Inflation Wonderland: Where 1.4% Magically Becomes 9%


by EagleHasLanded

When you are unable to agree on basic facts, on the rules, on what the foundation is, on the starting point, you can’t agree on anything because you’re starting at different places.  If you say the sky is green and I say it is blue, one of us is just wrong.  If you say a touchdown in football is worth 9 points and I say it is worth 6 points, we can’t be playing the same game.  The rules can be adjusted as in MLB between the National and American leagues.  But when the games are different, there can be no compromise.  You can’t play chess using a basketball.

You cannot reason with the unreasonable.  As Thomas Payne once said,

“To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead…” 

We are now in the season when reasoning with Amtrak Joe supporters is like trying to administer reason and logic to the brain dead.  It’s a waste of time and effort.  His supporters, however few there are left, are having none of it.

Case in point, inflation.  Even The Resident’s Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Jared Bernstein, supposedly an intelligent man, refuses to tell the truth on what the national annual inflation rate was when The Resident took office in January 2021.  Watch and listen to him squirm and weasel his way around not answering Neil Cavuto’s question regarding The Resident’s repeated lies about the actual inflation rate when he first took office.

The verified, confirmed, historical and official national inflation rate when Donald J. Trump left office was 1.4%!  That is a “sky is blue” fact.  The Brandon Regime’s spokesliars insist, along with Lunchbucket Joe himself, that the inflation rate inherited, by said kook, was a “sky is green” fantasy 9% figure.  They are living in a different inflation world that is 9 times greater than the real world the rest of us inhabited in January 2021.  Nine times different!  That is not a surmountable or understandable mere difference of opinion.  Instead, they are two different realities, one being imaginary.

They really think we are all fools and that we will continue to play along with their foolishness.  How do you deal with liars that are so blatant in their mendacity?  Scoff at them.  Laugh at them to their face.  Ridicule them.  Point at them like the circus freaks they are.  They deserve nothing but our derision and scorn.  Their determination to ride rough shod over us and common sense cannot be taken lightly, but their ideas must be stomped out and dismissed with laughter.  Take their tactics seriously, but not their arguments.  Their ideas are silly, but their actions are deadly.  Their actions, in pursuit of their silly ideas, bring destruction.

While we try to change their minds, however worthy yet fruitless those attempts may be, we must counter the consequences of those stupid ideas.  In order to do that, we must first recognize their lies and call them out loudly every time.  Hitler and Goebbels, Stalin and Mao knew the power of lies.

If they will lie about easily provable facts like the official level of inflation, what else will they lie about?  Everything, and they are.

They are lying about COVID, it’s origin, the vaccine and the numerous boosters.

They are lying about the COVID lockdowns.

They are lying about the climate as if we can control it.

They are lying about the very obvious decline in Joseph Robinette’s health and mental decline.

They are lying about the number of jobs “created” since the Dempanic Plandemic lockdowns ended. Hint: most are just returning jobs eliminated by Dem governors.

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Inflation is north of 6%. When you include the everyday items necessary for people to live it is much more than the regime reports.

Only a fool thinks Trump brings anything but chaos.

President Trump Eviscerates Joe Biden In Hilarious ‘Keeps Falling’ Music Video On Truth Social

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

NY Times — Biden faces wariness from black voters.

Bill Maher wants to replace Biden.

biden is losing the black vote.

Frederick Westbrook, a retired Las Vegas hotel worker, voted for President Joe Biden in 2020 — as a vote to get Donald Trump out of office. He now calls that “the biggest mistake of my life.”

“As a Black man in America, I felt he was doing unjust things,” he said of Trump. “He’s got a big mouth, he’s not a nice person.” None of that, in his view, has changed. But one thing

And what has Obiden brought us? Greater inflation by over 7%. More people working two jobs just to avoid losing their homes and affording groceries for their families. Greater risk of terrorism on our home soil than even before September 11. More businesses going out of business since the Great Depression (another one of the Democrat Party’s gifts to American). A senile, angry grifter and habitual liar whose family is one crook after another simply acting as the figurehead of the Democrat Party. And a nation that is being led by Obama sycophants who were placed in the White House to make fools like you think Biden is actually in control.

You’re the fool. And you become a bigger fool with each passing day.

Why can’t you address the topic at hand. Did Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden lie when he said inflation was 9% when he took office? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Because your “topics” are limited to Trump cult propaganda points.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

IOW, Comrade Greggie, you realize that you are dumber than a brick so you must maintain control over the conversation consequently you refuse to answer a simple question. Got it. You are dumber than a brick, not to mention a liar, dishonest and a coward.

Anyone who has been peddling the same false bullshit for over ten years like you have has to be record stupid.

Then maybe you are at the wrong site. Speaking of propaganda, did Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden lie when he said inflation was 9% when he took office? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

We all know Trump had a much better economy. Inflation at 1.4% when biden usurped the office.

Only a totally stupid pea-brain Moron with Sawdust for Brains would vote to reelect Biden you and Micheal qualify for that


You still insist on showing to us your a total jerk

Bidens polls are the lowest of any President even Carter rates Higher, You Pinhead

Note that Cavuto is no Trump fan. But, he couldn’t (unlike Erin Burnett) let such a blatant, humongous lie go unchallenged. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden tells such obvious, easily refuted lies because he KNOWS he won’t be challenged by any of his “journalists on a leash” interviewers. This is why you will NEVER see him interviewed by Fox, Newsmax or anyone not 100% in the bag for the DNC.

Only stupid people who desire nothing more than to remain stupid and grow more stupid support this.

Jared never mentioned the price of FOOD, Mortgage, Rent, Gas being too high as things joe is “doing something about.
It was bank penalties, medicine costs, new housing, clean energy, and child care.

Meantime, if you want certain item of food or household goods they are simply not available from time to time.
I went to Ikea the other day to help a friend get some big stuff home.
I spent a few minutes in the food market.
I used to buy their packet of gravy mix for their Swedish meatballs.
It was unavailable!
At Ikea!
Also, their Swedish meatballs are now over $20/package!
They used to sell their Swedish pancakes (crepes) but those, too are unavailable.
They used to sell rye crackers in two forms.
Both are unavailable.
Our supply chain is broken.
It’s been years so you can’t blame “covid.”
Its joe and his stupid policies.