Husband of Ashli Babbitt Files Lawsuit to Demand Name of Capitol Police Officer who Murdered Her


By Eric Lendrum

The widower of Ashi Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was murdered by a Capitol Police officer on January 6th, has filed a lawsuit seeking to finally uncover the name of the guilty officer, the New York Post reports.
Aaron Babbitt filed the lawsuit in the Washington D.C. Superior Court, demanding all information related to his wife’s murder, including video footage and statements from witnesses to the incident, in addition to seeking the identity of the officer who fired the fatal shot. Separately from this lawsuit, Babbitt’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit for $12 million against the Capitol Police, according to the Babbitt family’s attorney Terry Roberts.
Babbitt had previously filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), but the MPD failed to respond by the original May 12th deadline, by which time they either had to provide the material or give a formal response explaining why they could not hand over the materials.

Video footage from others who gathered peacefully inside the United States Capitol on January 6th showed that Babbitt, a 35-year-old veteran from California, was unarmed when the plainclothes officer fired a single shot at her through a barricade at close range. The officer did not issue a verbal warning or fire a warning shot before pulling the trigger, striking Babbitt in the neck and fatally wounding her.
In May, the Department of Justice announced that there would be no investigation into the matter and no charges pressed against the officer in question, whose identity still remains a mystery to this day. Babbitt was the only person who died on January 6th as a direct result of the mostly peaceful protest

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This is how much Democrats care about police killing innocent people. This is how much Democrats care about women being killed. This is how much Democrats care about gun violence. This is how much Democrats care about peoples’ lives.

Perhaps he should have kept his wife from joining a mob of extremist lunatics whose violent and unlawful behavior resulted in her death. Now he wants to put a target on the back of the unnamed police officer who fired a single shot as the last barricade between elected officials and the mob was battered open and breached.

So, protesting now is a death sentence? It’s acceptable to simply shoot down a woman for protesting? What “unlawful behavior” did she exhibit that lawfully carries a death sentence? Try your best not to run from this question like a coward; YOU took the stance, now answer the goddamn question.

Being part of a violent mob that has forcibly entered the Capitol, severely beaten multiple Capitol Police officers, chanted in the hallways for the Vice President to be hanged, smashed through the final barricaded doorway standing between the mob and the chamber where elected officials have taken refuge, and THEN being the first to attempt to get through the breach is what resulted in her being shot. WTF WOULD ANY REASONABLE PERSON EXPECT A POLICE OFFICER SWORN TO PROTECT THE LIVES OF OUR PUBLIC OFFICIALS TO DO AT SUCH A MOMENT?

That’s a rhetorical question, since the sort who comprised that violent mob or now defend its behavior ARE NOT reasonable people. Nor have they ceased to be a serious danger, so long as the lunatic who incited them to violence keeps flapping his lying lips.

So, you have to justify your defense of manslaughter (or murder) with lies. I expected nothing else.

There was no violence. There were no officers “severely beaten”. This was a much more “peaceful protest” than your leftist violent riots given that nomenclature. There were even officers BEHIND Babbitt. The person pushing and inciting the violence at that location was John Sullivan, the BLM activist and repeat violent offender. Yet he wasn’t shot or even arrested. He, in fact, made $90,000 from MSNBC and CNN for his videos, cutting out him exhorting people to “burn the motherf**ker down!”

In other words, no, there was no reason to open fire on anyone, unless it had been Sullivan. If your standard were applied in Seattle, Portland, NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, LA, Oakland, San Jose, etc. where leftist terrorists wreak havoc, looting, rioting, assaults and riots, then hundreds if not thousands could have been shot.

But there was NO justification for shooting Ashli Babbitt no matter how much you hate anyone that doesn’t support and promote socialism.

There was no violence.”

What do you imagine you were seeing in numerous videos?

People being allowed into the Capital building and roaming around. No violence. Mostly peaceful.

comrade greggy poo:
Ashi Babbitt, an Air Force veteran was murdered by a Capitol Police officer on January 6th. this is a fact and not a rhetorical question. it was not alright for her to express her First Amendment Right? However, it is alright for the two domestic terrorist operating in this country the right to burn, pillage, rape, murder immolate federally buildings all with impunity. woof! this is reminiscent of jihad terrorist and muslin terrorists that ravaged Europe over the centuries, iraq, and other countries. jihad and muslin non-state and state actors are sill the biggest, modern slave traders as they were centuries ago. most of your material comes from the very WOKE media. you might want to read Raymond Ibrahim’s work the Sword and Scimitar and Bill Weiner’s work Measuring Mohammed. you do read or does your staffer read for you?
you along will all of your aaparticht have over indulged in the propaganda kool-aid. it is obvious that most of the material for your posts come from the woke media. YOU were neve a cop and I doubt if you were ever in the military. the cp office was looking for an excuse to discharge his weapon.