Illegals WILL be voting in the 2024 election. Biden is flying them in to vote.


Joe Biden’s team says that Florida is “winnable” in 2024. At first blush you say “No way” but don’t dismiss it out of hand. Biden is actively working to illegally take Florida and Texas as you read this.

democrats are the masters of rigged elections. The Daily Caller made a video about it. Here is the trailer

democrats have a history of participating in questionable elections, a behavior that continues to this day. In a democrat state’s attorney primary in Chicago (surprise) the anti-crime candidate was well ahead when 10,000 votes were suddenly “found.”  In Bridgeport CT a new mayoral election had to be held because of fraud

The Bridgeport mayoral election that began last fall concluded in February with a win for the incumbent Democratic mayor, amid multiple election fraud complaints and investigations.

A new mayoral election was ordered by a judge in November after a video was posted online that appeared to show a supporter of incumbent Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim stuffing stacks of papers into an absentee ballot drop box during the September Democratic mayoral primary election.

In 2020 Georgia had an unlawful Presidential election

Mark Wingate, a Fulton County Elections Board member, testifies that he voted against certifying the 2020 election because the county did not verify the signatures on 147,000 mail-in ballots. “I asked what did we do for signature verification? And the comment I got back frankly floored me, ‘We didn’t do any.'” Additionally, the county could not provide any chain of custody documentation or surveillance footage for mail-in ballots or ballot drop boxes. “I and other board members had requested that we obtain the chain of custody documentation from the department and none of that was ever delivered.” “There was never any surveillance tape, an inch of footage delivered to the board.” He also says there were problems with the voter registration rolls that still exist in Fulton County.

Kyle Becker summarized it

In 2020, Georgia ran an illegal election.

– Missing chain of custody docs – Missing surveillance tapes of drop boxes

– Signature verification errors

– Dirty voter rolls, invalid votes

– Double scanned ballots (in initial count)

– Fulton County ballots scanned w/o election observers

You can quibble about “rigged” or “stolen,” but you cannot argue that election laws were followed. Americans cannot trust elections with mass mail-in ballots when the system is ripe with opportunities for malfeasance and fraud.

Now, as Trump is leading in six battleground states, election fraud is under way on a grand scale courtesy of Joe Biden. It involves illegal aliens (or in democrat parlance, “newcomers”). Illegal aliens can’t vote says USA Today.

Oh yes they can.

The confluence of a couple of stories shows how this is being done. Six months ago Paul Bedard reported that 200,000 illegals were being flown into the country to a city of their choice. At first the administration denied it (which usually means it is true) but this had been verified and now the number is at least 323,000. Both the AP and Snopes seized and pounced (they love those verbs) upon this story and said pretty much the same thing:


But people admitted into the country under parole have no path to citizenship. They can obtain work permits for a limited time but voters must be U.S. citizens.


The program provides no pathway to citizenship, which is a requirement to vote.

democrats don’t need a pathway to have illegals voting. They are cutting a ditch on their own. It begins with Biden flying in 326,000 illegals and where they are being delivered.

The vast majority of migrant flights President Joe Biden‘s White House is transporting directly from foreign countries to U.S. airports to bypass the southern border are landing in Florida.

A new analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reveals that 326,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela arrived in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ state since the program started in January 2023.

Lawyers for Biden’s immigration agencies refused to disclose through a FOIA request data on which airports were receiving the undocumented migrants, claiming it would compromise safety and create national security ‘vulnerabilities.’

And where are they being dumped?

  • Florida, Texas, New York and California received the majority of the migrants 

Through February, 21,964 undocumented migrants were flown to Houston since January last year. Nearly 13,000 were flown to California through the airports in either Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The remainder of the almost 15,000 other migrants who gained entry into the U.S. through this program during the time period arrived at airports in Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; and Chicago, Illinois.

Texas, you say?

From @amuse on X

Texas is Going Blue in 2024 for One Simple Reason: Voter Registration

During a single week in March more than 227,000 people without a photo ID registered to vote in Texas. In Texas anyone can register to vote and request a mail-in ballot even if they don’t have a government issued ID like a driver’s license or passport as long as they provide the last four digits of their Social Security Number. The problem is that the Social Security Administration issues SSNs to both citizens and non-citizens. There is no legal way to prevent non-citizens from voting in Texas and as a result of the state’s arcane laws the Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX cannot prosecute non-citizens for voter fraud without the permission of Soros-backed DAs.


The only mechanism states like Texas can use to verify the identity of residents without government issued ID is by accessing data provided by the Social Security Administration. As a result of The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and Help America Vote Verification System (HAVV) states can ensure that the last four digits of a resident’s SSN matches their name and date of birth. What the system does NOT provide is any indication of citizenship of the resident. SSNs are assigned based on eligibility criteria that include authorized work status, not citizenship status.

