Biden, Who Ran on a Platform of Accusing Trump of Not Being Sufficiently Punitive Towards Putin and Russia, Waives Sanctions on a Russian Gas Pipeline


by Ace

While he meanwhile is cancelling an American pipeline, the Keystone XL!
But Russia, Russia, Russia! Russia gets a waiver!
Despite all the “election interference” Biden strongly implied was a causus belli for actual war.
Sounds like another story NeverTrump will ignore.
Because they were always in on the leftwing political operation from the start. Always. From the start.


The Biden administration will waive sanctions on the corporate entity and CEO overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany, according to two sources briefed on the decision.Why it matters: The decision indicates the Biden administration is not willing to compromise its relationship with Germany over this pipeline, and underscores the difficulties President Biden faces in matching actions to rhetoric on a tougher approach to Russia.
The State Department will also acknowledge the corporate entity in charge of the project — Nord Stream 2 AG and its CEO, the Putin crony and former East German intelligence officer Matthias Warnig — are engaged in sanctionable activity.
However, the State Department will waive the applications of those sanctions, citing U.S. national interests.
This planned move seems at odds with Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement, made during his confirmation hearing, that “I am determined to do whatever we can to prevent that completion (of Nord Stream 2).”

I was wrong about there being complete silence from NeverTrump Russia Truthers on this.
Some of them are willing to make a “Whoopsie!” type joke about it.

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Joe Biden logic.
Colonial pipeline good.
Russian pipeline good.
Keystone pipeline bad. No jobs for you.

On a related note Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan is looking to shut down a pipeline of her own. I wonder if Joe Biden approves.

the pedophile will approve the shutdown of the michigan pipeline. thus killing more jobs and crippling oil production and inflating gas prices. economics expected a mild recession in 2021, however, the conduct of this criminally dmemented, pedophile and his handlers will plunge this country into a depression worse than the combined losses of both 2008 and 2011. the pedophle is a TRAITOR TO AMERICA.

The wicked witch lives in a cold climate. Lets just shut off all gas to her homes and offices. They are pipelines.

Gosh, yet another foreign energy enterprise (with possible links to Biden family investments) that idiot Biden favors over US energy production and jobs.

Quite the irredeemable scumbag you Democrats almost elected.

Joe Biden Says He’s Trying to “Work Out Any Accommodation” For Vladimir Putin to Not Invade Ukraine

biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue since he first entered the senate. This is the wrong guy to be in a position of dictating military policy regardless of the position he was installed into.

Maybe there’s a Sudetenland somewhere to give him. That usually works, doesn’t it? Idiot Biden is not just wrong, he’s a disaster. The entire world will suffer.

The entire world is suffering.

biden is the absolute worst potus in US history. James Buchanan is thankful for biden as it removes his scourge as the President who preceded the Civil War

I don’t hear any alternate strategies regarding Putin’s designs on Ukraine from the right–only incessant bitching and moaning about Biden, who actually HAS an evolving strategy.

Biden has had an evolving, PRACTICAL response to EVERYTHING–from Trump’s fluster cluck of an Afghanistan withdrawal agreement, to successive waves of COVID, to the deteriorating infrastructure that no one previously got around to actually dealing with.

No plan is perfect because the problems are serious and complex. If the right has BETTER plans, maybe they should explain what the hell they are.

Trump had a better and cheaper alternative to Obamacare that would be available to everybody, didn’t he? He never got around to mentioning the details. Republicans had a plan to fix Social Security, didn’t they? But they never got around to explaining how they would divert Social Security taxes into a grand private scheme while still paying out benefits to current retirees. You’ve never noticed the pattern? It’s been there often enough.

“I don’t hear any alternate strategies regarding Putin’s designs on Ukraine from the right–only incessant bitching and moaning about Biden, who actually HAS an evolving strategy.” The options are pretty limited when you have a cowardly, corrupt idiot in office that is more concerned with the bribes he gets than protecting US interests. Idiot Biden has already green-lit Putin’s pipe line. He’s already lifted sanctions. He’s already shown Putin what an idiot he is and how he is totally manipulated by those who hate this country.

No Republican is going to fix anything with a two or three vote majority in the Senate. Democrats block anything that benefits the country of the citizens.

Democrats are nothing but failure and disaster.

A lot more words, but you still haven’t said squat, because you’ve got nothing meaningful to say.

Only that idiot Biden is the worst thing to befall this nation. There is NOTHING positive about his corrupt regime

Horse hockey. You can’t pressure Putin unless there’s something valuable you can take away from him. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is exactly that. Germany needs the energy, but Putin needs the cash it would generate even more. Income from oil and gas sales represent one-fifth of Russia’s total GDP. A threat to kick him in the pipeline is a very serious threat.

