Gen Z Buyer’s Remorse – Young People Turn on Biden Over Stagnant Wages and Inability to Launch


By Bill Wilson

Young voters were one of the core coalitions that installed President Biden in the White House, supporting him by a twenty-four-point margin in 2020. Peering deeper into the data, young voters have been slowly drifting away from Democrats in each election since 2012. That drift has rapidly accelerated in the past three years as economic issues have become paramount for young adults. New polling suggests Biden is on track to lose double-digits with voters under thirty compared to the 2020 election, and economic issues are at the center of the problem.

Stagnant wages, crippling inflation, a housing affordability crisis, the importation of cheap foreign labor, and an absurd regulatory environment that stifles small business growth are issues all Americans face, but young people are hit particularly hard in Biden’s economy.

Economic issues are at the heart of the growing social problem of young people being unable to support themselves and remaining dependents long into their adult years. A September Harris poll found approximately 45% of young people 18 to 29 are living at home with parents, the largest number since the 1940’s. Over 60% say they were forced to move back in with relatives due to the economy in just the past few years and were living outside the home before 2020.

For many young people, returning to living with parents is not a first choice – 40% of young people living with parents are forced to do so to save money. Thirty percent say they are living at home because they can’t afford their own homes, and others cite student debt, job loss, and medical costs as burdens preventing them from moving out.

Data from credit-giant Experian found that a plurality of young people today say current economic conditions are ruining their chances of financial independence, and Pew Research Center recently found that Gen Z voters believe their economic state is worse than anyone else’s.

Gen Z is struggling to move into the work force, rent or buy homes, and find their independence in an economic hailstorm much like Millennials were at the height of the Wall Street collapse of 2008.

History tells us that young people tend to revolt against those in power when the country is facing a crisis, and the backlash in 2024 could be considerate. Millennials channeled their fury at Wall Street and big banks into a historic number of votes for Obama’s “newcomer” campaign, and Gen Z will have to choose between loyalty to a failing globalist ideology or giving Trump a chance to reverse the damage.

Polls suggest young people are poised to turn on Democrats in 2024 in one of the largest political upsets in decades. New swing state polling from the New York Times shows Biden winning voters under thirty by just one point – 41% to 40% – after winning them by 24 percentage points in 2020.

This represents a huge 23 percentage-point swing among Gen Z and younger Millennials that could cost Democrats the presidency and threaten their chances in the legislative branch.

Worse, a full 75% of young people say they are not committed to voting for Biden. Just one quarter of young people are committed to voting for Biden, an unconvincing number compared to the share of their vote he secured in 2020.

According to the Times poll, voters under thirty say the economy is their number issue in the upcoming election at a higher rate than any other age group. Sixty-two percent of voters eighteen to twenty-nine say the economy is their primary issue compared to 59% of voters thirty to forty-four, 58% of voters forty-five to sixty-four, and 53% of voters over sixty-four.

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The under 30 age will never have capital ownership. The debt will destroy their futures.

The entire financial system is set up to create a generation of debt slaves and controlling, wealthy owners. Three decades of cumulative high-end tax cuts, specially designed loopholes, and increasingly lax enforcement—together with a removal of restrictions that made it harder to buy political power—have made this possible.

Making a crooked billionaire king isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s a result of the problem. It’s where you go back to a hereditary wealth-based class system ruled over by an authoritarian leader—a modern variation on the system that the Founding Fathers rebelled against.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

Is one less a slave as a renter? Never knowing when the rent will increase?
The entire government is set up to make them taxation slaves, with little incentive to have children

Last edited 3 months ago by kitt

It’s okay for people not to have children if they don’t want to have children.

Get over yourself groomer.

Making a crooked billionaire king isn’t going to solve the problem. 

I didn’t hear you gripe about it when an unknown one term state senator who is a Socialist and whose party held both the House and the Senate for two years didn’t solve the problem.

Why is that, Comrade Greggie?

Last edited 3 months ago by retire05

We could do with a little more socialism and a lot less plutocracy. Obama was the best president in decades.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

 Obama was the best president in decades.

Who do you think is running the Oval Office now, Comrade Dimwit?

Obama was, and still is, a f*cking disaster.

Last edited 3 months ago by retire05

Who do you think is running the Oval Office now, Comrade Dimwit?

