CNN/NBC/NYT journalists taking the lead in demanding censorship



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CNN,NBC,NYT’s and other unsightly rubbish

Why is it always the left wanting to take away personal freedoms? Always. Why is that?

the trash and garbage has extended into schools. A resent revision of minnesota’s academic curriculum bands all American history from the Revolutionary War through today. Enjoy the communist state on minnesota:

@Deplorable Me: It’s just the Communists, back again.

But this time, they have Fascists in their fold, as well.

Social/political Marxism enforced by corporate Fascism.

I suppose the 20th Century taught them nothing.

People are going to die…en mass..because of the Pelosi’s and Zuckerburgs of the country. I’m talking about the Democrats killing people. They are going to do it.

The M.S. Media is Hazerdous Waste