Dennis Kucinich sues over sandwich


Rep. Dennis Kucinich has filed a lawsuit against a House of Representatives cafeteria over dental injuries he says he sustained three years ago when he ate a sandwich containing olives that were not pitted.

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The big question should be. How much did this parasite pay for that subsidised sandwich? Pampered, entitled, most like corrupted by the perks of the job free lunch, and has the audacity to sue. If his mouth would take the time to move at less than the speed of light, maybe just maybe his jaw would not be able to react to the foreign object lurking between his teeth. 3 years ago??????

Rumor has it that he also is trying to return a half used tube of Preparation H for a full refund.

What? No insurance? Did he suffer loss of wages? Gawker has a video clip of him on the House floor right after the incident, doesn’t appear to be suffering any pain. I bet he’s just playing the pretty tough doood bit not wanting to distract from the Nation’s business, bravery above and beyond and all that stuff. What a weasel.