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I listened to an interview on the radio and an LA county official said that if you included medicaid and incarceration costs related to illegals, the tab was approaching 1.6 billion dollars per year. That figure did not include the extra education costs.

I am beginning to think that the old scenario where California breaks off from the Continental US wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

Taking the Free stuff Americans won’t take…

Does anyone in California know how to do math? If California continues to be a sanctuary state, invites people into the state, who continue to reap benefits while offering little to offset the benefits, how can the state function?

More people X more services = more cost to the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, more money subtracted from taxpayers’ income = less money for discretionary spending = less money floating around the economy.

Maybe this lack of basic math skills explains why California wants to offer illegal immigrants in-state tuition.

Opening up a rig or two might slow the bleeding, illegal immigration, although a big one, is but one wound, CA’s economy must be on life support by now.

But hey, cheer up, I’ve heard CA’s finances are sounder than Illinois. Congratulation!

I hear ya Missy. I live in Illinois and it is crazy here. The newly elected Democrat Governor decided to raise the state income tax a whopping 66% – WITHOUT passing any spending cuts. As it is, most of the pharmacies in the state are waiting 7 months or more for payments from Medicaid. And this is the norm, NOT the exception.

Yep, Illinois is not a business friendly state anymore, either. State Corporate Income Tax went up from 4.8% to 7%.

The election of Jerry Borwn in CA tells me that a majority of voting Californians have absolutely no clue how they got where they are or what the hell is going on around them.
They aren’t the only state in that position but they certainly are the poster child….


I live in northern Illinois, hubby is spitting nails and ready to leave. The city of Chicago put that dimwit Quinn back in office, idiots!

I have to get my drivers license renewed, whew! quite a surprise from four years ago, feel like I want to quit driving. It’s not just taxes that makes this state unattractive, they have gotten really creative with fees, aka another tax.

, it was also the unions that helped Quinn get back in office. But on the other hand, Brady was no peach.

We had a chance for a coal gasification plant here in my county and it got defeated in the State Senate. Brady, who represents my county voted against it. What a tool. It would have created literally thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs all the while meeting the ridiculous EPA regs about CO2. But since the big businesses (Archer Daniels Midland, Staley, Wal-Mart, etc…) in our area would have had to pay 1% more for their energy, their lobby was successful in getting it killed.

Kind of like how George Ryan was, took money from Republican campaigns but allied with the dems once in office. Ryan came to a campaign event I helped organize during his first run. First impression of him was not good, he acted like he wished he could have been anywhere than there.

Once upon a time when I was in my 20’s I went to college and was part of Model Illinois Government, a state wide club that lets college students spend a day at the state capitol and have mock sessions of legislation. As part of that experience, we got to meet then Lt. Gov. Ryan. My impression of him was identical to yours.