Decorated Marine and 21 Year NYPD Officer Thomas Webster to Turn Himself in Tomorrow to Serve A Decade in Prison! Exculpatory VIDEO Shows Violent DC Metro Cop Punch Webster and Initiate Fight! MUST SEE! Evidence of COVER-UP!


By Cara Castronuova

A decorated US Marine Veteran, 20 Year NYPD Police Officer, Husband and Father of 3 will turn himself in tomorrow to serve the longest sentence that a Judge has handed to a J6 Defendant to date – 10 Years!
Please see the never-before-seen and heartbreaking video below that proves Marine Thomas Webster’s innocence and exculpatory footage of a DC Metro Police Officer provoking him and punching him straight in the face before they wrestle to the ground.

The exculpatory video clips containing in the video above of the officer punching Webster was not handed over to Webster’s attorney until just one week before trial and has been withheld from the public entirely.
The video shows an indignant Webster walk up to the police line and verbally challenge the Metro DC Police after the crowd was attacked with smoke grenades, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and people literally being thrown to the ground in the minutes before he reached the gate. An indignant Webster wanted answers, but instead got decked with a loaded left hook by DC Metro Police Officer Noah Rathbun, who had antagonized him with hand gestures seconds earlier and seemed to be challenging him to a fight.
A shocked Webster’s Marine Corps flag drops from his hands and the aggressive officer crossed over the gate to reengage with Webster, who waved him to stay away. The officer still comes forward and grabbed Webster’s flag pole. Webster sensed danger and says he reacted in self defense. The men wrestle to the ground. The office rammed the flag pole twice into the side of Webster’s mouth. Webster admits he grabbed at he officer’s gas mask, but did not strike him, although he could have if he wanted.
The biased jury still found this man guilty on all charges and he will now serve a decade in prison for this scuffle. It is noteworthy that the officer he “attacked” never reported the incident and said he didn’t remember it, until he was approached by the FBI to testify. Officer Rathbun’s body cam footage shows he initiated the fight and punched Webster, therefore it is likely he did not want to draw attention to himself. An incident report is required by DC Metro directives regarding use of force like striking. He said he went to the hospital on the night of January 6th for another injury to his hand, yet never reported an injury or the incident involving Webster. At Webster’s trial Rathbun said he was not hurt and would not issue a victim’s statement.
The biggest part of this story may be what many don’t know- which is that Officer Rathbun was under investigation for the lethal shooting of Vedo Hall on May 24th, 2021. Vedo happens to be black. This is notable as the story of a black man shot and killed by a white cop generally equates to tremendous Mainstream Media coverage, but this particular story is COMPLETELY BURIED and no one heard about this incident. An incident like this gets viral national attention and the attention of Black Lives Matter. YET THERE IS ONLY A MINUSCULE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. Even more suspicious- according to the brief report on NBC Washington, “for the first time since the District enacted a law requiring the release of body-worn camera footage any time a D.C. police officer uses lethal force, Mayor Muriel Bowser will not release video of the most recent police killing.“ Muriel Bowser is a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, so this makes little to no sense. Black Lives Matter would surely demand release of this body-cam footage if they caught wind of this story, yet it was BURIED.
Those close to the matter suspect that the story was covered up and the lid kept tight because Officer Rathbun’s credibility and reputation was needed to stay intact so he could testify as star victim witness against Webster. The case against Webster would go up in smoke if Rathbun was nationally exposed and demonized to the jury. With a possible use of force investigation that could result in national notoriety and jail time, the Government literally had Rathbun by the cajones, and the reluctant Rathbun had to testify to put Webster away. The morning of the first day of the trail the prosecution announced that the investigation into Rathbun’s shooting incident was over, and the jury could not be made aware of it, and the Officer could not be questioned about it in the trial. 
Webster, a pawn in the Biden Regime’s agenda, is the unfortunate one that will pay with a decade of his life and leave his wife and teenage children behind.
“Under normal circumstances, a person’s long history of service would be considered in sentencing,” said Micki Witthoeft (Ashli Babbitt’s mother) of Citizen Against Political Persecution.  “This is NOT a normal America that we are living in. It is extremely disturbing that the judge in this case DID NOT take into consideration Thomas Webster’s valiant service to this country.”
Even more egregious is the fact that the Dishonorable Judge Amit P. Mehta went so far as to essentially rule that Thomas Webster was a LIAR for claiming “Self-Defense” when Webster testified the officer he wrestled with punched him straight in the face and incited the fight. The video posted in this article shows that Webster was NOT lying- in fact the video shows multiple angles of DC Metro Police Officer Noah Rathburn deck Webster as he argued with him at a gate holding his Marine Corps flag.
The clear and blatant weaponization of the Law Enforcement and Judicial system at the highest levels in America is on full display in Thomas Webster’s case.  Statistically, the FBI, DOJ, and even the Federal Judges are going extremely hard after anyone involved with January 6 who are decorated military veterans, former/active Law Enforcement, and Constitutionally-conservative in their political ideology.
“In the case of Thomas Webster, this is yet another blatant example of the US Federal Government taking the very things this nation has long valued and enshrined as the earmarks of a NATIONAL HERO, cast them aside, and destroyed their lives,” said Randy Ireland of Americans For Justice.

