmist campaign articles unsupported by scientific data attempting to politicalize Hurricane Harvey as being connected to man made climate change.

This article is just another of the papers flawed attempts to falsely portray the occurrence of natural climate and weather events as being driven by greenhouse gas emissions.

The L A Times long standing schemes to push a purely political and scientifically unsupported climate alarmist agenda are well documented at WattsUpWithThat? in articles noted hereherehere and here.

Unaddressed in this Times political article are presentations by noted climate scientists providing scientific data showing that anyone claiming Hurricane Harvey is driven by man made climate actions “doesn’t have a leg to stand on” as concluded by climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry who assessed historical hurricane data.

Climate scientist Dr. Roy Spencer also provided scientific data supporting his conclusion that Hurricane Harvey is an extreme but natural weather event and not a sign of climate change.

Additionally Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. has presented scientific data to Congress, including assessments in the UN IPCC AR5 and IPCC SREX reports showing, no connection between man-made emissions and extreme weather events such as hurricanes and floods.

The Times climate alarmist article makes a feeble effort trying to suggest some scientific basis supporting its absurd claims of Hurricane Harvey being linked to climate change but the hyperlinked references are pathetic.

The Times statement of man made climate change creating “stronger” hurricanes references a Washington Post article where the following assertion is provided without any supporting scientific data whatsoever:

“The storm is a bit more intense, bigger and longer lasting than it otherwise would be,” added Kevin Trenberth, a climate researcher with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo.”

Furthermore the Times referenced Washington Post article concludes with this less than startling statement:

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So who still read the L.A. Slimes anymore this liberal leftists rag is as bad as the NYT’s that called Trump Stupid for rejecting the Paris Accord and the usial stupid reaction from liberal journalists and stupid cartoonists like Steve Sack(Of Crap)and world leaders who treat their own people worst then trash

LA = Lost Angelos! No surprise here. The best thing about LA times is that I don’t ever waste a penny on it or its opinions (propaganda).