Inside Jihad – Understanding & Confronting Radical Islam


We are confronted today with the seemingly intractable scourge of Islamic Terrorism. Some experience it in-person, most encounter the spectacle of it on their television screens. Our minds are haunted by images of 9/11, of the Bali nightclubs, of subways in Madrid and London, and of schoolchildren in Beslan. We witness daily misery in myriad locations around the globe. Jihadists behead innocent people on videotape, and billions watch it.

It has led decent people to ask questions and seek answers: “What kind of person could do this?”, “What is the purpose?”, “What caused this and who is to blame?” Naturally, we also ask, “What can we do about it?” Today, countless books are available about Islam and Islamic terror, and we do read them. Not long ago words like “Sharia” and “Wahabbi” would have met with blank stares from acquaintances. Now, while many readers are familiar with these terms, there still remains profound confusion about Islamism. A large percentage of non-Muslims continue to be mystified by an ideological cancer on the body ofapproximately 1.5 billion Islamic adherents.

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Thanks to Dr. Tawfik Hamid for putting his entire book on line!
Over time I will read the whole thing.
Dr. Hamid is a Muslim who believes Islam needs a Reformation.
That makes him an apostate in the eyes of much of Islam today.
And apostasy, in Islam, requires a death sentence.
Any Muslim who kills Dr. Hamid gets his free pass to Paradise.
I had read via link from some other site, the Dr’s ABC’s of what makes for Radical Islam.
See it here:

One of the most important parts of turning a Muslim into a terrorist is the suppression of his own conscience.
Dr. Hamid explains how that happens:

[I]f instructed to kill someone, a person might feel
that such an act is unethical, even if he did hate the potential
victim. It would be difficult to perform the murder in
this case if the would-be murderer couldn’t overcome his
Islamism suppresses the conscience of its adherents by
pressuring them to accept, promote, and praise acts that are
entirely at odds with a normal sense of decency and justice,
simply because they are recorded in the religious books. We
used to praise Prophet Muhammad for marrying a girl of
seven when he was 52 years old (as written in Al-Buchary).
Similarly, we openly advocated stoning women to death,
killing apostates (converts from Islam), enslaving female
war prisoners and having sex with them as concubines (Ma
Malakat Aymanicum). All of these practices are an integral part
of mainstream Islamic teaching – if we advocated them,
Paradise awaited us; if we even questioned these beliefs, then
we faced eternal damnation in Hell.

Shown on pages 29-30

What kind of person would do this? Someone insane. Sane people do not plan to hurt/kill their neighbors.

A lot of misunderstanding about islam is all over the place and the blame is to none but me\us(muslims) there are so many story that took its place in other islamic books like hadith which makes people believe those things without judging those are perfect meterial for Radical persons. Good news that now people like me are trying to understand true pictures of islam and many scolers are writing about it one of them is Shabbir Ahmed, M.D. if you go threw hsi writings you will find how misconception and imagined story took place in islam and answers misconceptions like muhammad marrying 7 yr where is she was 18 yr og age minimum and so many other things.

I would like to invite visitors to read this books to understand islam as black and white

ISLAM AS I UNDERSTAND (English and Urdu)
Download from

By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.
As the title suggests, this book is an understanding of the Qur’an from within itself. With its first edition completed in 2003, QXP is the most modern and the first ever rendition of the Qur’an done in full public view on our website since day one. For the best possible clarity of expression, suggestions from our viewers worldwide were taken into account every single day. QXP is also the first ever rendition of the Qur’an based on the original Arabic dialect of Makkah (Mecca) in which the Book was revealed to the exalted Prophet Muhammad fourteen centuries ago. Moreover, QXP gives the reader a very clear understanding of the Qur’an for another very special reason. The Qur’an maintains that the Book explains itself, and, certainly, it does. Therefore, I have used no extrinsic material in this work. Some relevant history has been given within brackets only for the sake of interest and it is, by no means, a part of the rendition itself. Translated and explained in contemporary English, the book is easy enough for a teenager to understand.
Download from