Global Warming to Blame for the Crisis in Egypt


What in the world caused wars, upheavals, strife, poverty, starvation and inflation before global warming? I can’t remember, but in any case, we’ve got another symptom of global warming to add to a list that has grown faster in the past ten years than Al Gore’s waistline.

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Massaging Al Gore will solve the world problems. lol
If the Marxists and the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt- time to cut the billion and half that” Mubarack “pockets for himself(some of it). There’s a small budget cut.
Cut the ethanol subsidies that helps to waste food and creates pollution(proven).
Start drilling because Middle East oil supplies will become scarce. Security of supply will disappear.
I know, its a pipe dream with Obowma in charge.
Israel facing war? Probably. An Iran style theocracy. Again probably.
Huge problems coming up. The Middle East is a powder keg.

I wonder how GW fits into Hamas firing GRAD (guided) rockets as well as Qassam (unguided) rockets into Israel today?

Grad rockets fired from the Hamas-ruled territory Monday night landed near the southern Israeli cities of Ofakim and Netivot.
Also Monday, a Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council.

Liberal Policy – “Never Let a Crisis go to Waste”. In this case I guess use th Egyptian crisis to keep the Global Warming myth going.

Hey you know last week we got 19 inches of snow!! And this was the 3rd record snowfall in a month. Must be that ‘Global Warming’ Oops, I mean “climate change” thing again….