Drag queen teacher in WV arrested on child sexual exploitation charges.


By Toni Milbourne

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday afternoon that local charges have now been filed against former Jefferson High School teacher Edgar Conn.

Conn was arrested Saturday as a fugitive from justice, facing eight counts of sexual exploitation of a child in Cobb County, Georgia. On Monday, Jefferson County Sgt. Joe Forman obtained an arrest warrant for Conn, charging him with distribution and exhibiting of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct (more than 50 images but less than 600 images); soliciting a minor via computer; and distribution and display to minor of obscene matter.

A release issued by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared that members of the Cobb County (Georgia) Police Department had communicated with Forman that a juvenile in their jurisdiction had sent sexually explicit and nude pictures to an adult who resides in Jefferson County. The release went on to say that the victim, later reported to be a 17-year-old-male, believed he was communicating with an adult female named “Megan” since November 2023. The Cobb County Police Department, through its investigation, determined that “Megan” was Conn.

The release also shared that Forman, on Jan. 31, interviewed Conn, who admitted to pretending to be a female and communicating with a male subject from Georgia. In addition, the release indicated that Conn advised that he did send nude and sexually explicit pictures of a female that he located on the internet claiming to be that female. He also admitted to knowing the male was a 17-year-old when he sent and received nude and sexually explicit pictures.

A search warrant was issued to secure Conn’s cellular device, which was sent to a forensic examiner to investigate the claims and obtain evidence. On Saturday, Forman reviewed a partial report from the examiner and observed text message content that substantiated the victim’s claims, according to the sheriff’s office. Forman reported that he observed numerous nude and sexually explicit pictures of the victim on Conn’s phone.

It was based on this evidence that the arrest warrant was issued.

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See this, Michael? Better be careful.

Just how many Schools in America have Dra Queens and how young are the youth maybe from Kindergarten perhaps

Schools are no longer safe from Crazy People anyone for Home Schooling?

But it’s OK to let them have access to my grandchildren… right?