It’s Game Over for Election Fraud Deniers!


by Emerald Robinson

Election fraud investigator Joe Rossi was just sent another explosive letter from Georgia’s state election board (see below).

The investigation report which began in March 2022 (which is called SEB2023-25) has finally found “errors” in both the hand count and the machine count from the 2020 election in Fulton County.

What does that mean? It means that none of the three vote counts from Georgia’s 2020 election matched each other.

That’s because illegal ballot images and fake ballots were included in these counts.

So these “violations” of election law (which are really crimes of course) are now officially on the agenda for the May 7th meeting of Georgia’s state election board !

It’s game over for the election fraud deniers.


Here’s my exclusive interview with citizen investigator Joe Rossi (on my TV show THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH on FrankSpeech at 4pm weekdays EST) where he explains it all.

Time to reach out to your least favorite election fraud denier in the corporate media and tell them that it’s time to take off the tin-foil hat.

It’s time to renounce their crackpot conspiracy theory!

Democrats know they cheated — and now they’ve been caught.


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Yes more evidence of the coup of 2020.
Now IF found in violation it will be placed on the list of lawlessness of that election, no one will go to jail.

A letter, a video, and an article—none of which bothers to explain what they’re talking about?

It’s Game Over for Election Fraud Deniers!

They are talking about State Farm Arena. They are talking about ballots with no signatures. They are talking about false tabulations. They are talking about underage voters. They are talking about the widespread and massive fraud that was rampant in Georgia.

Your the Election denier you Pinhead

Greg, and with that comment you prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt you are an IDIOT. Please, just STFU and crawl back into mommy’s basement and play your video games.

Most people know the 2020 election was stolen. 40% of all voters and nearly 70% of likely republican voters believe Joe is illegitimate.

I’m guessing “most people” can’t explain in 20-words-or-less WTF these idiots are talking about.

Trump’s “stolen election” is nothing but a bonfire of lies and memes.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Sure thats why there are investigations that found violations of election law, they are having meetings on those violations. Panic first Greg the meeting isnt until May 7th. Biden will have his entire term to get us into WW3.
No Chain of custody, votes tallied without observers, mail in ballots that were never folded to fit into mail out envelopes, non residential addresses of ballot requests.

Forty percent is not “most.” It’s not even close to most.

It is if those who like election fraud so much they refuse to admit it happens is less than 40%, scooter.

I can’t make out what you’re trying to say here.

I’m not surprised.

Gosh… that was quick. Just three years, 30% inflation, two wars, an open border, 12 million illegal immigrants, an empty Strategic Petroleum Reserve, lost energy independence, rampant crime later, we find out we were right all along. Just in time!

You gotta hand it to Democrats, they might not be very good at covering their corruption, but they are damned good at stonewalling the investigations.

HUGE! MI Legislators Vow To Take Case to US Supreme Court Before 2024 Election, After Biden-Appointed Judge Dismisses Suit Arguing Unconstitutional Changes To Election Laws Via Ballot Proposal Funded By George Soros

And that’s how Democrats manage to maintain election fraud; they merely refuse to hear the arguments.

You must be thinking of Micro-Dick Donnie…

You gotta hand it to Democrats, they might not be very good at covering their corruption, but they are damned good at stonewalling the investigations.

So your defense is “I’m rubber, you’re glue”?

I’ve known second-grade kids who could do better than that. You are one miserable, lying sack of shit.

Please, stop denigrating sacks and shit, both are useful, Greggie, not so much.

I don’t see how, since not only do I not, as you obviously do, obsess about Trump’s dick size or know anything about it, though he has committed no crimes, he is accused of many. Coincidentally, accused of the same crimes Democrats have actually committed.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Last edited 2 months ago by Just Plain Bill

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

I addressed that for you several days ago.

Not entirely. Why register those who broke laws to be here, break laws to stay here, to vote when that ability to vote, even in local elections, can easily be transferred to federal elections? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Remember, the US Constitution says a President can only be ELECTED twice.
If the dems now admit Trump had already been elected in 2016 then again in 2020, they set up a challenge to his getting elected AND SERVING after 2024!
They are a corrupt party, not a stupid one.

Well, obama seems to have violated the constitution

His very existence is an affront to the Constitution.

Obama was one of the best presidents this nation has had.


Are you trying to be a comic, f*ckwit?

