Briefly Noted: Russia’s Nuclear Message


by Mark Wauck

There has been a bit of a buzz on the interwebs—not so much on the MSM as far as I can tell—about the Russian warnings to the UK and FR. We alluded to all this yesterday. Briefly, Russia announced that its Southern Command would be conducting practice for the use of tactical nukes “in Ukraine and elsewhere”. This was part of a warning that if Ukraine uses UK and FR missiles to strike Russia, then Russia will consider that an act of war by UK and FR. Seems fair enough.

In addition, as also noted yesterday, Russia announced that the appearance of F-16s—which are nuclear capable—in the skies over Ukraine, regardless of their configuration, would be treated as if they are carrying nuclear weapons. To my mind that means something very much like this: We will treat the appearance of F-16s as the prelude to a nuclear attack on Russia and will respond accordingly.

Zlatti71 @Zlatti_71

FAFO continues… Russia will interpret the presence of F-16 aircraft in Ukraine, regardless of their configuration, as potential carriers of nuclear weapons, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The ministry further stated that Russia retains the right to respond symmetrically if American-made ground-based INF missiles surface, irrespective of the location. The term “INF missile” refers to Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) missiles. These were ground-launched ballistic or cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers (approximately 310 to 3,417 miles). The INF Treaty, signed between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1987, aimed to eliminate these missiles and their launchers. The treaty was a significant arms control agreement during the Cold War era, and it helped reduce the risk of nuclear war in Europe by removing a class of weapons that could reach targets relatively quickly. However, in 2019, the United States withdrew from the INF Treaty, citing alleged Russian violations and concerns about China’s growing missile capabilities. This withdrawal has raised concerns about the potential for a new arms race and increased tensions between major powers.
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In an effort to get the import of this message across, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the UK and FR bozos stationed in Moscow. Here is Megatron’s version:

Megatron @Megatron_ron

Russia has officially warned UK and France that it will target their military bases.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov yesterday summoned the ambassadors of Britain and France and officially informed them that if Ukraine fired long-range missiles, provided by these two countries, on Russian territory, Russia would consider this a declaration of war and targets British and French military bases around the world.

Previously, the UK Secretary of Foreign Affairs, David Cameron, said that Ukraine received permission from the UK for this type of attack.

Yesterday, according to the British media, China hacked their Ministry of Defense and all the downloaded information is already available to Russia.
10:54 PM · May 6, 2024

Doug Macgregor’s version is in even starker terms:

Douglas Macgregor @DougAMacgregor

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavarov summoned British and French Ambassadors to the Kremlin to warn them that an attack on Russian territory with their long range weapons may prompt a Russian response against UK & French bases.

Russian General Staff is also reportedly considering plans for nuclear strike on Ukraine’s training base Selidovo, which has many foreign soldiers and instructors.

Looking at the map Selidovo is not far from Donetsk City.

The Russians can easily use Iskander Missiles with conventional warheads to destroy any facility in that town. However, It seems Moscow’s patience with Biden and the DC Clown Show is at an end.

Macron clearly pushed too far and we did nothing to him.

Bottom Line: Moscow will no longer tolerate strikes on its territory.

Moscow is also unwilling to pretend that we and other NATO members are not co-belligerents. In sum, Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine on Russia’s doorsteps must end.

Given that Ukrainian Forces are defeated and collapsing, it would be wise to suspend further military aid and tell Kiev to ask for a ceasefire.

Failure to do so could precipitate a European war with Russia for which the US Armed Forces are not prepared.

5:45 PM · May 6, 2024

Is the starkness of Macgregor’s warning warranted? Or was the Russian rhetoric intended merely to get Russia past Putin’s May 7 inauguration without a major incident? In defense of Macgregor’s assessment it is a fact that Putin never seems to bluff. Further, it is well known that Russia has been gearing up its defense industry to an extent that has stunned the collective West—as well as leaving the West in the dust. The West appears to have done nothing in preparation for a showdown except to run down what military assets it still retains, while the US sails around the Middle East getting its own bluff called by the Houthis. I would not want to bet against Macgregor’s assessment that Putin and the Stavka have concluded that they are now prepared for all eventualities.

Will Schryver @imetatronink

The Russians are now calling every US/NATO bluff. As are the Iranians and the Chinese. The empire is playing a dead-man’s hand

MoA adds his two cents at the end of a pretty thorough post:

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Pray They have patience to wait til we get the Psychos out of power, Diplomacy with sanity is and always has been the solution.
There is no sanity in the EU, NATO or DC.
We need more than a few Super Max lunatic asylums.
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The Soviets were always outspending us what it came to the Military while Carter Clinton Obama and Biden played the part of the Fools for Globalism