Bill Barr Doubles Down on Supporting Trump in 2024, and CNN Can’t Even


by Matt Margolis

CNN anchor Kaitlin Collins got schooled by former Attorney General Bill Barr when she pressed him about his belief that Joe Biden is a greater “threat to democracy” than Donald Trump, and insisting that he thinks “the real threat to democracy is the progressive movement.”

“So it’s not about me. I think that, that I’ve said this all along. If faced with a choice between two people, neither of which I think should be president, I feel it’s my duty to pick the person who I think would do the least damage to the country,” Barr explained. “And I think Trump would do less damage than Biden. And I think all this stuff about a threat to democracy, I think the real threat to democracy is the progressive movement and the Biden administration.”

“The Biden administration, or President Biden himself,” Collins asked.

“Biden’s support for the progressive agenda,” Barr explained.

Collins was, of course, dumbfounded, and asked Barr how he could say Biden is a greater threat to democracy.

“Well, where are we losing our freedoms?” he replied. “How are our freedoms being constrained. They’re being constrained by, the progressive government and, you know, democracy, especially, you know, from the Anglosphere democracies, the Five Eyes and so forth, the threat’s never been from autocratic government on the right.”

Collins asked for specifics, and Barr pointed out the obvious.

“The threat to freedom and democracy has always been on the left,” he pointed out. “It’s the collectivist, socialist agenda. And that is where we’re losing our freedom. Parents are losing the freedom to control their children’s education. And, you know, people can’t speak their mind without losing their jobs and things like that. This is worse than the McCarthy era. Where is that coming from? It’s not coming from the right.”

Collins then brought up Trump’s challenges to the results of the 2020 election, a humorous position from someone whose network devoted countless hours to covering the Russian collusion hoax. Barr replied by pointing to the border crisis, the rise in crime in our cities, and increasing regulations, like the push to ban gas stoves and gas-powered cars via regulation.

“Those are the threats to democracy,” he pointed out. “Major changes are being made in our country without the democratic process. And they’re being made by bureaucrats in these agencies.”

Collins was clearly getting frustrated at this point and tried to reset the conversation by claiming that Republicans are doing the same thing.

“Okay. Pause! You cannot argue that Republicans across the country are not doing that as well,” she claimed. “My own hometown, there’s a huge fight at the library over which books kids can read. This is not something that is a single-party fight.”

“Don’t you think there should be some limits on what people are able to read?” he asked.

Of course, she didn’t even try to dispute that.

It was quite fun watching Collins try so hard and fail to dispute Barr’s points.


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CNN The Crumby News Network is not ever or has been ever real news just leftists Propaganda and created by Red Ted Turner who also Brainwashed the kids with Junk like Captain Planet and the Planeteers Network Earth National Geographic Explorer and One Child One Voice

This is the new CNN poll that has democrats freaking out.

It’s a beautiful screenshot.

comment image

— President Trump leads Biden 49% to 43% in a two-way race.

— President Trump leads Biden 42% to 33% including third party candidates.

— 55% say the Trump presidency was a success. 39% say the Biden presidency is a success.

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Leftists simply can’t comprehend that there are people outside their liberal bubble that see things differently than they do. They don’t realize that people base their views on what they actually experience, not what they hope really hard reality would be like.