If Only We Could Deport Biden and Mayorkas for Their Border Debacle


by Stephen Kruiser

For the last eight years, I’ve made a Zen-like approach to politics my brand. I’ve always had great powers of compartmentalization; I just began taking better advantage of them starting in 2016. Yeah, I’ll still experience a fit of pique, but it’s usually gotten rid of with a quick, expressive column.

This border mess is trying to get me to fly off the handle for an extended period of time. I’m not going to let it win, but it is important to acknowledge that it has a shot.

Border problems are a fact of life in my neck of the desert. I’ve spent my entire life living in Arizona and Southern California, so the leaky Mexican border has always been an issue. I’m not sure for exactly how long, but I remember an incident or two when I was 10 years old and lived just 12 blocks from the border.

Good times.

The Democrats have a gift for making everything much worse than it needs to be, especially with President LOLEightyonemillion sitting atop the party. Security on our southern border is currently being made worse by the day due to a toxic combination of radical leftist policy and monumental ineptitude.

Democrats in Congress — with a generous assist from the McConnell squish wing of the GOP — have been engaged in some legislative kabuki theater about the border recently. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went off over the weekend on not only the weakness of the recent border bill, but the fetish for taking care of Ukraine above all else, which Michael wrote about:

“I don’t oppose giving them the help that they need, especially in the case of Israel,” Rubio told Tapper. “And if you put the Israel thing up to a vote right now, it would pass. I don’t even know, maybe a couple of people would vote against it, but, basically, it would pass very quickly. The problem is, Israel is being held hostage so they could get Ukraine.”

“I have to explain to my constituents, I have to explain to the people of Florida, I have to explain to the American people because I’m a U.S. senator, and my number one obligation is America. If America is not strong, we can’t help any of our allies,” he added. “And I will have to explain to them why the Senate is going to work all through Super Bowl weekend, which is fine with me. we’re going to make a big priority, except on something that’s critical to this country, which is the invasion that’s going on, on our own border, on our own border.”

The real problem, of course, is that the idiot Dems and their squish Republican pals don’t view the crush at the border as invasion, despite the fact that it clearly is. For most of the last three years, they’ve been pretending that there are no real problems and have repeatedly assured the American people that the southern border is secure.

That kind of pathological denial isn’t going to make things safer.

Open borders Democrats love to portray everyone entering this country illegally from the south as simply being plucky people who just want to get a piece of the American dream and make better lives for themselves. That has always been a load of manure, and it’s even a bigger lie now.

This is from my HotAir colleague Karen Townsend:

Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed by Chinese illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. The warning has been sent to Congress that they may be Communist spies. Some have been found to have links to the CCP and its affiliated People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Border Patrol chiefs are worried that more are coming in unvetted.

It takes a bit of effort to get from mainland China to Mexico, so any Chinese nationals crossing illegally should set off warning bells. Karen writes that “immigration experts” dismiss the idea that potential spies are among the Chinese nationals flooding across the border. Immigration experts tend to be either naive Pollyanna types or disingenuous hucksters who know full well that bad people are a big part of the open borders package.

For far too long, politicians have been timid about discussing the true nature of the hordes of illegal immigrants flowing northward into the United States. Sadly, this was true of most Republicans for the longest time.

Donald Trump changed some of that when he first ran for president and had no problem calling the criminals what they were. It’s still his biggest strength on the campaign trail as far as I’m concerned. Many, but not enough, Republicans in Congress have been empowered to be more honest about the criminal element that Mexico sends our way.

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First we deport Soros and Bragg then Obama then go for Biden

They are anti-American and hate this country. Why NOT deport them? Strip them of citizenship and chuck em.