How to Defeat Obama


The only way to break the deadlock and proceed with the urgent task of rolling back the Obama agenda is to use three key confrontations to do so:

— The debt-limit extension.

— The demands of states for more bailouts.

— The 2012 budget.

The need to repeal his radical agenda is ever more apparent as it unfolds further. The legislative enactments were bad enough. But now Obama is using his executive authority to implement anything he couldn’t get through even his Democrat-dominated Congress.

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— The debt-limit extension.

— The demands of states for more bailouts.

— The 2012 budget.

Hey, why not attach Obamacare and EPA repeals to any of these?

Make a demand for the Birth Certificate to recertify his eligibility.

We know Pelosi had two separate documents notarized at the Convention just in case they got caught.

A Government that Operates in the “RED” and operates on Continuing Resolutions is on a rocky path.
The time to pay the piper is coming and Continuing Resolution or voting “Present” is indicative of gross incompetency as well as negligence. Printing next to worthless Currency is not an answer either.

Accountability is coming and a day of reckoning is coming as well as the YUAN may replace the Dollar as a World Currency for International Trade. The Chips will fall then and it will not be pretty for the US.

Pay GO never happened, Pelosi lied and the Democrats paid for it in the past election. Obama will be a one Termer due to the Fiscal Irresponsibility and Economic Illiteracy of the 110th and 111th Congress.
There will be an outcome but until the 112th Congress gets a reality check, raising the debt ceiling is just greasing the skids for the next disaster. It is like printing more Checks for a bankrupt account.

Time tested budgeting from ” The Richest Man In Babylon” . Works for all governments and households.

Live on 70%
10% short term debt
10% long term debt
10% savings

Try 2.4 trillion. Do you see the tragedy of stimulous and tarp. No budget and adding 4 billion daily to the horrendous national debt. Savings are for entitlements, etc, that were stolen from the trust funds. Major housecleaning required including the inept Precedent.Major surgery required on the huge bureaucracies. No printing of money except for population growth. Pelosi is a complete and avowed idiot. Flat tax because America is a democracy. Its simple but requires willpower.

@oil guy from Alberta:

Sorry Oil Guy…

America is a “Republic”…with a Democratic form of representative government.

Semantics, you get the idea.

Did you notice the following in the Dick Morris article on how to defeat Obama?

But if Republicans stray over the line of public opinion themselves by cutting Medicare or Social Security, they will lose. Americans oppose Medicare cuts. Check out Hillarycare in 1994, Newt Gingrich’s budget cuts in 1996 and Obamacare in 2010 to see how strongly they feel about it. And they oppose changes in Social Security. See the defeat of the George W. Bush agenda of 2005 for reference.