Krugman Loses Perspective


Paul Krugman joins the crowd who think that they can see the signal of greenhouse emissions in noisy, short-term data on food prices, and then construct a chain of causality to the ongoing unrest in the Middle East. Such tenuous claims of attribution have about as much scientific standing as Pat Robertson saying that Hurricane Katrina was the result of the vengeful wrath of God.

Here is what Krugman writes today:

“[T]he evidence does, in fact, suggest that what we’re getting now is a first taste of the disruption, economic and political, that we’ll face in a warming world. And given our failure to act on greenhouse gases, there will be much more, and much worse, to come.”

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I hope people have stopped thinking of Krugman as an economist anymore.
The man seems to be nothing more than a water-carrier for whatever Obama says.
Now, this is scary:
The second graph shows the job losses from the start of the employment recession, in percentage terms from the start of the recession. The dotted line is ex-Census hiring.

For the current employment recession, the graph starts in December 2007, and this recession is by far the worst recession since WWII in percentage terms.

Now, Obama pulled another PR stunt today, going to the Chamber of Commerce to give another ”words, just words,” speech.
I’m sure no business people were mislead.
When Obama says the words: ”government and business must work together” he really means, “here’s my vision, now help me implement it.”
More here: IBD


Krugman Loses Perspective? Can we hope he never finds it and stops writing ‘junk’ columns?

So now the Egyptian riots are being caused by Global Climate Warming Change??