December 7, 2021 – U.S. Wants Nord Stream 2 Halted If Putin Invades Ukraine:

The U.S. will push Germany to agree to stop the contested Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if Russian President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, according to documents seen by Bloomberg and people familiar with the plans.

President Joe Biden’s administration is seeking a commitment from the new German government that it would halt the project under such circumstances, one of the people said, asking not to be identified talking about confidential discussions.

Biden held a high-stakes video call Tuesday with Putin, with the pipeline one of the measures being discussed by the U.S. and European allies as providing potential leverage with the Russian leader. That’s as he again masses troops near the Ukrainian border and the U.S. and NATO fret about the possibility of an invasion in the early part of next year. Putin has denied his intention is to start a war.

Other possible options under discussion include sanctions on Russian banks and exports of the country’s commodities. The aim is to agree on a package that is comprehensive, quick to implement and economically painful enough that it serves as a true deterrent.

In a briefing Monday on Capitol Hill, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland faced push-back from senators who said the U.S. was limiting its options with Putin by not providing more weaponry to Ukraine and failing to stop Nord Stream 2, according to two people who asked not to be identified discussing the private meeting.

Nord Stream 2 is important both for Putin, as a route to sell more gas into Europe, and for Germany, which relies on supplies from Russia. The long-running pipeline project has been a periodic source of tension between the U.S. and Germany, with the administration of Chancellor Angela Merkel unwilling to use it as a political tool with Putin…

As of a few hours ago, Chancellor Merkel was no longer running the show in Germany.

Village idiot greggie, If Biden had kept the pipelines open and kept fuel down, Russia who is part of OPEC would be suffering right now, but the village idiot continues to support his guy even as he approached 30% favorable. Biden is not likely to do much to Russia because he is tied into them and to China. It would cut off his personal income stream.

Well Trump tried to ship LNG to Europe which of course Russia would not like. Biden on the other hand wants to shut down our energy sector, which of course Putin likes a lot as it raises prices and make Europe more dependent on Russia.
The main reason the entire Trump Russia collusion narrative was total BS is right there energy. Russia make lots of money as an energy producer. Trump, as he campaigned on, opened our energy sector which lowered prices. Meaning less money for Putin. While then Clinton and now Biden wanted to kill it. Which raises prices which in turn benefits Russia.
I’m sure Putin was quaking in his shoes watching Biden fumble to find the on switch on his microphone.

biden is no match for former KGB. biden is not even a kindergartner when it comes to Putin. Just like the gay obama, no match for Putin.

If biden is smart he will apologize to Putin and give him the green light on the Ukraine like he gave xi the green light for Taiwan

Biden has identified Putin’s greatest vulnerability. Do you think Putin can “KGB” his way around that?

So what’s the better idea? Surely you have one.

Trump had already halted the pipeline. Idiot Biden opened it back up. He is a complete and utter f**k up and the entire world knows it. That is very, very dangerous. After Hunter took $3 million from Moscow mayor’s wife (and idiot Biden got his cut), what does anyone expect?

“Biden has identified Putin’s greatest vulnerability.” No, Putin has identified the US vulnerability: Idiot Biden.

You’ve had those thoughts poured into your head by Trump propagandists. Biden is actually doing quite well. That will become increasingly apparent over the next 12 months.

Trump was a national disaster. Everybody knows that but the people he has successfully conned.

Defeatist crap from The Heritage Foundation: “Whether He Attacks Ukraine or Not, Putin Has Already Won”

NO. If Putin is forced to back off out of fear of having the Russian economy busted up by coordinated economic sanctions, he will not have won a damn thing.

Damn, scooter… you simply have to open your eyes and look around. Hell, you could look at yourself. Every accusation you’ve supported turned out to be nothing but Pablum for idiots. Every Democrat you throw your support behind turns out to be an idiot, a criminal or a traitor… or all three.

Idiot Biden is an absolute and undeniable catastrophe. A disaster of Biblical proportions, from energy to the economy to national security, the mark of the moron is on every aspect of life now.

Trump, on the other hand, was a resounding success, proving that a competent businessman with love for this country is far better than corrupt politicians that pad their own pockets instead of benefitting the nation and US citizens. Idiot Biden provides the perfect contrast to Trump; the corrupt puppet working at the behest of foreign interests compared to the dedicated patriot putting the American people first and foremost.

You were challenged to provide the substantiation that Trump was a grifter and, as usual per your character, you can’t. You just parrot a word you were told to apply to Trump. A week away at reeducation camp for the socialists and that’s the best you can come up with.

