Hostage Rescue Brings Out the Worst in the Worst People on Earth


by Stephen Kruiser

Ever since the horrific Hamas terrorist assault on Israel last October, we have been discussing the fact that it is very easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys in all that has followed.

Morally bankrupt leftists all over the world have thrown in with the terrorists. They pretend that it’s all about the poor innocents in Gaza, but Hamas is Gaza, and Gaza is Hamas. Those fully grown Hamas terrorists aren’t being dispensed from a vending machine or being purchased off of Amazon, after all.

The ugliness of this insanity has been compounded by hordes of ignorant college kids who have had their impressionable minds warped by commie professors.

As is always the case with the leftists, there are no limits to how low they can go. The antisemitic rage we’ve seen from them these past eight months has been beyond awful. Unfortunately, they found new depths to plumb after the Israel Defense Forces rescued four hostages last week. They immediately looked for ways to taint a great cause for celebration — especially given the fact that many had lost hope that any hostages remained alive.

Israel continues to fight for its survival while the Left’s smear machine works feverishly to turn public sentiment against it. As Richard Fernandez wrote over the weekend, the global public relations initiative might not be working out the way Hamas and its apologists want it to:

Hamas has largely conceded the kinetic domain to Israel in view of the disparity in capabilities and is focusing on the political front. But propaganda success may have paradoxically worked against them. If Israel is to be accused of killing hundreds of civilians a day anyway, perversely for Hamas, they might as well do it on operations. Hence, the rescue. A realistic assessment of Hamas’ chances is that although its political and propaganda defense is hurting Israel, it is not stopping the IDF.

Israel also understands the true nature of the enemy it faces, while its haters have convinced themselves that the Hamas terrorists will suddenly lose their mojo for killing Israelis if they are simply left alone now.

These people don’t read a lot of history.

The narrative since the rescue has truly been disgusting. Here is an example from my friend and colleague Ed Morrissey:

“Their only crime was holding Israeli hostages in their home.” So they were kidnappers. To the depraved Hamas sympathizers, they were “innocent.” Israeli leaders are wise not to be swayed by the opinions of lunatics who think like that.

Here’s more on the blameless innocents from my friend Jennifer Van Laar at RedState:

As we noted in numerous stories about Israel’s rescue mission, the four hostages rescued were not held in tunnels or prisons; they were held in the homes of alleged civilians in residential areas in Nuseirat. I say “alleged civilians” because if these people were holding Israeli hostages for eight months they’re absolutely part of Hamas and are combatants, not civilians.

One of those alleged civilians, it’s now confirmed, was Abdullah Al Jamal, who bills himself as a journalist and who most recently wrote for a United States-based 501(c)(3) NGO, The Palestine Chronicle. He also wrote at least one piece for Al Jazeera. The Israeli government confirmed Sunday that Al Jamal, who was neutralized by IDF rescuers, held three hostages captive in his family home

Once more, with feeling: Hamas is Gaza, and Gaza is Hamas.

If I were being charitable, I would say that the people around the world who believe that there is a great distinction between the citizens of Gaza and the murderous members of Hamas are naïve.

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There are a lot of St Pancakes being groomed to stand in front of Hamas like Rachel Corrie once did.
She didn’t realize it would lead to her death, either.
Queers for Palestine are full of ignorant useful idiots who need schooling like from this drag queen:

Their “only” crime was holding hostages? I think that’s enough. If they are holding hostages, the IDF is not going to negotiate with them. They are going to conduct a swift, brutal, efficient operation and kill anyone and everyone that might kill them or the hostages. Tough shit.

So, why do “civilians” get killed in IDF ops? Well, where are the ops? In neighborhoods. WHY? Because that’s where Hamas CHOOSES to conduct operations from. Where were the hostages found? In homes and in a school. So, therefore, civilians get killed, sometimes accidentally, sometimes because they weren’t civilians at all.

It’s the same as if the Hamas terrorists put a gun to their civilians’ heads and pulled the trigger themselves. Anyone that can’t see it this way is inherently anti-Semitic.

These anti-Semites claim they aren’t anti-Semitic; they are anti-Zionist. However, what they do is blame Jews for anything and everything bad that happens, up to and including the murder of Jewish babies and rape of Jewish girls. THAT is anti-Semitism, not anti-Zionism.