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This is what tyrannies do.

This is what Putin does.

The Democrats and the Deep State rigged an election and are jailing anyone who opposes them.

I guess he should have complied.

Complied, to what orders? There was an area that had a permit, for speeches. This is why they did not want to release any footage, this is why several officers, unable to live with what they had done, killed themselves.
You Mikey have been lied to about everything, the vaxx, J6, Ukraine, the Biden laptop, still you really dgaf.
Teargas rubber bullets used on an unarmed peaceful crowd.

The crowd was not unarmed. What a stupid thing to suggest!

Please, please, please, since the FBI has arrested more than you can count over bogus J6 charges (like illegal parading), how many have been charged with the violation of gun laws in D.C.? Name them.

Is it as stupid as claiming the BLM/ANTIFA riots, looting, burning of buildings, assault on cops was “mostly peaceful”? Which, do you think was more peaceful?

The crowd was not unarmed. What a stupid thing to suggest!

They were clearly unarmed. It was a protest baited by the FBI and our unelected regime to create a false-flag evidence of violence that the Right does not commit.

The Left does.

Clearly in this instance, Michael has been told by one of his reliable sources what to believe. Most likely cnn or msnbc. Either one is a bastion of narrative lies.

You should quit while you are behind.

Like George Floyd should have complied? Like Michael Brown should have complied? Seems when it is convenient, you think citizens have the right to refuse to follow police orders and even assault them. Webster is just one more political pawn exploited by this criminal regime.


Last edited 1 year ago by Michael

You’re so close now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael

You just run away, don’t you?

He has done a Katie Hobbs and run into the nearest bathroom and licked the door.

Appears to be a typo, but it also could be accurate.

Yeah, definitely a typo but quite appropriate I think.

Damn, where in the hell are my cheaters?

You just run away, don’t you?

Except for all the times I address the issue at hand and you disparage my ideas and/or my sources, sure. If you say so.

I didn’t need to say anything else on the matter because you made my point for me: with black dudes, it’s always about “All he had to do was comply with our sainted defenders in blue!” with you guys. With J6 insurgents and various others, it’s all about “Law enforcement is the Gestapo reborn!”

Except when the issue is your hypocrisy. Yeah, I made your point with “black dudes” because you sit waiting like a vulture for a cop to do harm to a black person to further your racist agenda of attacking law enforcement and replacing it with leftist totalitarianism. But, if a cop goes rogue and commits an unwarranted act of violence, unless it will further the leftist agenda it is ignored and even defended. Let’s through Michael Byrd in there shooting, without cause for the use of deadly force, Ashley Babbitt. No outrage, just the rubbing together of hands and salivating that someone who dares disagree with the leftist agenda of corruption and fraud is killed.

