Behar: Pro-Lifers are ‘Evil and Immoral’


Joy Behar ripped the House of Representatives on her program on Monday for their recent defunding of Planned Parenthood. Behar, focusing on the organization’s birth control services, criticized the move as “illogical…because if you are not going to help people with birth control, you’re going to have more abortions. So, besides being evil and immoral and unethical, they’re also stupid”

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So based on the the race statistics of babies that killed each year, can we say Joy Behar is a racist?

@ Buffalobob, Not necessarily but like a broken clock, Ms. Behar could be right two times a day. This time is not one of them obviously. I will defend Her 1st Amendment Rights but She has to defend her insipid comments.

Joyless Behar. How miserable can you be in this life?

She used to be an English teacher. Anyone else stunned by that? She calls us stupid? Pot, meet kettle.

Last week the Health Dept. in my community had an item in the paper telling us they are no longer offering family planning services. They received the same funding this year but costs have gone up and they no longer can afford to offer those services.

So, I guess we have an “evil and immoral” health department……heh, in Illinois, how in the heck could that happen with all these democrats in control?

@ Missy, Must be difficult living “Behind Enemy Lines”. I have done Missions to similar places but never had to file a Change of Address notice. In the Good Old Days, Family Planning was left to Planning and Individual Responsibility.

Reminds me of sage advice I got years back.
*Count the Number of Chairs you have at Your Dining Room Table.
*If You fill too many of them, You give up Your Seat at the Table.


Well, per South Park we have the Couric scale for feces weight. Perhaps we need a Behar scale for stupidity?

@Old Trooper2:

We can’t wait to get out of here. I’m painting all the rooms in my house now, getting it ready to sell/give away, whatever it takes!

Missy, hope you’re coming to AZ. We need all the Conservatives we can get! I left Illinois over 20 years ago. I don’t miss it at all.

If you significantly reduce counseling about and access to birth control, there will be significant increases in unplanned pregnancies, which will increase the overall number of abortions. No one seems to want to address that.

In my republican state, the Department of Health has long contracted Planned Parenthood to provide family planning services to the state’s low-income families. This was determined to be the most effective way to use the tax dollars allocated to provide such services, in terms of both cost and beneficial results.

It’s really weird to hear that poor people only learn about birth control through Planned Parenthood.
Our public schools are teaching it as early as 3rd grade last I heard.
And, as the children get older, the lessons become more and more graphic.
Poor kids are in school, right?
Oh, and condoms are placed in large bowls in almost all public schools so school kids can just grab some whenever….for free!
Why would anyone think a visit to Planned Parenthood is needed for counseling about and access to birth control?

@Nan G, #11:

Don’t a lot conservatives also believe that sex education and information about birth control should kept out of the public schools?

Greg, I will never presume to speak for the exuberant Nan G, but I will tell you this from an old broad… they’ve had “sex education” in schools since my junior high school years… now called “middle school”. sigh…

However they were teaching us science about humans reproductive rites… not positions, condoms, safe sex practices, etc. They did, even in that long ago era, teach us about STDs.

Nothing like they do today.

In short, it all depends on what today’s definition of “sex education” is. Right now, were I the parent, my kid would be home schooled until high school age.

How old-fashioned of Greg!

I have an older brother who was in high school while teacher-led prayer was still in the public schools.
(I was only in 4th or 5th grade when teacher-led prayer was outlawed.)
He had sex education in the same school at the same time as he was having teacher-led prayer.
When I got to 6th grade I had my first sex education film and lecture.
They continued all the way through the rest of my years.

Remember, those conservatives who want sex education out of public schools completely are a tiny minority of people in the Republican party, fiscal conservatives who vote Republican despite being Democrats and so on.
A 2004 poll by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government found that only 7% of Americans say sex education should not be taught in schools. (Warning: PDF file)

@Hard Right:

We’re moving to our farm in Missouri, we will finally retire happily ever after. Y’all will be welcome to come fish, we have a 24 acre lake and several stocked ponds(bass, croppie & some cat), a guest house and a barn with bunks.

Perhaps Ms Behar should witness a late term abortion taking place and see the poor Baby be murdered with a knife to its neck like tiller did. Or see the poor Baby fight for it’s life once it’s aborted only to be left to s l o w l y d i e then be thrown like some dirty trash. Perhaps THAT would change her ‘tune’ regarding pro-lifers……But then again.. maybe not… Her own comments make people think she has no soul..

Funny and the Liberals say the Republicans are heartless – Stunning Isn’t it?


Congratulations on retiring! May it be quiet and uneventful, unless you don’t want it to be. 🙂
Bass and catfish? I just got weak in the knees. If I ever go back east I may just take you up on your gracious offer. We’ll have to work out some kind of code word or something so you know it’s me. I really can’t imagine anyone would want to impersonate me, but you never know. Actually, if anyone ever stole my identity they’d immediately give it back upon trying to use it.