Biden’s Philly Fascist Folly Blowback Has Begun



As soon as the Creepster-in-Chief was done with his dark and disturbing rant in Philadelphia last week, I knew in my gut that it wasn’t going to have the desired effect that his handlers were hoping for. The headline for the next day’s Morning Briefing said that it was “gonna backfire.” Here’s an excerpt:

As part of the Democrats’ unwitting effort to help Republicans win even bigger in November, Biden’s puppet masters decided to pump him full of extra Adderall (h/t VodkaPundit) and stick him in front of a microphone so he could tell 74 million people that he hates us.

It turns out that hate-peddling isn’t as popular as Team Joe thought it was going to be.
Katie writes over at Townhall that it was a major “miscalculation” and that the White House is still stuck in it:

Stacey wrote yesterday that some post-speech polling really doesn’t look good for President LOLEightyonemillion either:

According to a new poll of 1,000 likely voters from Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, a majority of voters believe the White House designed Biden’s primetime speech to attack his political opponents. They also viewed it as dangerous and believe the president intended to create conflict between Americans.
Overall, 56.8% of American voters surveyed believe President Biden’s recent primetime address to the nation, in which he accused his political opponents of representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” signifies a dangerous escalation in rhetoric. A majority in every age demographic and both genders held this view. Among those ages 18-24, 59.6% found the speech objectionable. Men were most alarmed, with 60% indicating they believed Biden’s speech was a dangerous escalation.

The hard sell from the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media has been that Biden is only railing against Trump and his most fanatical followers. They also keep insisting that the Trump wing of the GOP is a small fringe because the reality is too terrifying for them. They’re afraid of the MAGA crowd, all right, but not because we’re violent extremists. MAGA is an electoral force they know they can’t counter in 2024 even with all their election trickery.
Nobody on the right is buying the “fringe” excuse for Biden’s spit-filled rants. We know that the Democrats’ endgame is to demonize and therefore delegitimize all Republicans. As I have mentioned many times in this space, the Dems truly are angling for one-party rule in the United States.
The rage in Biden’s voice is on display more and more these days. If anyone was left who still believed the “kindly grandfather” or “uniter” crap, Biden’s repeated maniacal raving has no doubt set them straight.
Paraphrasing myself: the idiot and his puppet masters wanted to fire up the voters, and they have.
Just not the voters they wanted.

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MAGA is an electoral force they know they can’t counter in 2024 even with all their election trickery.

Well, that’s not quite so certain, as we saw in 2020. It is a concern that should be taken very, very seriously and defended against. If idiot Biden’s strategy of inciting and feeding hate among his most ardent “supporters” (those who simply cannot admit what a fascist, totalitarian party the Democrats have become) appears desperate, that’s because it is. When this act of desperation fails, they will be more desperate because we know the LAST thing Democrats will do is adapt the conservative policies that have proven so successful and beneficial for the nation. The next logical extension is to act on the “threat” premise and enact more illegal voting rules that favor the commission of election fraud as well as possibly rounding up a few conservative leaders that are “inciting violence” for using terms like “fight for your rights”, etc.