A winning manifesto for Western democracy to defeat the Cult of Moloch – 2024 elections


by Peter Halligan

Major global institutions (supranationals) and democratic processes have been usurped by a “Cult” made up of global “elites”. They are not “elites, of course, they are predominantly white supremacists that believe in eugenics to create a world they prefer to live in.

The “Cult” originates in the US and the US instructed the WHO to mandate all other governments to follow its instructions, The fingers point in one direction – aided and abetted by a few Chinese scientists. Consider this also. The Russians invaded eastern Ukraine to prevent a biological attack.

Every country has its particular issues, but three problem areas created by these “elites” dominate. Each problem is one created by the influence of the “elites” on the United Nations and three of its organs, The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Each of these organizations represent one leg of a three-legged stool (sic).

Here are the policy prescriptions that will make countries healthier, wealthier and wiser that will eviscerate the three legs of the stool.

Firstly – abandon “Net Zero” policies,

Secondly, repatriate ALL criminal migrants,

Thirdly, prepare for a tsunami of those damaged by the miRNA ad viral vector injections of spike venom.

There are many other policies that can be campaigned on – these three policies are intended to rescue economies from the most significant issues affecting every country.

Let’s take each in turn.

1. Abandon “Net Zero” – which means cancel all subsidies and tax breaks for ALL “green policies”. For the US alone this would save the ludicrous spending plans of 1-2 trillion bucks a year for the foreseeable future. The US does not have the money unless it borrows it, and it is already 34 trillion in debt it will never pay back. The “green deals” are farcical and have no basis in science (they cannot even replicate historical climate change and ignore the largest climate impacts of the sun, clouds and seismic activity).

2. Repatriate all criminal migrants – the UN’s IOM is a human trafficking operation. The source countries are deprived of human resources – equalling theft of human capital. Combine that with the massive annual overseas aid budgets of western countries to the home countries of the criminal migrants and you have the ridiculous situation where western nations send tens of billions of dollars every year in “overseas aid” money and then pay billions again for the criminal migrants. The nationality of criminal migrants should be reconciled against overseas aid and that overseas aid reduced on a dollar-for-dollar basis for the costs of repatriation and the costs of providing health, housing, food, clothing, utilities and all other ancillary “services” such as security, language and bureaucracy. It us easy to come up with 50,000 bucks in direct costs per criminal migrant (food, education, health, clothing) and another 50,000 a year for indirect costs (diversion of resources, security, displacing Americans from jobs, relegating Americans in queues for services, translation services and so on).

3. Prepare for the tsunami of health care costs – aside from the “butcher’s bill” of those already slaughtered by the C19 mRNA and viral vector injections of spike venom and all those maimed (an extra 600,000 dead A YEAR in the US alone, 5 times that number suffering serious (life altering) and 12 times that number severe (life changing) adverse events ALREADY in the three years since the first “envenoming”, this health burden will continue until a “magic bullet” is found that eliminates the spike venom from everyone injected with it.

The 9 million serious and over 21 million severe adverse events incurred already over the last three years are already swamping health facilities. There will be demand for treatment facilities will be completely swamped by 30 million serious ad 70 million severe casualties over the next decade. Unless these serious and sever adverse events from the spike venom are cured, the extra spending on health will be permanent – implying that the current pool of just over 150 million taxpayers will reduce by half. Perhaps those suffering severe adverse effect can be habilitated with some sort of mitigating treatments, but the costs to the economy of a switch of each million people from paying 20,000 a year tax to costing the economy 20,000 a year (at least) is 40 billion A YEAR – times by how many millions? 50? Now you have a cost of a few trillion bucks a year.

So, the costs of criminal migrants are currently around 10 million times a 100,000 Bucs each (50,000 in direct and 50,000 In indirect costs) = 1 trillion a year. These costs must be eliminated, and this can only be done by forced repatriation – funded by reducing the overseas aid budgets to the home countries of the criminal migrants.

The money saved over the next decade must be redirected to health treatments and facilities. These probably need to be something like 5 times the current facilities. Additionally, ALL regulations that prevent competition. Cross border and international barriers must be removed. This includes the ability to “patent” a molecule or mandate an injection of any kind. Price AND quality competition must be enabled to overcome the poor quality and cartel-like behaviour of all treatments and devices. Procurement and bureaucracy simply have to be “optimised” on a “zero budget” (start from scratch) basis.

The key switch is the abolition of “Net Zero” policies and all the bureaucracy and enforcement of compliance that goes along with it. If this means exiting the UN, then so be it. The same applies if the US does not issue a “mea culpa” to the WHO and issue fresh instructions based on medical science and not chicken little “the end of the world is nigh” juvenile BS.

Sweden is already doing most of this. The winds of change are sweeping through Europe as we speak. The “elites” are about to get a rude awakening.’

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Time to rid ourselves of these evil people attempting to create a world in which no one has their God given freedom. Trump should immediately defund the UN, pull out of the WHO and as before dump the Paris climate horseshit.

#3 is exactly why the elites and their junior rulers (Trudeau, for example) are normalizing euthanasia.
One pundit noted the DEMOGRAPHICS of euthanasia in Canada.
A disproportionate percent of those killed are NATIVES.
Then come the traditional white population.
Lastly, and no one is pushing them, are migrants.

Guess who the elites like best for slave labor?
Migrants who will work for much less and be grateful.

Time to get American Out of the United Nations and get the United Nations Out of America Period move the whole lot to Beijing where they can construct their New UN HQ on the Blood soaked round of Tenement Square where dozens were crushed by Tanks