Joe Biden Suffers a Total Eclipse of His Shame As He Bumbles and Fibs in Wisconsin


by Bonchie

As the nation was captivated by a total eclipse of the sun on Monday, Joe Biden suffered a total eclipse of his shame in Wisconsin. After spending an unfathomable amount of taxpayer money to fly to the battleground state on Air Force One, the president proceeded to bumble and lie his way through a mercifully short speech.

In it, he bragged about defying the Supreme Court on student loan forgiveness and introduced a new falsehood about his childhood, the latter being so easily debunkable that I can only assume he’s not even trying anymore. Let’s kick things off with the following admission, though.

That was probably the most honest thing he said at the event. Recently, Jill Biden demanded behind the scenes that her husband “stop it, stop it now” regarding Israel’s war on Hamas. A day later, the president was on the phone with Benjamin Netanyahu telling him he must agree to a ceasefire. Biden getting “instructions from his wife” is probably the least surprising development of his presidency.

Come hell or high water, Biden is going to make sure you have to pay off someone’s gender studies degree. He couldn’t care less that only a small minority of Americans have student loans or that there’s no constitutional mechanism to reappropriate funds to selectively forgive individual debt.

As my colleague Becky Noble opined in her broader piece on the topic, this is all about buying votes. Biden thinks that he can overcome his current electoral deficit by dangling tens of thousands of dollars in “free money” in front of voters. He might be right, but there’s also a chance working-class Americans who didn’t run up a hundred grand in debt without a plan to pay it back could revolt.

There are two parts to the above clip to consider. One is that he’s lying about the average salary, but more importantly, semiconductor companies are pausing and even canceling American projects because of the unworkable DEI regulations within the CHIPS Act.

This topic deserves a full-length analysis, but here are the highlights that I shared on social media some weeks before this writing.

Because the law Biden championed included requirements that workers must consist of certain demographics, semiconductor companies can’t hire the necessary labor. Another day, another industry ruined by “Bidenomics.”

For instance, chipmakers have to make sure they hire plenty of female construction workers, even though less than 10 percent of U.S. construction workers are women. They also have to ensure childcare for the female construction workers and engineers who don’t exist yet. They have to remove degree requirements and set “diverse hiring slate policies,” which sounds like code for quotas. They must create plans to do all this with “close and ongoing coordination with on-the-ground stakeholders.”

Past that, it wouldn’t be a Biden speech without some wild claim about his past that is provably false.

Let’s do the math here. Biden supposedly came from a neighborhood where people didn’t have the opportunity to go to college. Yet, as we’ve been assured many times by his tales of supposed athletic prowess, the president went to college. We’ve also been assured that he comes from a family of hard-working, blue-collar individuals. Wouldn’t that make him proof that he didn’t grow up in some desolate neighborhood where the working class had no opportunity to go to college?

Biden’s father was a used car salesman. If that led to being able to send one’s son to college, I’m pretty sure opportunities existed for others throughout the area. But hey, who am I to question the life story of a guy who committed plagiarism and has routinely misled about his past to place himself in the middle of every situation? The president wants you to think he is everything but what he actually is, which is a pampered, entitled career politician who wouldn’t know hard work if it punched him in the face.

And with that, it was over. Biden shuffled off the stage after less than 15 minutes.

I’m just glad we can be there to pay for him to campaign, promising the world to select demographics he needs to win re-election. Money well spent, I’d say.


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I guess Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden will only abide by Supreme Court Justices if the justices are all on the DNC payroll taking orders from Obama/Soros. I paid for my college; I don’t feel like paying for someone’s indoctrination. Back then, I could work part time and full time in the summer and pay for my tuition and books (my mother didn’t charge me for room and food, which was appreciated). Now, that is impossible, thanks to these rubber-stamped loans that allow institutions of indoctrination and brainwashing charge outrageously disproportionate rates for what now passes for “education”.

Now, how far along are those chip factories? Just about completed or is leftist politics slowing it down? Where will all that money wind up?