How Media Matters Invents Bigotry Charges to Protect Soros


Media Matters targeting of Glenn Beck had reached almost comical proportions even before the began their smears of Antisemitism. For example a search of Media Matters on site search engine reports the Soro-controlled media police posted 2,460 anti-Beck posts between January 4, 2010 and October 5th (the day before they began their strategy of trying to brand the Commentator as a Jew-hater. Let that number roll around in your mind for a second–2,460 posts in 274 days–that’s an average of nine posts a day– (if he didn’t miss a TV or radio show) 13 posts per program. It was obvious that Media Matters and Mr. Soros had it in for Glenn Beck.

What Media Matters isn’t revealing the fact that Soros is a major funder of the organization, most of the funding is indirect. Three different Soros charitable foundations, individual members of the Soros family, and the Geosor Corporation give hundreds of millions of dollars money to The Open Society Institute (see page 18 of the Institute’s nonprofit tax return posted here). Open Society gives money to the Center for American Progress who gives money to Media Matters. Another Soros funded group that helps Media Matters is the Democracy Alliance, and recently Soros gave a large and public chunk of money to Media matters, calling it the “first ever” donation by the financier (except for all the other I suppose). Keep in mind that Media Matters is not required to list its donors, this information comes from the tax returns of the foundations that give it money, so there may be other donations not discovered.

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