‘Genealogy Office’ to establish lineage-based reparations is one step closer to becoming reality in California



By Olivia Murray

In a strange turn of events, the useful idiots that are progressive Democrats may finally give us exactly what we need to put the whole “reparations” movement to bed; here’s the story, from a report by Ben Kew and out yesterday at RedState:

California lawmakers are moving to create a “genealogy office” that would help determine an individual’s eligibility for reparations.

While previous proposals indicated that they might be willing to hand out checks to anyone who merely identifies as black, lawmakers are now seeking to create an agency that would help assess eligibility. This would presumably involve testing the DNA of applicants.

Following approval by the Judiciary Committee, the bill retained its clause defining ‘descendant’ as including ‘descendants of a free Black person living in the United States prior to the end of the 19th century.’

However, it modified a section referring to ‘African American descendants of a chattel enslaved person [living in the United States]’ to encompass ‘descendants of an African American chattel enslaved person in the United States.’

Now, here’s where I recall our attention to the lesson learned by Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren’s most inexperienced and naive confrontation with President Trump—if you remember, Warren actually took that DNA test Trump trolled her with, discovering that she did in fact have Indian blood in her…albeit at a fraction of what the average American possesses, but nonetheless, that WASP-y New Englander was part Indian (1/1024th, or .0009%).

So, per the modified language, it’s extremely likely that a number of “white” Americans would actually be eligible for California’s reparations program too—and we all know they can’t have that! And, funny enough, this very hypothetical was previously raised by pro-reparations activists as a “very real risk” to California’s proposal to establish lineage-based reparations; here’s this, from an analysis by Michael Harriot published at The Grio:

According to the Census Bureau, California is 6.5 percent Black and 72 percent white. Imagine even half those Black people could prove their ancestry was tied to slavery. A large-scale DNA study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics concluded that, nationwide, about 3.5 percent of people who identify as white—including around 5 percent of white Californians—have at least one percent African ancestry. If the task force incorporates the suggestion that lineage can be proven by establishing ‘negative evidence,’ it is entirely possible that white people could claim the bulk of reparations. Meanwhile, millions of Black-American taxpayers who are subject to every iteration of white supremacy wouldn’t just be paying the reparations to white people; they would be excluded from cashing in.

Of course, I have a few questions:

First of all, how “pure” does one need to be? I mean, are we back to the “one-drop” rule? Does one need only 1/1024th like Warren to determine ancestry?

Doesn’t the idea of implementing “racial purity tests” throw up any red flags, or sound any alarms, for the proponents of this plan? No? Just me?

Secondly, what happens if you find out you’re both the descendant of a slave and a slave owner, like Kamala Harris “likely” is? At least, that’s what the leftwing “fact-checkers” concluded.

Is there a gene to determine if a black candidate descended from a black slave or a black slave-seller and/or slave owner?

Would the taxpayers get a discount if it turns out that the eligible descendant was actually descended from an enslaved person who had one of the better jobs than field work, like the overseers and slave-catchers?

Who’s supposed to pay for all this DNA testing, or the hiring of expert genealogists?

California is currently $65 billion in the red—yes, billion—so obviously we can infer the cost of the office will fall on the taxpayers in other states, or more national debt.

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This will cost California as much as reparations itself. How many will sue when they get left off the gimme list?

This reminds me of the Nazi genealogists that worked to determine how Jewish a person had to be to be excluded from society or… dealt with. Yep, that’s where we’re headed, alright.

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