Is America Now Officially Crazy?



I believe it is. I believe the dominant media culture has gone crazy due to the trauma of not getting their way. I further believe that their constant hysteria makes more sane people not actually crazy, but very stressed out and agitated.

If you’ve ever spent five minutes in the company with a manic or very anxious person, you know that such psychological states are easily transmittable. I personally know that when I used to have panic, that panic infected the people around me. (And actually, then I would sense their own anxiety and I would become more panicked– a vicious cycle of sympathetic animal-level emotional transmission.)

It’s all part of our pack animal evolution — it’s evolutionarily advantageous to pick up the signals of alarm (even subtle ones) from a neighboring pack animal. When his ears prick up, it’s good to prick up your own ears. If he stops breathing to hear more clearly, then it’s good to hold your breath too.

But those things are good only when the pack animals around you are sane and reasonably reacting to stimuli that seem to indicate genuinely possible threats.

However, when half of the pack has Mad Cow Disease and shriek and wail over nothing at all, this transmission of anxiety and fear becomes toxic for the healthy members of the pack.

Half of America now consists of barely-functional lunatics, and it’s best to avoid them for all sorts of reasons.

I know I’m a bad blogger for not jumping on all of these Freak-Outs. I have felt guilty sometimes about not jumping on the internet on a weekend — for example, during the Charlottesville incidents.

I do this for selfish reasons: I do not wish to be amidst madman shrieking and by being amidst them, become infected with madness myself.

But I sometimes justify this selfish aversion to doing my job as actually doing my job: As I do not wish to be infected by the viral lunacy consuming half of this country, so too do I not wish to be a vector of that lunacy, infecting other people.

Sometimes I pass on stories the lunatics are gibbering about. This Trump Tower in Russia deal, for example. It’s not actually laziness — it would be easy enough just to link it and say “This is probably bullshit.” I just did a very easy link in the previous post.

Takes no time or effort.

But I sort of would like to do more than that — by which I mean doing less. Rather than even acknowledging these stories and putting up some kind of half-thought rebuttal to them, I’d like to do more.

By doing less. By not even acknowledging them.

I do not credit the ravings of the mentally unwell as my usual SOP; I don’t see why I should do so just because there are so many more mentally unwell persons shrieking about at the moment.

I can only tell you I’ve been out with politically minded people and I’ve watched them freak out as they check the twitter feeds. Their voices become higher pitched and faster paced; they begin becoming apprehensive, agitated, and anxious.

When they tell me the latest bout of Twitter Lunatic Shrieking, I tell them the truth, as calmly as I can: I don’t care.

John Ekdahl made a good point about two months ago. One day he asked, “Does anyone remember what the freak-out was about before this latest freak-out?”

The previous freak-out had occurred just 48 hours or so earlier. (Two days seems to be the longest the lunatics can go without a collective Amok Time.)

And yet, when Ekdahl asked the question: I could not for the life of me recall whatever Shrieking Hysterical Horror had so consumed Internet People just 48 hours prior. I knew it was something — it’s always something — but I failed John Ekdahl’s test. (Or, maybe, passed it.) I could not in fact remember the last This Changes Everything and History Will Never Be the Same Again monumental event that had come and gone like a fart on the hurricane deck of a ship in a gale.

Now that I’ve self-justified my I Don’t Give a Shit Anymore attitude and dressed it up as being animated by selfless regard for others and principle, let me link a few articles exploring this phenomenon of mass national lunacy.

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The VAST majority of these whiners have no idea what they are really upset about. Numerous times I have asked “what makes Trump a racist? Give me an example of his racism.” and NEVER get a substantive answer. “If I have to tell you, there is no point in telling you.” is the response, if there is one; most cower and slink away to wallow in their ignorance.

These are people who want this hysteria to continue, to paralyze the Trump administration and our government and create an atmosphere ripe for overturning. The hoards of weak minded useful idiots have cleared their minds of anything but fear and panic and readily absorb the various things the left throws against the wall to see what sticks. None have the capacity to see all those things that DON’T stick and realize the enormous ruse they are the victims of; sadly, they are THAT dumb.

I have been fortunate to get away most weekends where tv and radio reception is crappy, no internet at all, just tend a campfire, split more wood, wait to see the doe with her twins come to graze in the clearing. Come back and liberals still have their panties in a wad over something dealing with Trump same ol same. Get used to it kids they are on a mission, the type of psychology they are using is well known.
Chicken little will continue to scream the sky is falling, you dont have to agree 100 % with anyone, you dont have to fit in.

Smile it makes them wonder why.