Biden Loses to the Teleprompter Trying to Spell a Word, and Tells a Whopper About Walmart


By Nick Arama

There are so many things that Joe Biden’s team has to watch out for with him.

They can’t have him walk by himself, they have to have the staff run out and walk between him and the media so that they don’t see how decrepit he looks and can’t ask questions.

They can’t have him do substantive interviews. They have to give him notes for everything or a teleprompter to help direct him on what to do.

Yet they still can’t seem to stop the problems because they can’t change their basic underlying flawed product: Joe Biden. They can treat the branch, they can treat the symptoms, but the root, the cause, is still twisted and not right.

On Thursday, he spoke at a campaign event in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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At the State Dinner with the head of Japan, joe couldn’t even make a toast without notes!

There’s a book about Kerry Unfit for Command now that profile fits Biden

Boy, that is certainly something to be proud of supporting. What an absolute loser.

RFKJr just offered joe a “no spoiler” option.
He and joe will conduct a huge poll, over 1 million voters, and whichever one loses will drop out of the race so only one of them can run opposing Trump.
Of course joe’s puppet masters would be fools to accept.