Colorado Supreme Court Just Made Trump President


The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday disqualified Trump from the 2024 ballot.

The legal challenge to block Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot in Colorado citing the 14th Amendment is headed to the state’s supreme court earlier this month.

The legal theories are based on Section 3 of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment which states public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the US may be disqualified from public office.

Trump has not been charged with engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.

The state’s high court left room for an appeal. The ruling will go into effect on January 4, 2024.

NBC News reported:

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that former President Donald Trump cannot appear on the state’s ballots for the 2024 election due to his incitement of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, reversing a lower court ruling.

But the state Supreme Court stayed its ruling from taking effect until Jan. 4, “subject to further appellate proceedings.”

The ruling is the first time a state court has agreed that Trump, who is the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, should be barred from ballots in a state because of a U.S. constitutional provision barring people who have engaged in “insurrection” from federal office.

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Easily overturned on appeal.

Strange… the Texas Supreme Court just ruled Biden is ineligible to be on the ballot because of his incompetence, corruption, and ineptness. See how this can work? Democrats don’t. They have the long-range planning of a seventh grader!

Banana republic here we are. Every Red state should now kick Biden off the ballot for the reasons you mentioned all of which are easily provable unlike the “insurrection” charge. The only insurrection that occurred consisted of the demokrats’ 2020 riots; unconstitutional COVID voting rule changes that enabled massive voter fraud, and DS interference. In the meantime, a tourist boycott of Colorado will suffice. This ski season people should ski somewhere else. The left wing California transplants turned Colorado into another shithole just like everywhere else they go.

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It isn’t a narrow provision. It was intended to ban any governmental officer who broke their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from ever having another opportunity to do it again.

That only applies to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the corrupt treasonous pedophile.

Democrats simply don’t care what the law and Constitution say, they just make it up as it suits their agenda. They fear patriotism and justice. Gutless cowards.

You should find one who didn’t attempt to overturn an election with lies and stop a constitutional process with mob violence.

Where has Trump been convicted… or even CHARGED with insurrection? Oh, propaganda doesn’t count.

Everyone but Trump’s hypnotized flock knows what Trump did. It was televised.

There has not been a conviction of insurrection, ergo Trump can not be forbidden from elections using the 14th amendment.

Trump is the one that didn’t commit election fraud.

Do lefty buds of joe work in unison to divert attention from serious crimes by joe and his crime family?
Fox News reporter watched Hunter getting smuggled into the White House (not on the flight manifest) while he eludes a Congressional subpeona.

Model for Colorados new flag.
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Time to revoke the citizenships of Gates Soros and ban Swab from America close down the United Nations evict them and turn the UN Facility into a Homeless Shelter

The right will now assert that Federal law supersedes that of a state, which should be very interesting.

12/19/23 – Donald Trump banned from Colorado ballot in historic ruling by state’s Supreme Court

Read the “decision,” greg.
The court already assumed that their decision is wrong and that a federal election ballot must include Trump.

The US Constitution is both Federal and every States law. This is why they shouldnt legalize dope, those judges must be high on something.
They summarily deem Trump guilty without trial. More opinion than interpretation.

Civil rights trumps state law. Right?

The Colorado Supreme Court 4-3 Decision Is Pure Nonsense and Can Be Laughed At, They Even Admit It on Page 9

Three main points before getting to the substance. [213 page opinion HERE]

#1) It was a 4-3 decision. Meaning it was the politics of the court, literally the political makeup and perspective therein, that determined the outcome of the decision. This is showcased in point #3, which is the funniest part.

#2) The entire framework of the case against Trump in the Colorado decision is predicated on this: “[the complainants] asserted that he was ineligible under Section Three because he engaged in insurrection on January 6, 2021, after swearing an oath as President to support the U.S. Constitution.” [pdf, page 6 REMINDER – President Donald Trump was not charged with “insurrection,” is not accused of “insurrection,” does not fit the complaint under the definitions of “insurrection,” and has never been found guilty of insurrection. The complaint is moot before the court. But hey, it’s Lawfare… and we all know Lawfare is created for public media consumption, so that takes us directly to the biggest point.

#3) Instead of me writing it, let me screengrab it so we can all laugh together [pdf page 9].comment image

Wait, what?

Yes, that’s correct. As long as President Trump appeals the decision to the Supreme Court, the appeals court stays their own ruling – essentially indefinitely. The Colorado primary ballots printed, and the primary election will be over, before the Supreme Court puts this on their docket.

