Come to think of it, my staff did review all my deleted emails. Yeah, that’s the ticket…


Hillary Clinton’s camp late Sunday issued a significant clarification about the steps they say were taken to review thousands of personal emails before they were deleted, claiming her team individually read “every email” before discarding those deemed private.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill made the clarification in a written statement to Fox News. This comes after the former secretary of state’s office revealed last week that while more than 30,000 “work-related” emails were turned over to the State Department, nearly 32,000 were deemed “private” and deleted.

This admission raised questions over how her team decided to get rid of those messages. Merrill on Sunday clarified an earlier fact sheet that described some of those methods but did not say every email was read.

More at Fox News

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To save time, the Clinton camp should simply ask reporters what they want to hear, then tell them to just print that.

She turns over 30,000 emails to State and deletes over 32,000 that are deemed to be “private”. That’s a lot of email traffic by anyone’s standard.

However, her statement on the email review is far from credible. What was the review criteria? Who reviewed the emails? Did the reviewer have the highest level of security clearance. Did the reviewer have complete, unfettered access to the personal server? The more she says only leads to more questions.

Were 100% of all the emails between Hillary and her in-server assistants handed over?
These are the ones that need to be seen.
These are the ones that required the system so as to be kept from governmental scrutiny.
What about 100% of those between Hillary (or her assistants) and foreign entities?
I don’r care if some of these eluded her word search, they were all official business.