California’s Problem Is In Its Head


California Gov. Jerry Brown must rapidly close a $25 billion budgetary shortfall. But right now it seems almost a hopeless task since the state’s disastrous budget is a symptom, not the cause, of California’s much larger nightmare.

Take unemployment. It currently runs 12.6% in California, the nation’s second-highest rate.

Take livability. A recent Forbes magazine survey listing the most miserable 20 cities in the nation ranked four California municipalities among the index’s five worst places to live.

Take education. California public schools test near rock bottom in national math and science scores.

Take the business climate. A recent survey conducted among CEOs ranked California dead last for jobs and business growth.


California uses more gasoline than any other state and has the most voracious appetite for electricity. But Californians also enact the most obstacles to producing their own sources of oil, natural gas and nuclear power.

State referenda and the legislature have made it the hardest state in the nation in which to raise taxes and the easiest in which to pass costly new laws.

The state’s mineral and timber industries are nearly moribund. At a time of skyrocketing food prices, more than a quarter-million acres of some of the richest agricultural land in California’s Central Valley lie idle due to court-driven irrigation cutoffs — costing thousands of jobs and robbing the state of millions of dollars in revenue.

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I live in California. I can attest to the fact that this state is doomed. When you have cities like LA and SF poking the public in the eye with sanctuary cities, horrid environmental regulations, and liberal ideology run amok, it is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. CA is toast. I hate to say it, but the brain dead morons in this state proved it in November when they reelected Brown, Boxer and every loser Demonrat back into power. For the reasons listed above, that’s why I’m moving to Arizona. Bye bye, CA.

It always amazed me that California has a water problem but they are right next to one of the largest oceans in the world. Have they never heard of Desalinization Plants?

Welcome to AZ Mikey. A few tips for living here. If working outside during the summer, drink LOTS of water. Don’t be surprised if you go thru a gallon a day in the summertime.
After pulling your keys out of the car’s ignition switch, it will only feel like it’s burning you when you put it in your pocket.
You MUST have a steering wheel cover unless your hands are giant callouses.
Yes, you can cook an egg on the sidewalk.
If you live in a more rural area, those funny looking dogs and pigs that run loose ARE NOT to be petted. They prefer tummy rubs. (Yes I’m kidding. Don’t approach coyotes and especially javelinas.)
Scorpions are often found in parts of the state where you would not expect. IF you see one in your residence, there are probably more. Don’t put your shoes on until you’ve shaken them out.
We consider 30 degrees to be very cold.