If the January 6 Riots Are “Terrorism” Because They Used Violence to Force A Political Outcome, Why Aren’t the Year of BLM/Antifa Riots Also Terrorism?


by Ace

A question righteously asked by Doc_0.

John Hayward
If the 1/6 riots were an act of “terrorism” – using force to achieve political ends – then so were the BLM riots.
The difference is that the latter were successful – and their success was a bloody disaster for Americans, especially black Americans.
The grotesque spectacle Democrats and their media are putting on today is not a condemnation of “terrorism,” or “insurrection,” or “attacking elections.” They aren’t planning to say a single damn word about the very recent times THEY did all of those things.
This is all about crass political opportunism, and reinforcing the claim that left-wingers have a monopoly on “righteous” political violence. When lefties use violence on YOU, it’s “mostly peaceful” and you should stop whining and walk it off – even when they kill people.

I’ve never had any patience for rioters or political terrorists of any stripe, from Occupy Wall Street through BLM, Antifa, or the 1/6 crowd. NOBODY should think they can achieve political goals through violence and destruction – but that’s not the America we live in, is it?
That sure as hell isn’t the message sent by an obsessive hyper-politicized focus on one act of political violence that personally discomfited the ruling elite, while other terrorism is minimized, excused, indulged, and rewarded.
People outside the Ruling Class bubble are sick of this crap. Did any of the geniuses who planned the big Insurrectionmas holiday bash stop to think, “I wonder what someone who lost their home and business – or a family member – to BLM riots will think when they watch this?”
No, of course not – because those people don’t matter AT ALL to the elite and ruling Party, except maybe as votes to be “harvested” after they finish dismantling our election system. The message today is that only THIS ONE violent outburst matters. Only this one is contemptible.

And only this one is supposed to reflect negatively on people who weren’t at the Capitol on 1/6. Only this one was “caused” by political rhetoric. Only this one “justifies” speech controls and punitive political action against people who committed no crime.
The people running today’s media and political circus events are much more aggressively, and effectively, using an act of violence to achieve political ends than the boobs who perpetrated that violence a year ago. The rioters didn’t have a rational endgame. The opportunists do.
By all means, throw the book at EVERYONE who thinks they can impose their ideology by breaking the law – but we need to worry a lot more about the people writing the laws, and what they really think about political violence. They most certainly do not reject it entirely. /end


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I said long ago that as Democrats lose their grip on power they will not just accept it or change but will grow more desperate and dangerous. The 2019/2020 left wing violence, the 2020 election fraud and the 2021 suppression of rights proves the point. And it isn’t done getting worse yet. Their rhetoric today over January 6th proves how desperate they are. They are losing and only lies, crime, violence and suppression will maintain their power.