In addition to the virtual guarantee the high court will overrule this political nonsense, SCOTUS can make the entire issue moot before them by following their own normal schedule for submissions, arguments, deliberation and opinions delivered by the court.

The Colorado appellate court knows this, that’s why they put this self-stay into their 4-3 ruling. It’s a politically correct way of giving the optics of telling their tribe, ‘hey we’re with you,’ without the ramifications of the political backlash. In other words, psychological lawfare stuff – intended for media consumption.

Making the issue that much better for Donald Trump, the efforts of the Prescott-Bush clan (look it up – they live in CO) will backfire bigly. The public backlash against a judicial ruling that interferes with the right of the citizens to determine their own election candidates plays perfectly into the sunlight operation against the Lawfare left.

This backlash will be epic, albeit hidden by MSNBC and the rest of the insufferable media. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the Lawfare narrative.comment image

Look, it is greg and his fellow Maoist leftists

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Let me know when there’s the first bit of trial-worthy evidence against Joe Biden. He’s presently waaay behind. Donald has got a 91-felony-count lead on him, and the MAGA “law-and-order crowd” is cheering.

(They’re also cheering in pro-Putin threads, as Trump’s congressional puppets prepare to hand Ukraine over to Russia, and then blame it all on Biden.)

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Let me know when there’s the first bit of trial-worthy evidence against Joe Biden. 

We past that threshold months ago. We now have documentation of money coming, on demand by Hunter, from China, into the shell companies, distributed to the Biden Crime Family and, ultimately, sent to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden via check. See, this is what EVIDENCE looks like, not a bunch of bullshit rumor, innuendo and hearsay the Democrats consistently rely on. We also have whistleblower testimony, video and documentation that Burisma told Hunter direct Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden to come to the defense of Burisma against Shokin, who was investigating their corruption, and as a result, Shokin was fired and Hunter and Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden each received $5 million.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is a confirmed and document treasonous, corrupt pedophile.

So, this disenfranchises all those who don’t want Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden but would vote AGAINST Trump. I guess they just don’t get to vote.

Heres the catch
when ballots have fairly, and constitutionally, decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets.”
State laws were broken. Federal rules were broken.

All lawful state election officials, both republican and democrat, affirmed the accuracy and legitimacy of the election results. Court challenges failed across the board, before both republican and democratic judges.

Trump wanted to throw out the entire constitutional process and remain in power anyway. He actually attempted to do so, using phony electors and a mob assault to stop the electoral count so they could come into play.

Many hate Pence because he honored his oath of office and refused to do what he had no constitutional authority to do. It’s something they should think more about.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

I dont hate him I dont know the man. I think he followed procedure, I would like to know what went on in the Senate Chambers that cowed the Senators that were to back the challenges. Seems Nancy may have signaled her henchmen just as the challenges began. Then the Police began to fire on the legally gathered and peaceful protesters.

No Greg they didnt, I know you are vaxx damaged but again there was a Wisconsin supreme Court decision.
As the head of the Executive Branch it was Trumps Duty to make sure that laws were obeyed, unlike the Pedo who breaks his oath daily.

Trump v. Biden, Wisconsin Supreme Court – Case No. 2020AP20

The Supreme Court rejected Donald Trump’s effort to invalidate more than 220,000 votes from Dane and Milwaukee Counties in the 2020 presidential election, holding that the challenge to indefinitely confined voter ballots was without merit and that laches barred relief on the remaining three categories of challenged ballots.

Petitioners brought this action seeking to invalidated a sufficient number of Wisconsin ballots to change Wisconsin’s certified election results, focusing its objections on four different categories of ballots applying only to voters in Dane and Milwaukee County. Among those challenged ballots were ballots cast by voters who claimed indefinitely confined status since March 25, 2020. The Supreme Court concluded that the Petitioners were not entitled to the requested relief, holding (1) the challenge to the indefinitely confined voter ballots was meritless on its face; and (2) the other three categories of challenged ballots failed under the doctrine of laches.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Drop boxes illegal, curing ballots illegal, always was, certifying an election that broke laws meh, But it will not happen this cycle and thats what scares the cheaters.

Drop boxes were not illegal.

“Curing ballots” involved verification by voter contact when there was a defect in the original ballot. The most common defect was neglecting to sign where required. You don’t arbitrarily trash such ballots. You recontact the voter and give them an opportunity to correct their error.

“Your vote didn’t count but we’re never going to tell you” would rightly destroy all faith in the election process.

Trump has never been and never will be convicted of insurrection. You don’t simply wish for thing to be as you want them to be and then persecute someone for that wish.