DSA Marxists Told To Hide Their Support For Bernie Sanders From Voters


Noisy Room:

Democratic Socialists of America’s support for Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been explicit.  America’s Gramsciist communists want their long time ally Sanders in the White House.

The national organization website announces “Democratic Socialists of America strongly supports Senator Sanders as the strongest candidate for President of the United States.”


However, according to an article in the Metro-DC DSA’s Washington Socialist, “Members Discuss Prospects, Pitfalls in Supporting Sanders Campaign,” DSAers have been explicitly ordered to hide their support for Sanders, in order to deceive the voting public.

DSA national director Maria Svart, in her guidance to locals, said “Our political goal is to generate support for Bernie through visibility and momentum, and do what we can to influence his campaign to have better perspective and platform around institutional racism. Our organizational goal is to GROW DSA so that after the election, we are significantly stronger and can continue fighting for democratic socialism.”

Svart noted that there are a fair number of things that locals can do, including creating forums or other events with titles like: “What is Democratic Socialism and Why Does Bernie Support It?” Other moves include contacting other independent organizations that might be interested in the campaign, including “People for Bernie,” a group led by Occupy veterans.

But, she emphasized, “We are running an UNCOORDINATED campaign. This means we are not communicating with the Bernie Sanders official campaign. If individual DSAers show up to a Bernie campaign event in a DSA T-shirt, that’s OK, but not coordinating with the campaign in any way.

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Notice how rarely (if ever) we get a pure Hillary-Bernie poll result?
It is always tainted with the addition of diversionary-tactic-Biden – who is NOT running.
IF we ever saw a 1-on-1 poll between Hillary and Bernie the slide away from her would speed up.
But her loses are muted by diluting the poll.