Another fatal blow coming for Obamacare?


The Justice Department asked Vinson to clarify his ruling that struck down the law as unconstitutional. Justice must file its brief on the motion by Monday, and Vinson has said he would rule quickly after that. At issue is whether Vinson meant to stop reform implementation in the 26 states that brought the suit.

The smart money says Vinson will halt implementation, and legal observers are wondering why Justice would take that risk.

“Having lost one game of chicken when it came to the severability of the mandate, the government is now challenging the same judge to back down on whether his decision is binding. Seems like a risky move,” said Randy Barnett, a law professor at Georgetown University.

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Ever since the ruling, Obama has been backing down on ObamaCare.
Today he is saying (OK, I don’t believe him) states can opt out of some parts early.
But here he is asking Judge Vinson if he meant what he said.
Yeah, he did.
It is Obama who can say things without meaning them.
Obama’s playing chicken with a much braver man.

I’m thinking it’s so he can claim the evil “activist judges” tied his hands if he ultimately loses.