Known Liar Brian Williams Complains That Mark Halperin Gave Trump Favorable Coverage


Business Insider:

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams put Bloomberg journalist Mark Halperin on the spot during his Thursday night program, “The 11th Hour,” insinuating that the co-author of “Game Change” has provided Donald Trump with favorable coverage throughout the election.

“When Donald Trump complains he is not getting favorable coverage from the MSM, he has not been listening to you this cycle,” Williams said to a surprised Halperin. “I think you’ve gone out of your way to find the path, argue for the path, forge the path for him in an argumentative way with your co-host to the nomination.”

Halperin has come under fire for asking Trump softer questions in interviews, and for insisting that some recent Trump controversies only bother “elites,” such as Trump’s refusal in the third debate to say whether he will accept the results of the election.

“Tonight, I thought you were interestingly optimistic,” Williams said. “Where are you getting the path of positivity you laid out on your broadcast today.”

Halperin insisted that the potential path to a Trump victory he has touted is not based on “optimism,” but on data.

“Well it’s not a question of optimism, it’s a question of data and what’s going on in the battleground states,” he said. “I agree with Steve [Schmidt, a Republican strategist on Williams’ program], [Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton]’s still overwhelmingly the favorite.”

Halperin and his co-host, John Heilemann, host “All Due Respect,” a Bloomberg TV show that is syndicated on MSNBC.

Video here

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A-Mess,NBC and Brian the lyin who still realy trusts these rotten leftists journalists Brian Bumble,BABA WAWA,DAN BLATHER,TOM BROKEJAW, and the late WALLY KROOKITE