That’s the kind of thing that makes normal humans think you guys are literally (and I have chosen the word literally with care) insane.

That’s the kind of thing that makes normal humans think you guys are literally (and I have chosen the word literally with care) insane.

And comments like yours are the reason that conservatives understand that those (you) who affiliate with the party of victimhood, taxes and death are just flat out uninformed.

Ron Klaine and Susan Rice were the actual “presidents” after Joe Biden disgraced the White House by moving in. When Klaine/Rice left, Jake Sullivan is now at the helm. Or have you ignored the absolute nose dive decline in mental ability that Joe Biden has taken? Did you ever ask yourself why he campaigned from his basement? Or why Obama is now a permanent fixture at the White House? AI? Give me a break.

Oh, wait, you’re from California, right? The state that is so smart it elected Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Mr. French Laundry.

Last edited 3 months ago by retire05

Sure thing, chum!

If you are referring to Clinton and the Bushes that was a mighty low bar.
He lost to the Supreme court more than any other modern president, highly illegal in his actions and shameless.

Can you point out anywhere socialism has worked?

Nearly all of modern Europe? Most people really like socialized medicine. Same in Japan. Socialized insurance works really well there. A lot of people like free public education. You don’t have to go deeply in debt to receive a good education. People here seem to like Social Security and Medicare. A mixed system is best.

Multi-millionaires and billionaires don’t like the idea. People who amass enormous wealth and power don’t like it. They’ll crash that entire system if they can, further enriching and empowering themselves by doing so.

Better a thousand new millionaires than one new billionaire. It’s better to spread the wealth incentive around.

Can you point out anywhere socialism has worked?

Socialism is only affordable when someone else handles all your national security needs. Who will protect the United States when all our revenue goes towards wasteful socialism? Europe needs to move out of the US basement and provide 100% of their own defense and THEN see how great all that socialism is.

Perhaps the repeated lies about being able to arbitrarily wipe out student debt is starting to sink in. Maybe colleges should be taxed heavily on the revenue they get from such loans.

When I was young, I saw life as a straight trajectory, a steady growth in income and personal wealth. Many I worked with went through being laid off and losing everything, but they recovered. Youth today expect a guaranteed success. Once they realize they will get what they earn, they will be far better off. Democrats prefer to maintain that fantasy that Mother Government will supply all their wants and needs, but the utter failure, collapse, catastrophic disaster of Obama and the corrupt pedophile, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, is making them lose their faith and dependence upon socialism.

Trump had a strong, growing, robust economy, interrupted by the Chinese COVID. It’s strength was demonstrated when the economy was reopened and GDP grew 33%; all it needed was to be unleashed. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden derailed everything and, apparently, almost everyone can see it.

Economist: Bidenomics is Putting ‘Astonishing Burden’ on American Households

In a commentary at the Daily Signal, he wrote that the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, at $46.90 in 2020, now is $61.17, “an increase of more than 30.4%.

“This price increase puts an astonishing burden on American households. However, that is only one of many price jumps during the Bidenomics era. Across all categories of food at home, prices are up more than 20% from when President Joe Biden took office, while energy prices are up well over 35%,” he explained.

Bidenomics also has “dramatically pushed up the first year’s interest cost on a typical mortgage from around $8,500 when President Donald Trump left office to well over $24,000 now,” he said.

Under Biden, “prices are now up more than 20% since the pandemic started and mortgage rates have spiked from around 3% to 7.5%, pushing that pillar of the American dream, homeownership, even further out of reach for tens of millions of Americans,” he said.

Biden, meanwhile, is spending his Thanksgiving at the $34 million Nantucket island home of a friend, billionaire businessman David Rubenstein.

comment image

What should worry most Americans is, presidents (and biden is not one) usually push through their most unpopular agendas their last year in office. It scares me to even think about the heIl they are about to rain down on the American people.

Last edited 3 months ago by TrumpWon

Karine Jean-Pierre Blames Trump After Peter Doocy Repeatedly Asks Her Why Americans Disapprove of Biden Economy (VIDEO)

What we remember are gas prices under 2 dollars, no wars, huge economic growth, no inflation, affordable housing, real wage growth, and OPTIMISM.

Then democrats invented a pandemic to steal the election.