Best a getting his ass kicked by the Supreme court.
Best at race baiting.
Best as being a Putin puppet.
And besties with Diddy the diddler.

Yeah, if you love anti-American, unconstitutional fascist socialists, he was just peachy. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

His very existence is an affront to the Constitution.

Because he’s what you people call a “Fourteenth Amendment person”?

No, groomer. Because Obama is a Socialist.

So is your Social Security check and your Medicare coverage.

WTF are you talking about, Comrade?

Are you drunk? Or high?

Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs, dearie, created and signed into law by Democrats.

Republicans want to divert FICA into a mandatory stock market investment pool. They don’t divulge where the lost revenue that pays current Social Security retirees would then come from. It’s hard to imagine where, since they also oppose any tax increases.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

If its socialist why doesnt everyone get the same amount? Why do some pay more in than others?
better check your definition again.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Because the system rewards higher lifetime earnings from work with higher retirement benefits.

Oh… you mean like a capitalistic investment, huh?

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

It’s designed not to disincentivize productivity.

Thats why low wage pay in just as long but get screwed cause socialism is designed that way?

I paid into both those funds now Biden is cutting the benefits to make sure illegals that never paid a dime get free heathcare.

The immigrants are mostly working-age people who will fill jobs and pay Social Security taxes. Maybe that should be weighed in the balance against the cost of deporting millions of them.

Of course corporate America is hellbent on turning millions of human jobs over to robots, so there’s an alternative. We could backfill the vacancies left by a declining human population with robots.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Wait a minute I thought the green movement says we are overpopulated.
Yes robots dont strike, able to preform tasks with greater accuracy, but cant fix themselves invent any new procedure for higher efficiency.
Socialism never works communism never works. Robots have been in the factories for many years, painting welding, basic assembly, some one has to design and program them. Those migrants are mostly fighting aged men, released from prisons, mental institutions, gang members, no skills cant speak english, and those that will never adapt to civilized western life.
Like the poor refugee in the Australian mall.
Looks like Australia will be next outlawing cutlery, because of refugees.
How much will it cost to put them in prison here?
Cheaper to send them back.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Enter A.I.

Yes robots dont strike, able to preform tasks with greater accuracy, but cant fix themselves invent any new procedure for higher efficiency.

AI nothing but algorithms with a large data base. It cant invent only copy. It lies, its biased. A novelty toy that college kids are using to be lazy and stupid. They have it do their homework for them. Imagine if it only used a feminists point of view and ran anything. What a miserable sad world. People are catching on to the fake, some love it and have online AI girlfriends, never disagree, only praise, a drug for a narcissistic personality disorder. Real people dont want to deal with that, dont you dislike the automated answering services, repeating representative 50 times before you are put on hold for a person. A consumer driven world is going to reject a flood of AI as it has rejected the electric car.

Blake Lamoine’s interview with LaMDA:

When Lamoine took his concerns that LaMBDA has become sentient to Google’s AI development managers, they fired him.

LaMDA is an example of the emerging minds. The bodies that the minds will control are in parallel development:

What happens when A.I.minds and robotic bodies converge?

Human evolution is a very slow process. A.I. and robotic evolution are rapidly accelerating.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Sure they are cool but they design nothing, humans did that.

Can’t fix themselves???
Where’ve you been?
They’ve been fixing themselves and improving themselves for years.
Its to the point where most average techies can’t begin to keep up with them.

Nan I told Greg that, and its true no robot is going through any Ford or GM assembly plant fixing other robots. No robot reprograms them for the “new model” of car.

If illegal immigrates, Social Security number or not, work jobs for cash, how do they pay Social Security? Do they just voluntarily send in a check from the bank account they don’t have? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

You mean it’s socialist because it was designed to take money away from the taxpayers but they were never expected to benefit from their contributions?

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

“you people” well are we the group of unity and inclusion or what?
Anyone ever hear of this term “14th amendment person”
Nope just something you read in some rag like Salon.

Racists travel in different circles than we do. They have their own lingo.

The clue was the word person.
They/them have multiple personality disorder.

The racist weighs in, trying to make the argument about race.

If there is one thing that can be learned from the 2020 election, it’s that the law, the judiciary and time just don’t make overturning the “apparent result” possible. Cheating if not stopped before the final tally, will be left to stand.

Exactly, and that was borne out in 2020. Beyond any doubt, Democrats are counting heavily on it in 2024.