Georgia Investigators have ‘Ballot Trafficker’ Who Is Talking — Admits to Being Paid THOUSANDS in 2020 Election Ballot Boxes Ballot Harvesting Scheme — 242 Ballot Traffickers Detected


By Jim Hoft

According to John Fredericks, investigators have video of 240 leftist operatives he called “ballot traffickers” dumping tens of thousands of ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night in locations across Georgia.
The leftist operatives were identified making numerous drops in the middle of the night in Georgia. They were filmed emptying their backpacks of ballots into the drop boxes in the middle of the night. Ballot harvesting is not legal in Georgia. This was criminal behavior caught on video!
True the Vote and one other organization have copies of the video and promised to release their findings.
Heather Mullins from Real Americas Voice later reported on the John Fredericks radio show that there is video that captures 240 ballot traffickers in Georgia.  Each of the traffickers averaged 23-24 drops where they would empty backpacks into the ballot boxes.

This is completely illegal.  No harvesting is allowed in Georgia.
This was a massive organized effort by the American left to commit fraud.
In September The Gateway Pundit spoke with Catherine Engelbrecht and her group True the Vote was behind this investigation. We also found out it involves SEVERAL STATES.
Catherine told us in the fall that she had important meetings coming up in Georgia. Apparently, the information reached worthless Never-Trump Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.
Reportedly True The Vote was able to take cell phone ping data on a mass wide-scale and piece together that several people—suspected ballot harvesters—were making multiple trips to multiple drop boxes, raising potential legal questions in a number of these states. 242 in Georgia and around 200 in Arizona.
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From there, the document continues, True The Vote gathered surveillance video on the drop boxes in Georgia and is attempting to gather similar such surveillance video from other states. The document states that True The Vote has obtained one full petabyte of surveillance footage on drop boxes—two million minutes of video—which it says is broken into 73,000 individual video files. The group is expected to begin releasing some of these videos, which purportedly show the same people going multiple times to the same drop boxes, in the coming weeks.
On Tuesday Just the News reported that one of the ballot traffickers was identified and is now talking. According to Just the News the man WAS PAID THOUSANDS to harvest ballots in Georgia.
Just the News reported on this latest development.

Raffensperger’s office received a detailed complaint from conservative voter integrity group True the Vote on Nov. 30 saying it had assembled evidence that scores of activists worked with nonprofit groups to collect and deliver thousands of absentee ballots, often during wee-hour operations, to temporary voting drop boxes distributed around the state during the pandemic.

The group informed the secretary its evidence included video footage from surveillance cameras placed by counties outside the drop boxes as well as geolocation data for the cell phones of more than 200 activists seen on the tapes purportedly showing the dates and times of ballot drop-offs, according to documents reviewed by Just the News.
The group also said it interviewed a Georgia man who admitted he was paid thousands of dollars to harvest ballots in the Atlanta metropolitan area during the November election and the lead-up to Jan. 5, 2021 runoff for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, which were both captured by Democrats and ended GOP control of Congress. The group has yet to identify the cooperating witness to state authorities, referring to him in the complaint simply as John Doe.

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More irrefutable evidence of a fraudulent election. The whistleblower admits to having earned upwards of 45k.
The election in Georgia as well as the other states in question were won by President Trump, period. biden won nothing

I don’t know about irrefutable; for instance, where has this video been for over a year? It needs to be THOROUGHLY and openly investigated, though, and not just disregarded, as the rest of the evidence has been.

It was foi’d and initially released in July of last year. Obviously got little if no attention. Predictable

Right. Because 240 breaking the law and helping an obviously rigged election to install the most unviable candidate in history will admit it, for fun, within a year of the crime.


It’s not that Leftists don’t know the election was rigged. They do. They just don’t think it’s wrong.

Leftists don’t seem to realize that when over 75 million voters don’t acknowledge Biden as president, or even that the Federal Government has any authority, having broken it’s basic mandates and getting it privilege to govern revoke, it’s a real problem.

Oh, they know it was rigged and they know it was wrong. They just don’t let that bother them. Power and destroying this country is too important to follow rules, laws and shit like that.

Hey Charlie I guess you were down with this.

FLASHBACK: Dems Challenge Trump’s 2016 Victory in Congress — And It’s Not The First Time

Let’s see the Democrat reaction. If they want to just bury this without anyone looking at it, like they’ve done all the other evidence. Let’s see the video. Let’s connected to whatever data still exists and hasn’t been destroyed to see if the accusations are valid.

I remind you of the example I keep harping on: State Farm Arena. I harp on that because, 1) it was about the first of a long list of obviously suspicious actions taken during the vote counting and, 2) no one has an answer for it. It is by no means the only or worst example but it’s pretty straight forward and far too obvious, yet no one wants to address it or explain it other than, “Oh, that never happened.” Yeah… it did. It’s all on video.

The embarrassment of 2020 stands as it is; there’s nothing to be done about that except prosecute anyone found guilty of the fraud. What is imperative is that the fraud is identified and not allowed to happen again. Absolutely that disgusting HR1 obscenity, which legalizes all the fraud committed by Democrats in 2020 and needs to be defeated, destroyed, shredded, burned and scattered in the ocean. It is a vile insult to lawful elections in this country.

Gary Miller, I presume?