Keith Ellison Once Proposed Making A Separate Country For Blacks


Justin Caruso:

Some newly discovered columns shed light on the shocking views expressed by one of the Democrat’s favorite politicians.

Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, now in the running to be DNC Chair, has attracted the support of Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Harry Reid. Many think that Ellison, an African-American Muslim, would make a powerful statement leading the DNC. Ellison’s past has gained attention from the media, with Ellison being accused of anti-Semitism and ties to the Nation of Islam.

Back in 2006, when Ellison was first entering national politics, Scott W. Johnson wrote in the Weekly Standard:

“Ellison was born Catholic in Detroit. He states that he converted to Islam as an undergraduate at Wayne State University. As a third-year student at the University of Minnesota Law School in 1989-90, he wrote two columns for the Minnesota Daily under the name “Keith Hakim.” In the first, Ellison refers to ‘Minister Louis Farrakhan,’ defends Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Abdul Muhammad, and speaks in the voice of a Nation of Islam advocate. In the second, ‘Hakim’ demands reparations for slavery and throws in a demand for an optional separate homeland for American blacks.”

The Washington Post also recently wrote about Ellison’s past columns, with an article published last week citing an Associated Press article about Ellison:

“Around 1990, Ellison, then a University of Minnesota law student known as Keith E. Hakim, wrote several columns in the student newspaper that are getting a second look.

One column defended Farrakhan against charges of anti-Semitism; a second suggested the creation of a state for black residents. In 1995, Ellison helped organize a delegation to Farrakhan’s Million Man March in Washington.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation did some digging to find the columns written in the Minnesota Daily under the pen name “Keith E. Hakim.”

TheDCNF obtained scans of four columns written by “Hakim” as a law student. Ellison was around 26 years old at the time these columns were written and published.

Over four columns, “Hakim” advocates cash reparations paid from whites to blacks, calls the Constitution the “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples,” and proposes making a separate country for black people.

The first column, published on November 1, 1989, is titled “African-Americans are best equipped for fighting drugs.”

The piece opens up with the sentence, “Years ago, it was slavery and, more recently, the Jim Crow system. But today it appears that the rationale for black people having ‘no rights which a white man is bound to respect’ is crime.”

In the column, Ellison writes that the black community does a better job keeping drugs off the streets than the police do. The Nation of Islam is specifically mentioned and praised for having the “most notable results” in fighting drugs.

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Nation of Islam as having a “bizarre theology of innate black superiority over whites.”

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Blacks need to shut up about ”reparations.”
If they missed out on Obama’s Pigford settlement, it is their own damn fault!
$160,000 for each person who even claimed he was black and a descendant of American slaves who tried to farm. No one was vetted, not even blue-eyed blonds!

As for Keith’s separate country for blacks, looks like our college campuses are making the baby steps in that direction:
Moraine Valley Community College on the outskirts of Chicago.
Virginia Commonwealth University.
The University of Connecticut.
Cal State University system.
Some colleges are even debating whether black students should have to attend classes when they find out the building is named after a slave owner.

But he jumps the shark here:
“Ellison writes that the black community does a better job keeping drugs off the streets than the police do. The Nation of Islam is specifically mentioned and praised for having the “most notable results” in fighting drugs.”
Just a few years later an Islamic black group the ”Your Black Muslim Bakery,” committed multiple arsons against liquor stores in ”their” area.
They escalated to murdering a reporter who tried to do investigative reporting on them and their crime spree-disguised as morality police.
And that’s the problem with Islamic morality police.
Thugs, in groups, never know where to stop.

We need a seperate land for Liberals we can call it STUPIDLAND their National Bird can bea chicken their national antheme the theme to THE BARNEY SHOW and their flag can show a snowflake

One simple question, Why Ellison for DNC chair?

Democrats are no friends of the blacks, not one democrat vote for the civil rights act, the KKK well known militant boot jack for that party. Has anyone heard of Black Wall Street in the early 1900s, progressive historians have nearly wiped that out.If Black history month was truthful no black would ever vote Democrat. The lone ranger was based on a black marshall.Obama didnt lift the Blacks he slammed the opened door behind him. It is well past time that racism is killed. Educate with true history, show all that laws already passed are sufficient for everyone to be prosperous. No extra rights, equal rights are all that is needed for everyone. Free the democrat slaves completely good education equal opportunity.

Kitt. The demacrats founded the KKK and they were slave owners as well Woodrow Wilson was a racsist and the late Robert Byrd belonged to the KKK as a Grand Wizard

@July 4th American: “One simple question, Why Ellison for DNC chair?” To show how open and inclusive they are, liberals like to pick the most extreme and bizarre leadership they can possibly find. Howard Dean was extreme, Schultz more extreme, Ellison would be following that trajectory. You can’t argue with success.

Liberals have no concept of accepting varying points of view.

@Spurwing Plover: Yes the Democrats are an evil racist org. Wilson was a product of the times, just as locking 2nd class below decks to die on the Titanic was just the times. The democrats shouting conservatives are going to undo progress well I remember when I had a 200 dollar deductible on my health care for a family of 4. Police were always in danger but not hunted. Mom could stay home and they would still be a middle class family. I dont think Trump can fix everything destroyed in 4 years but if he can make things better the democrat Party will indeed be dead, and like Fidel good riddance.