Breaking: Hugo Chavez Has Cancer


This just in at the Miami Herald,

Hugo Chavez admits cancerous tumor.

President Hugo Chavez acknowledged Thursday night that he had a cancerous tumor.

He made the admission in a late-night speech, his first since falling ill 21 days ago.

Here is the video in Spanish, supposedly taped in Cuba,


My translation: 

However, and in spite of the favorable general course, throughout the process of draining and healing, there appeared suspicion of the presence of other cellular formations that had not previously been detected. Therefore, a series of special tests was started immediately, cytochemical, cytopathologic, microbiologic, and pathologic, which confirmed the presence of an abscessed tumor with the presence of cancerous cells, which necessitated a second surgery.

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I’ll bet he gets the “Best Treatment” money can buy… rest assured better than what most Venezuelans peasants probably get… I would not even be surprised if for some reason he wants to come to the US for treatment, if he does, he could then recuperate at Danny Glover’s or Sean Penn’s House…Birds of a Socialist feather flock together….

If the rumors that it is prostate cancer are true, Chavez (only 56) will probably die from it.
The older you are when diagnosed with it, the longer you can live with it.
Something to do with hormones.
I had an uncle live 30 years with it.
But Frank Zappa was his neighbor, got it relatively young and was dead before you knew it.
It is best to get tested every year, even if you are young guys.

Chavez made a point that he didn’t get regular medical care (he said it was because he was too busy).
I’ll say prayers for anyone sick and suffering, including him.

Apparently, Nan G, you aren’t familiar with prostrate cancer, prognoses, treatments and how those can sometimes exacerabate the problem instead of making it better….. But then, I’ll let Larry, the expert, weigh in instead. He and I have been over this in past FA commentary here, as well as personally. You might want to say it’s the bottomless pit of profits, like breast cancer is for women. They diagnose everyone with either of these, and make a fortune in the process.

My guess is that if it’s prostrate, the only thing that Chavez would die from of is the ill chosen treatment utilized by the Cuban medical system that so many applaud.