Alan Dershowitz: Judge Merchan’s Gag Order and Refusal to Allow Trump to Leave the Courtroom Is Clearly Unconstitutional – Should be Immediately Challenged


by Jim Hoft

Harvard Law School Professor and Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz joined Sean Hannity on Tuesday along with Gregg Jarrett to discuss the current Alvin Bragg lawfare case in New York City against President Donald Trump.

Jury selection continued on Tuesday morning for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s lawfare case against Trump related to ‘hush payments’ made to porn star Stormy Daniels. Last April Trump was hit with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and conspiracy. The charges are unprecedented and illogical.

Alvin Bragg still hasn’t named the underlying felony after he twisted the law and somehow upgraded the misdemeanor charges that were past the statute of limitations – to felonies.

The fix is in. The judge overseeing the case is a far-left operative whose daughter has made a lucrative career helping Democrats ‘get Trump’ and is currently profiting from the case.

After refusing to recuse himself, Judge Juan Merchan on Monday threatened to put President Trump in jail if he doesn’t show up for trial.

On Monday, the Marxist tyrannical judge told President Trump that he could be thrown in prison if he did not show up each day in court. This is a clear constitutional violation.

Judge Merchan even warned President Trump about attending his son’s high school graduation. This is typical behavior from soulless Marxists as we are quickly learning in America today.

On Tuesday Alan Dershowtiz called on Trump’s attorneys to IMMEDIATELY file a motion and challenge Judge Merchan’s clearly unconstitutional court orders gagging President Trump and refusing to allow him to campaign or attend his son’s graduation.

How do these horrible, lawless leftists sleep at night?

Sean Hannity:  Professor, eight years later, a misdemeanor somehow evolves into a felony, and there are allegations that a judge is quite compromised in this case. I’m sure you have a lot to say.

Professor Dershowitz:  Well, look, I’m looking for a fair election. I’m an American voter who hasn’t decided at this point who to vote for and who to vote against. I just want a fair election. … And this case is depriving the American public. I’m speaking for the American public, not for the candidates. Depriving the American public of the right to have a fair election.

President Trump should be in Pennsylvania today. There is a statute that gives him the right to leave the court any day. But the statute says, In the absence of an objection by the people. In other words, the prosecution has a veto over the judge’s decision whether to allow him to leave the courtroom on any given day. That is unconstitutional, and this case ought to be challenged. There ought to be a motion made by Trump’s lawyers immediately under Section 340.50, in which the judge has the power to allow him to leave the courtroom and campaign, but only if the prosecution agrees to it, which is clearly unconstitutional.

The gag order is unconstitutional. You cannot prevent a defendant from attacking the witnesses, from attacking the judge’s daughter, if the judge’s daughter could be a basis for disqualification.

I agree with Greg. The American public is sick and tired of seeing the legal system weaponized. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, whether you’re a Trump supporter or a Biden supporter, you should be equally appalled. We have the right to decide who to vote for without the thumb, or in this case, the elbow of the criminal justice system led by Democrats, in this case, the district attorney who campaigned on a promise to get Trump, essentially. We have a right not to have that election interference. Do you believe the judge- This case is paradigmatic election interference.

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The people who cheer these cases on clearly, indefensibly, hate the United States and the Constitution. They simply want their opponents vanquished regardless of how beneficial to the nation those opponents can be. Their hatred blinds them to the fact that their view for the future of this nation are inferior to those of their opponents.

This photoshop is almost as good as the one they had TF1 being towed though NY city streets. Its true the left cant meme, they can block traffic and chant Death to America but not meme.

Yeah, since no such device exists. Usually, a plane is hooked up and towed to an undisclosed location until whatever payments are made. But, the left doesn’t understand anything in any way. Nothing.

Bragg and the Judge should both bel relieved of their jobs and American Citizenships and be deported to the French Alps or the Yukon

This is not the justice that the founders and framers intended for the republic. This is a clear invasion of mao Marxist ideology the America we love must be taken back and those who have attempted altercation should be convicted of sedition.

The Founding Fathers might have hanged him on the gallows his mob set up for Mike Pence.

I don’t recall seeing a gallows set up for Pence. Do you ever deal in reality? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?