The American people have abandoned biden. They know he is feckless and anti American. He has zero support among Americans. His support comes from the usual useful idiots.

All that remain are those who actually voted for him. A few million idiots.

Idiot Biden is a muti-millionaire. Why doesn’t he forego his salary like Trump did? Why did he take contributions? Why does he take 10 – 50% of Hunter’s scams?

Far left propaganda sites don’t interest me. I prefer facts; they don’t scare me like they do you leftists.

Don’t you socialists have anything better to do than pay dim wits to burn down Christmas trees?

You should ask Santa to bring you some insight for Christmas.

Hell, you should ask for SIGHT. You prove yourself to be absolutely blind to reality.

The pipeline would be Putin’s testicles. Biden has suggested he might kick them.

Got a better idea? A more credible threat? State it.

Joe Biden on Wednesday told reporters that he’s trying to “work out any accommodation” for Vladimir Putin to not invade Ukraine.

Sounds like Biden is more apt to overflow his Depends rather than attempt to kick anything.

On maybe biden would threaten him that he would beat the shit out of him behind the high school. biden, not a real tough guy

You’re not exactly overflowing with better ideas, are you? Which is why there’s an unending stream of juvenile comments like the one above.

Biden auditioning as the 21st century Chamberlain

“The pipeline would be Putin’s testicles. Biden has suggested he might kick them.” Idiot Biden just got tea-bagged.

“You’re not exactly overflowing with better ideas, are you?” How about instead of extorting Ukraine out of laundered US aid, he load the Ukrainians up with weaponry? Trump sent them Javelins, Obama and idiot Biden sent them MRE’s and blankets.

Again, when we have “leadership” that is more concerned with promoting a false threat of white supremacists in the military and turning it into a woke wonderland instead of a formidable fighting force and an idiot that goes around kissing dictators’ asses, the options are limited. We have very little credibility to leverage.

It is said REd Francis the pope is very Ill and in poor health. Not likely he will see the end of 2022. I wonder what the over/under is on him out living biden or vice versa

Meadows signals Trump 2024 run

Putin has no respect for biden. Putin sees the polls where he has no support among the American people.
Americans will not support a kinetic confrontation with Russia and they are right for not supporting biden.

biden is channeling LBJ.

Biden Struggles to Read Teleprompter, Forgets Name of Kansas City Mayor, Tells Made Up Story About Amtrak Conductor While Promoting Infrastructure Law

Worse he is channeling FDR
Democrats were at the helm
WW1 Wilson a flaming racist.
WW2 FDR flaming socialist
Korea Truman Flaming idiot CIA founder
Vietnam Johnson flaming pervert

Biden is getting things done. It drives you crazy, doesn’t it? Here’s a prediction: Putin will blink, gas prices will fall, COVID will fade, the unemployment rate will continue to drop, and that will drive you even crazier.

The unemployment rate is presently 4.2 percent. Last December, it was 6.7 percent. You like good news, don’t you?

Oh, he’s getting “things done” alright. Destroyed energy independence, destroyed confidence in the US around the world, opened our southern border to illegal immigration, drugs, crime and disease, wrecked the economy, inflated inflation, killed good jobs, totally lost control of crime, spreads racism, hate and violence… oh, he’s knocking it out of the park. Our enemies are tickled RED.

Sure dementia Joe is getting things done. Gas prices up, grocery bills up and heading higher, US producing millions of barrels of oil per days LESS than when Trump was president, importing more Russian oil than ever, inflation cranking up, logjam at the ports creating a supply crisis. Losing time after time in courts, poor job creation record. Southern border is wide open for illegals, criminals and drugs to come right in. Record number of drug related deaths in the last year as well.
Yeah Joe’s got it going on.

Note the difference between what conservatives consider progress and what pleases leftists. We are encouraged by developments that benefit as many citizens as possible and leftists love failure, disaster, misery and collapse. “Getting things done.”

the village idiot just will never understand reality will you greggie?

What would someone who can’t see that Trump is King of the Grifters know about reality?

What was his grift? He accomplished, almost accomplished or set out to accomplish everything he promised. He didn’t enrich himself. He gave the nation a secure southern border, energy independence, a booming economy (everything you predicted Trump would do to the economy, the idiot Biden has done), respect abroad and government respect for the Constitution and rule of law. Democrats fought every step of the way, often by means illegal, unconstitutional and seditious. So, how was it Trump was the grifter?

Nov 17, 2021 – Trump’s New Social Media Business Is Worth An Estimated $10 Billion

Not bad, for something that consists only of this:

December 9, 2021 – Jobless claims hit a new 52-year low

Weekly claims for unemployment benefits dropped to a new, multi-decade low last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

At 184,000 claims, adjusted for seasonal swings, it was the lowest level of initial claims since September 1969, when the figure stood at 182,000.

