Democrats, Media Willing to Risk WWIII with Russia to Win 2022 Midterms



The corporate media and Democrats are whipping up a moral panic around Ukraine that could deliver us right into World War III, all in an effort to win the 2022 midterms — and it looks as if more and more Republicans are falling for it.
Past is prologue, so let’s look at the recent past as a means to understand what’s happening.
Five years ago, all in an effort to overthrow a duly elected President Trump, Democrats, the media, and the Deep State fabricated the Russia Collusion Hoax.
When that failed, the murder of George Floyd was used as an excuse to burn and loot a countless number of Democrat-run cities.
When that failed, the China Flu was exploited to smash small businesses, dehumanize Trump voters, and stunt children’s growth using masks.
In all three cases, over a mere five years, the media and Democrats manipulated events into eras of neo-McCarthyism.
To begin with, there were the purity tests…
You were either against Trump or with Russia rigging our elections. You supported the domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter or were a racist. You were either willing to mask little kids and destroy the livelihoods of vaccine skeptics and small businesses, or you were a serial killer.
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These purity tests came with false idols we were required to worship: Robert Mueller, George Floyd, and Anthony Fauci.
This is what happens when you have a political party incapable of governing. The Democrat party’s elitism has cost them the working class. Additionally, almost every city they govern is a Third World-like Detroit or headed in that direction. They want gay porn taught in schools, mentally ill men sharing locker rooms with our daughters, kids masked forever, high gas prices, open borders… I could go on.
So, in an effort to distract from that, we’ve been hit with three neo-McCarthyism eras in a row, three moral panics, but number four is by far the most terrifying.

Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine will hopefully end with his humiliation. But wishing for that and approving of economic sanctions against Russia is not enough. It should be enough. In a sane world, a war unfolding in a country that is of no strategic interest to us would be story number four or five, after inflation, gas prices, and crime. But instead of focusing on issues that matter to everyday Americans, Democrats and their media allies are frantically manufacturing a moral panic around Ukraine. Hell, we’ve been given an idol to worship, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and purity tests… We’re blacklisting Russian artists (including dead ones), we’re killing a countless number of Russian jobs, we’re even ceasing the exportation of medicines. This is insane. Why would we want to make enemies of the Russian people?

But none of that matters.
More frightening still are the growing calls for a no-fly zone over Ukraine — an act that would, without question, lead to a hot war between the U.S. and Russia.
A no-fly zone means we shoot down Russian planes. Period. If that’s not a hot war, nothing is.

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The complete and utter failure of the Democrat party is on full display for all to see.

There’s no amount of propaganda that could possibly mask this any longer.

As Democrats continue to get more desperate to gain offices they simply cannot get, they will be less and less able to hide their voter fraud.

It’s all going to come out in the wash.

Trump was right… about everything.

It seems to me that Biden is doing an entirely acceptable job of destabilizing the Russian economy and putting a tyrant who threatens all of Europe in serious jeopardy of removal, while simultaneously avoiding WW3. It’s a delicate balancing act that his ham-handed predecessor NEVER could have pulled off—even if he had been inclined to do so.

Biden is doing an overachieving job at destabilizing life for the average American.

It’s a delicate balancing act that his ham-handed predecessor NEVER could have pulled off

Uh, Trump ACTUALLY DID PULL IT OFF. It’s historical fact, not opinion. Not subjective. Trump handled Putin.

Biden failed, and is failing. He’s hurting average Russians too, and just making Putin their new hero.

Go back to clown-world, dipshit.

Biden is learning the hard way that being a tyrant himself is hard work.

Putin has a few decade head start.

It’s like watching a cat with a dead mouse. Biden is literally getting people killed, and signaling to the rest of the world it’s time for them to attack America and attack the West.

We need Trump.

I’d be for forming a legal body of American citizens to confer authority onto Trump and other loyal Patriots to actually serve as our government and bypass this illegal shadow regime that no one wants.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

Biden is playing into Putin’s, and China’s, hand.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

It seems to me that Biden is doing an entirely acceptable job of destabilizing the Russian economy and putting a tyrant who threatens all of Europe in serious jeopardy of removal, while simultaneously avoiding WW3.

He did a disastrous job of avoiding this crisis. He CREATED it. Where would idiot Biden be without Zelensky? Idiot Biden screwed NATO and left them hanging in Afghanistan; Zelensky and the Ukrainian defense is providing the inspiration for unity.

I’ve heard no alternative approaches to the Putin problem that don’t seem a lot more dangerous.

From the guy who was 100 per cent sure of Trump Russia collusion. You got played and learned nothing.

biden is a failure. He is not commanding any success in the conflict in Ukraine. Now he call Putin a War criminal with no basis

biden has not successfully done anything remotely positive in handling Putin. Putin is eating bidens lunch making him look the fool he is

Biden is a failure…

Biden is a failure. It’s not opinion, it’s not subjective. It’s factual, and based on everything from the misery index to literally war in Russia, the ME, and a China now telling us what to do.

Propaganda become moot when the bombs are falling in the background, as Baghdad, and now greg, have taught us

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

If that were so, the GOP wouldn’t need to spend 95% of its time trying to make people believe it.

Biden is dealing with difficult and dangerous issues. Republicans are only concerned about an election.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

biden cannot wipe his own ass. He can’t even answer questions from the fawning media and we are to believe has has a firm grip on the constantly changing landscape of Ukraine? That is a bridge too far…

Maybe you should prepare some new material, in case Putin’s war against Ukraine has an unexpected ending. The Russia military may be spinning its wheels.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

One thing our adversaries can always count on is the utter stupidity of our Democrats. All they care about is their investments in Chinese solar panels.

It’s absolutely laughable that the pigs in our country who have opening called for and even enacted totalitarian measures now think they can say “Putin is evil.”

He’s just doing what Leftist have been doing for years now. Censoring, false stories, false-flags, arresting people who threaten his regime…of course I’m talking about Putin…or Biden…or any tyrant.

It’s all the same. greg losing any credibility he may have had when he suddenly passes on the new Leftist propaganda slime that “this is just Putin and nothing else” bullshit.

Aggression for the sake of territorial gain should not be tolerated. It can’t be; it will simply be repeated, over and over and over. THAT is a guarantee for World War III.

Idiot Biden is not doing “as well as one could hope”, except in the context of expecting nothing but failure and disaster from him. His failure and incompetence got us here. Idiot Biden, the DoD and the State Department apparently lost each other’s phone numbers because they can’t get on the same page.

Send the damned MiG’s to Ukraine. Send them everything they can use. If Putin eventually overcomes Ukraine’s defenses, make it the most expensive and bloody victory ever. At least NATO and the EU sees the threat, since it is right on their doorstep; they’ll remain united. This will give the impression of unity to China should they decide to test idiot Biden’s weakness in Taiwan.

Fueling Ukraine’s defense is vital.

No one is fooled by the Democrat’s lies but those who feel they MUST be fooled.