Hewitt – The McCarthyism of the Left


The killer wasn’t driven by a political agenda or by political rhetoric any more than he was driven by the position of the moon or the fortunes of some random sports team. The psychosis of the killer has been clear since at least Sunday, and ever since the fact emerged that the killer’s obsession with Congresswoman Giffords began in 2007, all attempts to make connections to Governor Palin’s “map” or any other political event or rhetoric are at best ignorant and the worst of them are manipulations of terrible tragedy for personal gain, far worse than an ambulance chasing attorney looking for money –media and/or political attention addicts looking for anything to bring traffic or ratings their way. A handful of politicians have exploited the situation beyond any excuse, but the worst offenders of decency have been in the media, and it appears they will continue to dig their holes deeper and deeper.

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