Bachmann and Palin are the taste of feminism today


Rep. Michele Bachmann, founder of the Tea Party caucus in the new Congress, gave more than a response to President Obama‘s State of the Union speech Tuesday night. She gave us a look at the new political woman in Washington.

Some of the old Republican bulls looked as if they were suffering a bad bout of indigestion. She’s treading on old toes. She acquitted herself with poise and power, and that’s what’s scary to the party establishment.

When Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann got together during the midterm election campaigns, they were dismissed by certain politicians and pundits as “Thelma and Louise,” as real-life stand-ins for the two innocent housewives whose bucolic romp across America became a killing spree. But there’s more than just Mrs. Bachmann in the new wave of tough women in town.

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Hey Curt…I have a foster daughter who is a LTC in Army reserve, formerly EOD, a great looking 40 yr blonde with a super hubby and three young sons. I would be glad to loan her to Sarah and Michelle just to watch the three of them purge both parties of all the JA(donkeys) it would be well worth seeing…

Over the past 35 years, I watched the women in the military go from hard core women who felt they needed to be equal to men in every way to women who were actually stronger. The new woman officer/NCO are equallt tough, but in a different way. These new women officers/ncos don’t have to swear like a sailor to be respected. They don’t have to actually raise their voices at all. They provide intelligent leadership. I also have found that they are much more respected than the women of 30+ years ago.

The new leader isn’t afraid to let others know they do not have all of the answers to problems. The foster a team work approach to issues rather than a command approach. 35 years ago, a woman leader could not let herself show any vulnerabilities.

While I didn’t work for any women officers in Iraq, I was in a good position to observe many. The older female officers still had to be confrontational to make their point. The younger ones were much more subtle. Both were effective, but the younger women were more respected. I think this has to do with the change in how women are raised. Team sports were denied to many women as they were growing up (except cheer leaders). These new women leaders understand the effectiveness of solving problems as a team instead of by one’s self.

I currently work for a woman and respect her even though I have more experience than her. She hardly ever makes a decision with out consulting her team. We provide her with the ammunition she needs to get things done. That is one reasion I am working right now at 4:00 AM this morning. She listens and makes very good decisions. Past females I have worked for seemed to be afraid to admit they didn’t know all of the answers.

These new leaders are every bit as tough as the older ones, For the most part, they are respected more and are incorporated into the organization better.

If Ms Bachmann, Palin and some of the women I’ve worked for over the years are indeed the true feminists, then count me in.

Jane, Gloria, Patricia Ireland, Get out of the way. You’re hindering progress.

They are self made, successful, intelligent, tough, attractive and conservative, not to forget pro-life.

The last three qualities being the most threatening. imho

Then there’s the uber-leftist ”feminism” of Obama’s mamma.

Stanley Ann Dunham had lots of leftist exposure growing up.
She lived on liberal Mercer Island.
And while living there she went to the ”Little Red Church,” as the Unitarian Church there was called.
Her school was chaired by a self-identified communist.
Now, I also grew up during the 1950’s and can say from experience how rare it was for a white woman to seek out a black life partner.
But Stanley Ann Dunham was more exposed to the Communist Party than people around me were.
And during the 1950’s communist women were encouraged entice black men into that party as well as to reward them once they joined in.
Did you recall or even know there used to be a bumper sticker from the anti-war left that read: Say Yes to Boys Who Say No [to the Draft]?
Oh, yeah.
Leftists USED their females as mattresses.
Not very ”feminist.”
In my college days the SDS was at its height.
An SDS leader, Marilyn Webb, took to their stage and advocated for women’s rights.
What was the response from her radical left audience?
Cat calls and, later, death threats!

So, just how FOR women’s rights is Obama?
He’s for free abortions.
We know that.
But other than searing the conscience of the woman who has one, what is accomplished by making abortions freer?

I look at Stanley Ann Dunham and at Michelle Obama (with her mom living with them) and see, not feminists, but anti-feminists.

Sarah is the real deal.
And, she could not be the real deal without a real man behind her!