It was also a lower count than economists had predicted. It’s further proof that America’s jobs recovery is pushing ahead this winter, with employers vying for staff and workers having plenty of jobs to choose from. Companies are still have a hard time keeping up with the buoyant demand for goods and services, not least because they are struggling to find workers.

As of October, the nation had 11 million jobs available and not enough people to fill them.

Meanwhile, 1.9 million Americans were receiving benefits under the various government program in the week ended November 20, accounted for mostly by regular state unemployment aid…

Nov 17, 2021 – Trump’s New Social Media Business Is Worth An Estimated $10 Billion

So happy that twists the tail of those that cheered Trumps suspension on the monopoly liberal echo chambers.
Zuckerberg personal worth 116.1 billion
Dorsey 11.5 billion
Larry Page 121.4 billion.
All 3 interfered in the 2020 election.
Go go go capitolism!

What The Heck – Joe Biden Shouts at The Audience, He Wants Americans To Pay Even More For Gasoline

This is nuts. The White House occupant doesn’t have any idea what they are loading into his teleprompter at this point, he just shouts it at the audience as if it’s supposed to make some kind of bizarre sense. This doofus is totally off his rocker. What does this even mean? WATCH (20 seconds):

I’ll look for a more expanded explanation as to what this idiot is supposedly saying. Good grief, what a knucklehead.

This stuff is just nuts. This guy is truly a meme of himself….
comment image

Gas my have dropped but it is still up over prices just one year ago, yeah, getting things done…

Joe Biden Allegedly Threatens Sanctions if Russia Invades Ukraine, During Call with Putin

Allegedly, there is no read out. Instead the pencil neck soy boy jake sullivan tells the useful idiots on the left what to repeat as talking points.

But here is some free advice joe, just to be safe, you should ask your bribery contacts in the Ukraine to start deleting files.

Vlad’s coming.

No one leaks on Democrats like they do with Republicans. Like with the Mafia, there’s no one to protect them if they betray the Democrat crime organization. Leak on Republicans and the corrupt liberal media protects and celebrates you.

Tulsi Gabbard issues warning to America

biden reads “end of message” off of teleprompter script.

What remains of his mind?

Joe Biden Refuses to acknowledge Kamala as he walks right past her in US Capitol. Then Joe asks Jill to SWITCH SEATS so he won’t be close to VP. Neither make eye contact as Joe looks AT THE CEILING and Kamala looks at the floor.

CRINGE. See for yourself:

Shocking Poll – Only 16% ‘Strongly Approve’ Of Biden’s Job Performance

No recovery for this addled old man.

I don’t know, you might suddenly realize good news is something to be happy about, and that Putin is not a role model for American presidents.

Village idiot greggie, Obama already allowed Russia to take part of Ukraine in 2014 (Crimea). Since Obiden is now president, why would anyone not think that Russia will be allowed to take the rest of Ukraine unless that move would stop the flow of funds into the Biden accounts.

Obama allowed? What did you want him to do, Randy? Go to war with Russia? Sorry, but World War 3 was off the table then, and is off the table now.

It wasn’t Obama who tried to make military aid to Ukraine contingent on helping get him reelected.

Obama did nothing greggie. Just like Obiden will do nothing. Obama and biden are the losers and you are the village idiot who elected them.

Recent Leftist Panic Takes Context – Democrat Pollster Finds Inflation and Checkbook Worries Twice as Concerning for Voters Than COVID

Biden doesn’t want to stand next to Kamala…
comment image

PUTIN’S PUPPET: Biden Caves to Russian Leader — Offers Measure of Autonomy for Eastern Ukraine and No NATO Membership for at Least a Decade …Update: Psaki Refutes Report

biden is a pussy

BREAKING: Verdict Reached in Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax Trial — GUILTY ON 5 CHARGES!! —

Let the burning and looting begin

And idiot Biden and whore Kamala jumped on the Smollett racist bandwagon, siding with race-baiting over law enforcement and justice.

comment image

Careening Toward The Rocks In Ukraine

Here’s an idea. Before we stumble into a war over Ukraine with Russia, let’s figure out the answer to this very simple question. Why?

What are our national interests that are so vital that we need to enter into what will probably be the biggest, true conventional conflict we have fought since 1945? What will be our precise objectives in this conflict? How will we know when we have won?

The last time we went to war and made any pretense of being able to answer these kinds of questions was probably the First Gulf War in 1991. We went to war with Iraq in response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. We drove him out. We went home.