One man’s woman who “dares disagree with the leftist agenda of corruption and fraud” is another man’s woman who “got mixed up with a violent insurrection aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 election.” Maybe, instead of trying to break into a restricted area of the Capitol, she might have tried to stop her confreres from beating cops and crushing them in doors. She likely would have had a better chance at survival.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people killed in what appears to be a treasonous act. You, on the other hand, should just do you.

Maybe, instead of trying to break into a restricted area of the Capitol, she might have tried to stop her confreres from beating cops and crushing them in doors. She likely would have had a better chance at survival.

Maybe you should look at the footage not just take your lying medias word for it
The footage comes from John Sullivan, who also goes by the name Jayden X, (Antifa boy paid by your sources 70 K and not in a DC gulag)and reveals that Babbitt “tried to stop the violence against the Speaker’s Lobby at least four times before she climbed into a broken window and was fatally shot by U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd.

“got mixed up with a violent insurrection aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 election.”

That is the narrative seeded by the forces who conducted a four-year coup because the person they wanted to install, HRC, lost the election.

Maybe, instead of trying to break into a restricted area of the Capitol, she might have tried to stop her confreres from beating cops and crushing them in doors.

She didn’t break into anything. The door was LITERALLY opened up by the Capitol Police and people, including her, were invited inside.

That’s how false-flags work, son.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people killed in what appears to be a treasonous act.

The Babbit hoax is over.

There was NO insurrection on January 6th. Just the completion of an on-going coup with paid agents like you not understanding you can’t post enough lies on the internet to make them true.

Meanwhile, our own federal government has gone rogue has started a war in Europe.

Rigged elections have consequences.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Yep. No insurrection, the election was rigged, hydroxychloroquine cures COVID, Putin invaded Ukraine to protect Russia from Nazis, etc etc.

Anyone who has followed the January 6 hearings and listened carefully to the testimony from Trump’s own insiders knows Trump should go to prison.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

True, true, and no one but you ignorant leftists claim that hydroxychloroquine cured COVID.

Idiot Biden should be prosecuted for all his corruption and imprisoned for the rest of his garbage life.

Just caught a portion of today’s episode of the Jan 6th soap opera. For some reason, the Democrats thought to have a camera crew present to capture all their “fear” and “concern” as they tried to carry on business in the midst of the “insurrection”. What a load of shit they expect people to believe, though of course they only expect stupid people to accept it.

So, in your view, any unarmed, small woman involved in a protest could and should be killed. Well, that’s clear enough.

Now, to address the load of bullshit you surrounded that position with. There was no violent insurrection. The “restricted area” was opened up by police who ushered the protesters in. Maybe the treason was Pelosi and Bowser refusing to beef up security and the FBI deploying assets that incited the violence.

Where is Ray Epps? Don’t you want to know, since you are so upset about the “insurrection”, “treason” and violence? There was a guy that was on video, in numerous places and times, inciting the riot, yet no Democrats are interested in finding out who was behind him.

A federal courthouse was under violent siege in Portland where federal employees were trapped inside and threatened with explosives, fire and chunks of concrete thrown at them. Anyone actually arrested for that attack had their charges dropped. THAT is an insurrection, yet none of the terrorists were randomly killed.

That was but one even in the left’s 9 months of left wing terrorist violence that Democrats, the FBI and DOJ have ignored.

So, to summarize, you fully approve of violence and assault when the left deploys their terrorists to commit it. When the right protests, you think randomly shooting anyone involved is fair. Not only is that hypocritical, but pretty sick. Typical leftist.

Black Lives Matter would surely demand release of this body-cam footage if they caught wind of this story, yet it was BURIED.

Not necessarily. Democrats could explain the political strategy of keeping this incident buried and not distracting from the false narrative they are trying to construct to further the totalitarian police state and eradicate a political opponent. BLM doesn’t care about black lives; they care about money and power.

Hopefully this is being vigorously challenged in appeal. This regime is totally out of control.

This is a clear example of biased judicial activism against an individual who is defined by the Gestapo/DOJ/FBI as a political opponent of the illegitimate biden regime.

It is beyond dispute that the illegitimate biden regime sees political opposition as untenable and is willing to commit crimes against the freedoms ensconced in both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.