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Carville needs tp appoligise for being a total iidot

In what Scott Rasmussen said was the most terrifying poll result he’s ever seen, a whopping 69% of elites would rather their candidate won by CHEATING than lost by an honest election.WHY?
Because they don’t have much respect for the opinions of voters.

Among all Americans, just 7% said they would want their candidate to win by cheating. 

“I’ve been polling for a very long time and the last finding is the most terrifying poll result I’ve ever seen,” Rasmussen said.

The elite 1 % are people who make at least $150,000 a year. They live in a densely populated urban area, more than 10,000 people per square mile. And they have a postgraduate degree.
That last one is very important.

 A heavy concentration of them went to one of 12 elite schools. The reason I bring that up is about half the policy positions in government, half the corporate board positions in America, are held by people who went to one of these dozen schools.

The Elite 1% are even more out of touch than you think
— Scott Rasmussen (@ScottWRasmussen) January 26, 2024

The leftist elite are who run the Democrat party and they know without cheating, they are out of power. If they are out of power, they have to abide by the same rules WE do… the rules THEY made.

Is it any wonder why they are buying survival bunkers? They know that if they crash society, the rest of society will come looking for them. As for the “Ragin’ Cajun” and the other lefties out there pushing for PT’s assassination, this country is a powder keg waiting to explode. All it will take is one Lexington or one Ft. Sumpter to trigger it. Assassinating PT would be that Lexington or that Ft. Sumpter and the left will lose badly. VERY badly.

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