Hunter Biden: fighting Russian aggression at $83,000 per month




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Woah, did he think that up all by himself? Grifting on American taxpayers dollars. What a nobel cause.

What a brave, whore-mongering, coke snorting, crack smoking, influence peddling, child denying freedom fighter! Taking bribes for liberty!

Gaetz just said during questioning about shaking down Chinese companies for cash he was a drug addled loser who did not know what he was doing.
Then on the flip side when asked about payments from burisma he said he was a highly experienced lawyer well versed in international business.

What an effing piece of shit.

Hunter was managing a money laundering operation.

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The reason they wanted closed door hearings was so they could say whatever they want about what goes on inside.

And Democrats kept the testimonies secret while leaking lies.

Gaetz actually looks diabolical—as if his personal conduct weren’t enough of a clue…

Well, Hunter, BIG FAIL.

Russia is perhaps the most natural resource rich nation on the planet and places like Germany still need to buy gas and oil while joe throttles our own oil and nat’l gas production and sales.
America, under joe, is weaker after two years of the Ukraine war, and Russia is stronger.
It turns out that the ‘gas station posing as a nation’ has more real things and actual strength than the western debt bubble posing as a nation possess.