Democrats Will Champion Despicable Pedophilia Within Five Years, or Less


By DC Larson

Rush Limbaugh warned Democrats would eventually promote pedophilia.

Progressivism never stops. Its advocates never say, “This is far enough.” No sooner is one objective completed than left-wing agitators shout that a new social justice battle be waged.

For centuries, God-ordained families headed by one biological man and one biological woman have been civilizations’ bedrocks.

But just as progressives hunger to rewrite Western Civilization’s history (witness scholastic textbook revisionism and the razing of American Founders’ statuary), they crave cultural destruction.

First, they urged same-sex marriages to be legally recognized. Never mind that some 2,000 years of world cultural norms, not to mention the morality as declared in Scripture, were arrayed against such abominations.

In an April 3 Des Moines Register essay, former Polk County District Court Judge Robert B. Hanson (who had ruled in favor of same-sex Iowa marriages in 2007), tellingly characterized legalizing such deviant unions as being but a step on “the road to progress.”

The obvious implication: “progress” is an as-yet-unreached destination, meaning additional ambitions are desired.

Additional degenerates insisted they, too, deserved acceptance. Polygomous marriages and “throuples” were proclaimed legitimate by cultural disruptors. Members of the unnatural wedlock depicted by TLC program Sister Wives asserted they hoped to “combat social prejudices.”

Again, popular sentiment opposing aberrance is the product of common sense, traditional cultural mores, and Biblical mandate.

Today, transgenderism is all the rage in progressive precincts. Democrat President Joe Biden named Richard Leland Levine Assistant Secretary of Health, in 2021. Richard had earlier taken to wearing women’s attire and rebranded himself “Rachel.”

In its laudatory profiling of troubled Levine, Wikipedia consistently referred to him as “her” and “she.” Rather than conveying reality, Wikipedia’s editors prioritized progressive attitude, and presented a false account. Future students may consider Wikipedia information for analyses. If so, they will be misled and their conclusions skewed. Historical accuracy will be a casualty.

In June 2023, Biden invited hundreds of mentally maladjusted wrong-dressers to a White House event celebrating “Pride.” Photos of topless and painted transgenders cavorting on the White House lawn went viral.

A beaming Biden looked on and pronounced the twisted frolickers “courageous.”

Most recently, Biden prioritized transgenders (who vote) over Jesus (who doesn’t), by proclaiming the Christian Easter Sunday commemoration of Christ’s Resurrection to be Transgender Day of Visibility.

“Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans,” Biden declared. “You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. You belong. You are America, and my entire administration and I have your back.”

(Biden also claimed transgenders built this nation. I didn’t know Jefferson favored evening gowns.)

Christian group Return to Order launched an online petition calling on Biden to apologize for his action against the sacred day. The number of signers has already exceeded sponsors’ initial expectation.

Transgender teachers inculcate in toddlers unnatural values. Progressive advocates insist graphic, aberrant XXX imagery be welcomed in school libraries.

Transgender actors and characters polluted entertainment. They’ve been featured in TV shows including The Bold and the Beautiful, Medical Center, and Star Trek: Discovery. Among recent American films that portrayed transgenders sympathetically were Cowboys and West Side Story. Numerous foreign movies tout transgenderism.

It surely won’t be long before a television network presents a transgender newsreader. Competing networks will doubtlessly follow suit, lest they be perceived as insufficiently woke.

Transgenderism is validated by psychiatric and other medical professions that stopped caring about patient welfare long ago, and instead, champion woke delusions. The profit motive exerts tremendous attraction; there are millions to be reaped from hormone treatments and sex-organ mutilations.

To opine that the deviant “road to progress” will lead to pedophilia is not mere conjecture.

Preliminary moves in that direction have already been undertaken.

A November 2021 New York Post article reported that Allyn Walker, a transgender assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at Virginia University, stepped down after protest over his insistence that pedophiles be referred to respectfully as “minor-attracted persons” (MAPS).

But progressive academia did not judge Walker’s sympathy for child lust disqualifying. The following year, he gained employment with the Johns Hopkins University Moore center which is, ironically, “aimed at preventing child sexual abuse,” according to the New York Post.

A sympathetic 2022 Rutgers University review of Walker’s book-length defense of child obsession, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and their Pursuit of Dignity, euphemized potential predators as innocuous MAPS. Noted was Walker’s wooly-headed argument that pedophiles be portrayed positively in media.

Also in 2022, a National Library of Medicine report observed, “Interest in the sexual attractions to children or minors (referred to in this paper as ‘minor attraction’) is increasing in academic and social contexts.”

The author(s) lamented “stigma-related stress” that child-lusters allegedly suffer.

Entertainment targeted at children now communicates perversions, the intentions being acclimation and potential conversion. One Nickelodeon comedy features a 13-year-old transgender actor. Breitbart writer John Nolte often castigates what he terms the “Disney Grooming Syndicate,” including Pixar, for churning out deviant sexual messages in films like Lightyear and Strange World for innocent audiences.

Progressives, including those in political office, don’t view moral wrongs as negative phenomena to be punished and hopefully eradicated, but alternative choices deserving of societal respect and accommodation.

Last March, per the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Kentucky House considered a bill that criminalized possession, trafficking, importation, or promotion of child sex dolls. In commenting on that legislation, Democrat State Senator Karen Berg expressed the terrible view that such perverted devices might be beneficial:

‘[F]or people who are attracted to minors, these dolls actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children. That it actually gives them a release that makes them less likely to go out of their home,’ she said.

In reality, of course, making such horrible tools available would confer government sanction on pedophilia.

Berg did eventually support the legislation. But, as disclosed in the Lexington Herald-Leader, the bizarre thinking she’d voiced is “an ongoing debate among experts, documented in publications by the National Institutes for Health and Journal of Sex Research.”

Democrat Bill Clinton frolicked on mega-Democrat party donor Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.” What elected Democrat has publicly condemned the former president for his fetid dalliance?

Though they refrained from criticizing Clinton for actual misbehavior, Democrats are now circulating online doctored photos purportedly capturing ex-President Trump in unsavory circumstances. Despite those fraudulent portrayals having been debunked, Democrats persist in promoting them. Trump, in reality, banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago.

Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley allegedly confided in her diary that as a youngster, her showers were interrupted by the Democrat appearing, uninvited, and disrobing to join her.

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They are already promoting pedophilia. They deserve to be called out and treated with scorn. A vote for a dem is a vote for pedophilia.

Missing kids from the border, this is a child trafficking ring on steroids.
comment image

Biden is the #1 Enemy of the American People and America itself along with the UN/CFR Globalists we need arrest warrants for them all and life without Parole Plea Bragins Pardon or Clemency Lock them up and throw away the Key

ANY sex that doesn’t produce babies is the goal of the globalist elites.
They want fewer and poorer workers.

It didn’t depress wages enough to merely ship American middle class jobs overseas, so, joe and his globalist elites are shipping poor people into America to take jobs here for cheaper.
The goal is to make most Americans poor enough to depend on them (the elites).
They say, “you will own nothing and be happy.”
This is one of their ways of getting you from where you are today to that motto applying to you.

Last edited 2 months ago by Nan G

Leftists don’t like to be told no and they don’t like to say no, unless it is in regards to a right someone else is enjoying. It is only natural for the party that is inhabited with pedophiles to promote pedophilia.