Earlier this week my own daughter needed to get a Social Security Card and we spent a few hours at the SSA to get one. We learned that since she was over 16 she didn’t need me there to get her card. When she slid her birth certificate to the agent she pushed it back and made it clear she was not allowed to even look at it. Instead she asked if she had any sort of photo ID including a student ID from her school. My daughter handed her the ID and that was sufficient – nothing else was required for her to get a Social Security Card.

So in Texas (presumably other states) you can register to vote and get a mail-in ballot with just the last four digits of an SSN, a name, and a date of birth. This data is available on the dark web. I can imagine a creative activist simply requesting hundreds of mail-in ballots for non-citizens at multi-tenant residences and helping their preferred candidate get elected. The non-citizens would never know they had voted illegally.

However, Texas election laws are problematic in that one can request a mail-in ballot with only the last four digits of a Social Security Number. Social Security Numbers are often assigned for work permits or for Lawful Permanent Residents. However, illegal aliens can and do receive Social Security Numbers “with DHS authorization” and pay billions in contributions every year. The Social Security Administration and Texas Secretary of State’s office did not respond to queries at time of this report, but will update when more information is forthcoming

There it is. Will illegal aliens be voting in the 2024 election? You bet.

Why send them to New York and California? New York and California are seeing people depart in droves, fleeing the lawlessness and deteriorating living conditions. Remember that illegals are counted in the census, thus the illegals are being sent there to replenish the losses for the purposes of Congressional representation. All of this dilutes the votes of Americans and diminishes the value of American citizenship but Biden doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that. The one-party state is the goal.

There is no other country in the world in which you can do this legally. The fraud is underway and it needs to be stopped.


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The reasons for Bidens Impeachment and trial for treason are becoming more cleat each day

The uniparty wont go for low hanging fruit.
Anyone that registers voters with no ID or proof of citizenship should be fined and jailed.

These are all the reasons to register illegal immigrants to vote:

  1. Election fraud

The vote was 55-45, a blowout. AP not mentioning the vote count.

Trump tells crowd. We have to ban Zuckerbucks. And so it was done.
Tonight’s lesson is obvious. Republican turnout increases when anti-Zuckerbuck amendments are on the ballot. This will help November republican turnout in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia. Use the same strategy democrats are using with IVF.
Trump can win Virginia. These numbers are within reach.
Trump can shock the world in Minnesota. Who at the RNC is working on this.
Democrats might self immolate if they lose New Mexico.

Last edited 20 days ago by TrumpWon

Don’t expect Democrats to leave the decision up to the voters. They are NOT going to willingly relinquish power when they are so close to establishing one party rule and the fascist totalitarian police state. Sticking with Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the worst example of every quality a President should have, only confirms their dedication to election fraud by every means possible. They need a lethargic dumbass puppet in office so the Obama/Soros anti-American consortium can remain in charge; there is no other possible reason to keep such a resounding failure on the ticket. The only way to overcome all that failure at the voting booth is through fraud. We have tumultuous days ahead.

The Potemkin president, oyster bunny biden.

democrats heads are exploding over this. Interesting how when they gain an advantage electorally, it is hunky dory. But, anyone else, verboten.

Trump’s MAGA House-puppets sabotaged the bipartisan border control bill to preserve his campaign issue.

Why would Democrats be registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Biden is Chinas Puppet they pull his strings and he dances for them please try to get that into you walnut Brain if you can

Fresh off of his N.Y. fundraiser, biden has a new campaign manager.

Disgraced Rapper Lizzo Backtracks on Pledge to ‘Quit’ Music Industry, Claims She Was Just Dispelling ‘Negative Energy’


What’s next, sending mail-in ballots to everyone in the world?

Trump’s tools are laying the groundwork for January 6, 2025.

What’s next, sending mail-in ballots to everyone in the world?

Last edited 20 days ago by Greg

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Why not?


To vote, Pennsylvania requires ID for all first-time voters. Texas requires a photo ID. Arizona requires either a photo ID that includes the voter’s name and registered address, or two forms of non-photo ID that include the voter’s name and registered address.

Filling out a registration form is not the same thing as casting a vote.

By the way, libertarian-leaning republicans resisted national ID cards for years, and accused state Real ID laws of being a sneaky backdoor approach to the same end.

How do you do photo ID if you are voting by mail? Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Because of the confusion that Evers created during Covid we requested mail in ballots, we had to send photocopy of our IDs, we were already registered, we dont miss a vote. We dropped the votes off at the clerks office through the mail bin. There were ballots found in a ditch cant really trust USPS.


By the way, libertarian-leaning republicans resisted national ID cards for years, and accused state Real ID laws of being a sneaky backdoor approach to the same end.

Link, please.