Egyptian Cleric: Shut Down Starbucks, It’s A Jewish Plot


An Egyptian cleric has literally blown the lid off the global conspiracy of the Starbucks chain: none other than the Jewish heroine of the Purim story is the power behind the worldwide coffee empire. [Click image below for video]

Safwat Higazi, clearly one of the most learned and respected buffoons among Egypt’s Islamic clergy, made the astounding and gut-wrenching revelation on Egypt’s Al-Nas TV, uncovering at last the sinister subliminal message that has been infecting hundreds of millions of Starbucks customers in the Islamic world as they ingest their grande mochaccinos: they have been drinking from the libations concocted by one of the seven most beautiful virgins of the ancient world, selected by King Xerxes himself to be his beloved bride in a hotly contest beauty contest — and she’s a Jewess.

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Oddly non-fact-based theory.
If he had done 1 minute of internet research he would realize the Starbucks logo is a GREEN MERMAID!

But then a multi-national Islamic mass hysteria struck men a few years ago.
They honestly beleived that when they shook hands, used a comb, or touched any infidel male their own manhood disappeared into the inside of their bodies!
It didn’t matter that the thing was fully visible in the mirror, or that a doctor assured them it was still hanging there.
They believed it.

And, these men also believe (as of 1979) that every strand of any female’s hair emits powerful sexual rays capable of turning Muslim men into crazed rapists.
Thus the recent requirement that females over the age of 8 be fully covered.

Have these people been eating lead paint chips all their lives? It’s the only explanation I can think of for their completely demented thought processes.

Just another reason to justify my Starbucks addiction!