After that in 2001, we invaded Afghanistan to drive out Al Qaeda and topple the Taliban. Having accomplished that in a matter of months we decided to hang around for twenty years and attempt to turn a 12th-century collection of tribes and city-states into a European-style nation-state. That insane crusade ended in a debacle and left American national security significantly the worse for the effort.

But the defense contractors made out like bandits, and lots of bureaucrats got to build huge empires on all the funding that was provided.

We then invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein and remove that threat from the Middle East. After a war that lasted only weeks and put us in a position to install a new government and go home congratulating ourselves on a job well done, we decided instead it would be a good idea to disband the military and the intelligence services, fire effectively all the public servants in the country, unleash a bunch of 1500-year-old hatreds and take on the task of running the country ourselves.

We are still waiting to see how that one ends. But the national security state is bigger than ever. The kid down the block may not have any legs anymore, but I can guarantee a bunch of guys wearing stars at the Pentagon made rank without hearing a shot fired in anger.

I will skip the slightly more distant example of Vietnam. The point is made. War is not something to be played at. It is brutal. It is horrible. People die, cities are destroyed, and it unfolds in all sorts of unpredictable directions.

No one should ever enter into war lightly. Yes, there are things worth fighting for, but those things need to be clearly articulated in advance of the firing of the first shot. Just as clearly it needs to be understood how and why military conflict is the only means of achieving those objectives.

And then, once we go to war, and we use all necessary force, and we achieve those objectives, we need to declare victory and go home. Going to war to crush Al Qaeda and then deciding the conflict is really about gender equality, electrification, and paving roads is a prescription for disaster.

We are careening toward disaster in Ukraine. That nation sits on the border of the Russian heartland. For Putin, what happens there is not an abstraction. It is not some conflict of marginal interest on the far side of the globe. When he contemplates a Ukraine fully integrated into the European Union and part of NATO, he sees a dagger pointed at the heart of Mother Russia.

Make no mistake. If he thinks he must, Putin will go to war over Ukraine, and he will commit the entire Russian military to winning that war.

We have no idea what we are doing in regard to Ukraine. For most of his time in office, Joe Biden has done virtually everything he can think of to signal weakness to Moscow and the rest of the world. As Vice-President, he was part of Obama’s policy of sending medical kits to Kyiv when the Ukrainians wanted anti-tank missiles. Biden is surrounded in office by the weakest foreign policy team ever assembled. On any given day they do more work for Xi Jinping than they do for the American people.

Now, as things threaten to spiral out of control and leadership is essential, Biden babbles incoherently out of alternate sides of his mouth on the issue. Putin will pay a “heavy price”{} if he invades Ukraine. There will be “severe consequences.” But those consequences will not include military force. American troops are not{} going to Ukraine. Unless the Europeans want to join in, in which case, maybe.{

Meanwhile, Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi is talking about our ability to “rain destruction” on Russia and the possibility of a nuclear first strike. Always helpful when you are trying to deescalate a situation and avoid getting very large numbers of people killed.

Nowhere in any of this is a sober, rational analysis. What are American national interests? How can they best be achieved?

A rational man might conclude that we want a prosperous, democratic Ukraine free of Russian influence. He might also conclude that having Ukraine become part of NATO, is a red line for Putin for a reason. It puts Western forces within striking distance of Vlad’s capital.

A policy that is a mix of carrot and stick might then be crafted. Perhaps a good place to start would be with shutting down Moscow’s efforts to build the Nordstrom 2 pipeline and give itself the ability to export natural gas to Western Europe without requiring Ukrainian permission for that gas to transit Ukraine. That move coupled with a rollback of measures limiting the production and export of American natural gas ought to get Vladimir’s attention. The Europeans will buy American natural gas just as readily as gas from Russia.

At this point, the Russian economy is its energy sector, and nobody fights a war without cash.

Having prepped the battlefield then perhaps from a position of strength we could sit down with the Russians and find a way forward. Ukraine goes its own way. It becomes part of the European Union. It does not join NATO.

Putin does not get a puppet state on his border. He also does not get an American armored division and a NATO headquarters.

All of this, of course, presupposes a rational policy-making process, which at this point is probably too much to ask for. We are facing a potential foreign policy disaster, which will dwarf anything we have seen before. Our national security apparatus is owned by defense contractors, which view war as a profit-making enterprise. Lawmakers, virtually none of whom have ever worn the uniform, are acting tough and demanding we draw “red lines.”

And, at the head of it all is a man who may be in the pay of the Communist Chinese, and who is, seen in the best possible light, the most incompetent President in American history. We are careening toward the rocks, and nobody is at the wheel.