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Curt, CO2 is .036% and man made CO2 is only 2% of that.

Yep, We are on the road to extinction…
*Cattle Flatulence
*5 Buck a Gallon Gasoline
*SOON…due to Drilling Ban and Over Regulating EPA…Oil at $200.00 a Barrel
*No New Refineries built in the past 30 Years
*Mercury Containing Lighting ‘elements’ (They stopped making bulbs)
*START Treaty that Gives Russia and China by Proxy the Leading Edge in future World Domination (Rich Wheeler, it Does that. Read the Damn Agreement before You Pop-Off on the Subject)

Did I miss anything besides record DEFICIT, Foreign Trade Imbalance, a Cut and Run
Time Line for Afghanistan and record Concessions to Every Union that contributed to the Election of the most disastrous US Regime/Ruling Class Evah!

Happy 2011…