The fear is palpable as nothing is working for dems. The Trump juggernaut continues.


Nothing democrats do or say or try is stopping Trump. They’re willing to rip up the Constitution and tear apart the country to do it. Nothing is working.

They tried a fake dossier in 2016. They stole the election in 2020 by creating a false narrative about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

They concocted a scheme in New York City that’s so confusing no democrat can really tell you what happened. They got their conviction after a handpicked Trump hating democrat donor judge guided a jury to convict Trump and made sure his daughter would continue to profit from the trial.

And that’s not working, despite the hand wringing.

People know that this was a political prosecution from day one. Dems are getting in their licks before this garbage is overturned in court. The effort has metastasized into a broader plot- that democracy is at stake. The world is going to end if Trump is elected. Desperation has set in. Fat Alvin Bragg wants Trump gagged under a court order until after the election. Norm Eisen also wants Trump gagged.

Jeff Carlson reminds us about Eisen:

The fat Governor whose family destroyed the Superior Bank of Chicago goes ad hominem

They’re trying to delegitimize the Supreme Court as they’re afraid of the possible Trump immunity decision outcome.

No one more so than this guy

The truth?

Politico says democrats are wetting the bed.

The truth?

The truth is Hunter’s laptop is authentic. An FBI agent testified to that at Hunter’s gun trial. The FBI had the Biden laptop since 2019 and knew it was real but neither Wray nor anyone else at the FBI let on. Wray should be asked why the FBI did not correct the false narrative when it affected a Presidential election and frankly, there is only one reason – they wanted Trump to lose.

The truth?

Biden is edging the world closer and closer to WWIII.

NATO is mapping out “land corridors” to enable US troops and other allied forces to reach the front lines quicker in the event of a broader European ground war with Russia.

The move follows warnings from NATO leaders earlier this year urging Western governments to prepare themselves for a full-blown war with Russia sometime in the next 20 years.

The newly established troop expressways would see American soldiers landing at one of five designated ports.

The truth? I thought Laurence Tribe was supposed to be some elite lawyer, but he’s just another hack worried about retribution

So is AOC

AOC: “I mean, it sounds nuts, but like, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy [Trump] threw me in jail. He’s out of his mind.”

The truth?

The entirety of the left is losing its mind.

A pervasive sense of fear has settled in at the highest levels of the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects, even among officeholders and strategists who had previously expressed confidence about the coming battle with Donald Trump.

All year, Democrats had been on a joyless and exhausting grind through the 2024 election. But now, nearly five months from the election, anxiety has morphed into palpable trepidation, according to more than a dozen party leaders and operatives. And the gap between what Democrats will say on TV or in print, and what they’ll text their friends, has only grown as worries have surged about Biden’s prospects.

“You don’t want to be that guy who is on the record saying we’re doomed, or the campaign’s bad or Biden’s making mistakes. Nobody wants to be that guy,” said a Democratic operative in close touch with the White House and granted anonymity to speak freely.

But Biden’s stubbornly poor polling and the stakes of the election “are creating the freakout,” he said.

“This isn’t, ‘Oh my God, Mitt Romney might become president.’ It’s ‘Oh my God, the democracy might end.’”

Because nothing is working.

Despite everything, Trump is running ahead of Biden in most battleground states. He raised far more money in April, and the landscape may only become worse for Democrats, with Trump’s hush-money trial concluding and another — this one involving the president’s son — set to begin in Delaware.

The concern has metastasized in recent days as Trump jaunted to some of the country’s most liberal territories, including New Jersey and New York, to woo Hispanic and Black voters as he boasted, improbably, that he would win in those areas.

The truth?

Those 51 “Spies who lie” should be worried. Trump suggested that they might be facing criminal prosecution for election interference.

“It’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. 51 intelligence agents. That phony story, remember the laptop is from Russia, they said.” “They should be prosecuted for what they did… Let’s see what happens.”

The truth?

Even Bill Maher recognizes Biden’s “Hail Mary” border ploy as political and too little too late.

The truth?

As a consequence of democrat lawfare, Trump is seeing a donation windfall:

Four indictments and one set of convictions later, a Democrat-led lawfare strategy has failed so far to derail Donald Trump’s bid to return to the White House, but it has triggered an avalanche of financial support as the former president hold leads in most battleground states that will decide the 2024 election.

The truth?

Even Silicon Valley billionaires are turning to Trump

The White House is frantic

That strikes me as even more incentive to vote for Trump.

The truth?

democrats are right to be afraid, but they’re not really afraid of revenge. They’re afraid of accountability. And they have a real problem- America knows Trump – and now they know Biden.

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Notice the democrats do not have a conventional policy campaign because they can’t run on their record. The American people when asked if they were better under President Trump vs biden resoundingly say President Trump. That is a campaign biden will lose every time. So what is left is personal destruction and that seems not to be working either for a significant number of black Americans and Hispanics.
Only the far left satanic cult, like greg, believe the personal destruction will work, outside of blatant cheating.

All they have is a campaign relying 100% on lies and an election strategy relying 100% on fraud.

Is there a plan to stop the Dems from manipulating the voting machines?
It is very probable that Dems will try it again.

It becomes more and more definite with every poll that is released. I certainly hope there is a plan to prevent or at least expose it in real time.

The Demon-Rats are s till trying to remove Trump from the election since they lust for pure power and control and so far its blowing up in their faces

Fani Willis: “Elect me and I promise to get Trump.”

Alvin Bragg: “Elect me and I promise to get Trump.”

Letitia James: “Elect me and I promise to get Trump.”

Rashida Talib: ” Elect me and I promise to impeach that motherf**ker.”

Trump: ” Success will be my revenge.”

Anyone besides me see the difference?

Bidens polls are Crashing and Burning and the Demon-Rats are not doing any better

That JB Pritzker quote is rich…..with lies.
While president Trump’s net worth dropped over one billion dollars.
Also President Trump never accepted his official salary.
Except for a mandatory single dollar, he donated every paycheck to one or another of many governmental agencies and/or charities.

Pritzker should look closer to home for pols who enriched themselves while in office:
Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Goldman, AOC just to mention a few to get him started.

I think the concern should be that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden won’t leave office when he loses. We’ve seen that he has some military generals in his pocket, the DoJ and FBI are certainly compromised to do the DNC’s bidding and they have their ANTIFA Brownshirts. This may be the only way Democrats can “save democracy”.

Donald Trump is a convicted felon awaiting sentencing, with additional state and federal felony trials pending.

The laws of 37 nations forbid him from setting foot on their territory.

Last edited 4 days ago by Greg